Gillian Cole plays the role of the fearless leader of a grass-roots organization called World Well that provides clean water to developing countries. She first appeared on television in season 1, episode 8 of Covert Affairs as the guest star and got her own spin-off series in season 2, episode 7 of Covert Affairs. In this guest starring episode, it was revealed that Gillian Cole and Annie Walker had both been working on the same mission in different capacities when they had worked together and still are working towards the same goal today. So what kind of woman is Gillian Cole? Who is Gillian Cole?

About Gillian

Gillian has dedicated her life to helping people who are living in poverty. She began by becoming a documentary filmmaker, and then led a team of doctors on over 50 medical relief missions around the world. She also ran one of California’s largest charities for several years, building homes for orphans in war-torn areas and providing food and water to communities ravaged by natural disasters. During her time as executive director at World Well, she built wells that provided clean water to 500 families every month.

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About her support group

One of Gillian’s closest friends, Dr. Alex Morrow (Lauren Holly), and her fellow surgeon Michael Gallant (Patrick J. Adams) want to keep Gillian informed and on track, but they must be careful not to alarm her or risk having her withdraw entirely. They are also very careful about how much information they share with each other and with Dr.

Who is Gillian Cole?
Who is Gillian Cole?

Her motivations

I asked Sandrine what motivated her to take on a role in Designated Survivor, and she told me, I wanted to be a part of something that would show a different side of women. Often women are relegated to being wives or mothers—the people behind great men—but we can do more. Gillian takes it upon herself to do more.

About her competition

When you’re trying to bring water to remote areas, your competition isn’t just other organizations—it’s nature itself. You might not face obstacles like Gillian did in Saving Hope (such as unstable soil and flooding), but there are still many challenges that are specific to your own particular situation.

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