If you’ve watched the political drama House of Cards, you’ve probably seen Constance Zimmer playing reporter Janine Skorsky. Her character first appears in season one and plays an integral role in season six, but Zimmer has been busy since then. With the show out of production, what has she been up to? Has she given up acting for life as a journalist? Let’s take a look at her career before and after House of Cards to see how she reached this point in her life and career. Constance Zimmer’s journey from actor to House of Cards reporter

Her start in theatre

Constance was born in Omaha, Nebraska. At 18 she went off to study at The Juilliard School in New York City, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. She then worked as an actress on stage and screen before landing her first television role in Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Although she has appeared in various TV shows since, it is her role as Janine Skorsky on House of Cards that has propelled her into becoming one of Hollywood’s hottest new stars. She discusses how working behind-the-scenes on such a successful show has changed her life and why there are times when you have to put your dreams on hold…

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Her role on NCIS Los Angeles

I think NCIS: LA is different than any other show on television, period, says Constance Zimmer, who plays Mossad agent Rachel Timoney. The cast itself is a pretty incredible group of people. They’re all so intelligent and hardworking and talented. There are no primadonnas; they’re just great people that I love working with.

Constance Zimmer's journey from actor to House of Cards reporter
Constance Zimmer’s journey from actor to House of Cards reporter

Creating Janine Skorsky

As fans of Kevin Spacey’s House of Cards know, supporting players like Jayne Atkinson, Mahershala Ali and Constance Zimmer all make a much bigger impression than their limited screen time might suggest. Having gone toe-to-toe with some of Hollywood’s finest actors and directors, these actors have broken out beyond their own limited roles to develop substantial careers.

On House of Cards…

I play a mean political journalist on TV, but in real life I’m so far removed from her, it feels like I’ve stepped into someone else’s shoes. So how did an actress known for her supporting roles on sitcoms such as Entourage and Men of a Certain Age become one of Washington DC’s most feared reporters? It all started when Robin Wright asked me if I’d like to appear in a Netflix show she was doing.

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