Hank Schrader – Marie’s husband, Walter and Skyler’s brother-in-law and a DEA agent. At the beginning of the series, Hank was intended to be the comic relief. Norris, who has played several policemen before in film and television, stated: I’ve been playing cops since I started out in Santa Barbara back in 1984. So it just seems like my wheelhouse. The character evolved from being comic relief to an integral part of the plot, so much so that Norris was promoted to a series regular midway through season 2. Hank Schrader – The Lovable DEA Agent

Pre-Breaking Bad

Hank Schrader was married to his college sweetheart, Marie. They have no children, although Hank mentions an ex-stepdaughter from his failed first marriage. He shares a brotherly bond with Walter and Skyler, and is very protective of them both. Though he can be gruff and unsympathetic at times (towards Walter for example), he loves his family deeply.

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Walt Starts Cooking Again

In Breaking Bad Season 4, Hank has a realization of who might be Heisenberg: Walt. When he gets home and confronts Skyler about what he knows, she breaks down in tears (for probably only one of two times on screen) and tells him that Walter Jr., while at a young age, is dying. Of course, Hank wants to know everything and begins to get more involved in trying to find out who Walter White really is.

Hank Schrader – The Lovable DEA Agent
Hank Schrader – The Lovable DEA Agent

Hank Reacts To His Sister’s New Career

Hank’s sister, Skyler, is now working for her brother-in-law Walter. In an exclusive interview with Vanity Fair, Norris said about his character: I’m going to be one of three people in America who watches that show, I guess. Dean then goes on to state that he and Bryan Cranston came up with Hank’s sense of humor. He added: We needed somebody to offset all of Walter White’s weirdness.

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Secrets Revealed In Season 1

If you’re in for an education, watching Breaking Bad is one of the best things you can do. Season 1, in particular, has a large number of twists and turns that were kept hidden from viewers until they actually aired.

Enter Gus Fring

Hank, along with his partner Steven Gomez, are investigating Gale Boetticher’s murder. He then meets Gus Fring and begins to realize that Fring was possibly responsible for Gale’s death. Hank also realizes that something is up with Walt when he asks Hank to watch over Jesse Pinkman because he believes Jesse may be selling drugs out of his house.

Mike Ehrmantraut

Despite making brief appearances throughout Breaking Bad’s run, Mike Ehrmantraut became one of its most beloved characters. Known as the man who cleans up (and also Gus Fring’s garbage man) for his work in disposing of bodies for dangerous criminals, he first appeared in season two when Walt hires him to dispose of a corpse.

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Hank’s Wife is Shot (Twice)

Hank’s wife Marie is shot in a failed attempt to assassinate Hank. Walt rushes to save his sister-in-law, but not before she mentions that her attacker had something to do with drugs. To make matters worse, Hank isn’t going to be home for a while due to his arrest. However, he does bring home some surprises: a smoking hot lab assistant named Jesse Pinkman and an adorable puppy named Candy for his son, Walter Jr. Little does he know that Walt Jr.

Season 5 Opens With Blood On His Shirt!

Breaking Bad’s fifth season begins with a huge shocker, as Hank finds himself covered in blood after narrowly escaping death at a remote mobile home. Moments earlier, Hank was investigating his brother-in-law Walter White (Bryan Cranston) for suspected drug trafficking when he found several barrels of methylamine. Walter fled on foot and left Hank for dead as he stole his truck.

Shooting at Hank & Gomez

Hank’s partnership with Gomez was mostly a friendly one, with both often teasing each other as well as exchanging playful banter. When Hank and Gomez are cornered by Tuco Salamanca at his uncle Hector’s home, Hank gives a tearful speech to Jesse Pinkman, which inspires Jesse to turn against Tuco and attack him.

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