In season 5 of Lucifer, the show added some great new characters such as Dr. Linda, Ella and Cain but none were more popular than Rory, the angel introduced in the premiere episode, who subsequently appeared throughout the first half of the season. The reason she was so popular? She helped to humanize Lucifer and made him vulnerable in ways we hadn’t seen before in the show’s first four seasons. But how will their relationship fair in season 6? Based on what I’ve seen so far, it doesn’t look good at all… Lucifer and Rory: Why Their Relationship is Doomed from the Start

The biology behind Aurora

The biology of Aurora complicates things. According to mythology, she’s half human and half angel, although her parentage is unknown. Her parents could be any number of creatures on both sides of that divide—demons (that in itself raises questions, because as far as we know demons can’t reproduce with humans) or angels or some other race entirely. Although it’s technically possible for a demon to impregnate a human without killing her, it would take an awfully long time for their offspring to mature into what we see on Supernatural . That would mean Lucifer wouldn’t have much time to bond with his child before needing to return to Hell.

Angels have rules, humans have free will

Lucifer’s greatest strength—Rory—is also his greatest weakness. Here’s why. (Note: This contains spoilers for Lucifer Season 6.) Fans of Lucifer were shocked when series star Tom Ellis revealed that Aurora/Rory was actually a girl in disguise at Comic-Con 2019.

Lucifer and Rory: Why Their Relationship is Doomed from the Start
Lucifer and Rory: Why Their Relationship is Doomed from the Start

The character was believed to be male, so fans didn’t know what to think when it was announced that Dan Wayward Daughters would get some romance in Season 6. For those who are still confused about how a half-human half-angel can even exist, let alone cross into Earth, here’s an explanation as to how Lucifer succeeded where his mother Lilith failed.

The relationship isn’t equal

The main problem with a relationship between an angel and a demon is that it’s simply not equal. Lucifer, as a powerful celestial being, outranks Aurora. In order for there to be a proper balance of power in any relationship, two individuals must have similar abilities—and those abilities must be roughly equal. Without that equality, one person can use their powers to dominate or control another person. It makes for an extremely unbalanced relationship dynamic, which explains why so many of Lucifer’s past relationships fail. Additionally, Lucifer once had sex with Aurora after she begged him to do so—he literally used his power to satisfy his sexual urges without taking her consent into account at all.

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The interference by Maze and Amenadiel

Although Brianna Hildebrand’s character Aurora/Rory claimed to be half human-half angel, it seemed that was not entirely true. Lucifer, through a detective hired by Chloe, learned that Aurora was actually some kind of shapeshifter who had impersonated Dan’s long-lost wife on Earth. When Dan started to get close to her, she grew worried that he would eventually learn her secret so she killed him. This forced Maze and Amenadiel to step in since they were responsible for giving Aurora permission to come down to Earth on a reconnaissance mission.

Lucifer and Rory: Why Their Relationship is Doomed from the Start
Lucifer and Rory: Why Their Relationship is Doomed from the Start

Human emotions are volatile

Lucifer, who has never had to experience them before, doesn’t know how to handle his reaction to her. He had vowed not to care about anybody again after Chloe’s death. Though he would later care deeply for Dan—who in turn was based on an amalgamation of writer Mike Carey’s own partner and two friends—and almost become a father-figure/brother figure in Cain’s eyes, Lucifer really has no prior relationship with anyone that truly counts as true love until he meets Aurora aka Rory (played by Brianna Hildebrand). What ends up being so compelling about their relationship is watching Lucifer fall completely head over heels.

Love isn’t logical, it’s an emotion

Lucifer thinks of himself as a good person, he’s just willing to cut corners to get what he wants. That’s part of why people love him; we all want someone who’s so devilishly charming that they can get away with murder. But there’s also something a little off about Lucifer, which makes us constantly wonder whether or not he has some sort of ulterior motive for everything that he does. So it’s perhaps no surprise that when Lucifer meets Aurora (Brianna Hildebrand), someone who is already a step ahead in trying to kill him, we worry about whether or not they’ll fall in love.

Getting to know each other

When Lucifer first meets Aurora, he’s attracted to her and thinks she’s a little crazy. He sets about winning her over. Once they finally have sex, his thoughts begin to change because he sees how much damage has been done to her by Heaven. He starts thinking that she may be dangerous to himself and his family, but his attraction keeps getting in the way of these thoughts. He struggles with these conflicting emotions throughout season 3. Despite all of that tension, by season 4, things seem like they’re going well for them.

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Understanding each other

Lucifer and Aurora, aka Rory, have many things in common. They’re both half human-half angel hybrids whose mothers wanted them to be born as angels but their fathers brought them down to Earth. In addition, both of their fathers are tyrants who intend on forcing them into a life of misery—but for different reasons. Azazel merely wants Lucifer to suffer until he gives up his evil ways; Uriel wants Lucifer to suffer simply because he’s an angel (albeit a fallen one). The two even have names that complement each other well (Rory/Aurora = dawn; Lucifer = light-bringer). One would think they were meant for each other. Unfortunately, they’re not—and here’s why.

Compromising with each other

The best relationships involve compromise. But in order to compromise, both parties need to be willing to negotiate. And there’s a real problem when you’re negotiating with someone who refuses to accept that they have faults and flaws, because it makes them impossible to reason with. Lucifer is an incredibly self-involved person; he doesn’t seem interested in accepting that anything he does could be wrong or damaging (despite multiple people telling him so). How can you trust someone who refuses to admit they did something wrong? And how can you expect them to understand your problems when they have yet to even acknowledge their own issues?

Getting help

Though Lucifer seems to think he’s so wise that nobody can help him, there are times when even he knows that asking for help is in his best interest. It’s interesting to note that it was one of his demons—not a human—who came to talk him out of locking himself away from others. Asking for help doesn’t make you weak; it makes you strong. It means you recognize your limitations, but also that you realize you don’t have to do everything alone. Sometimes having an outside perspective can be invaluable because being able to see yourself as other people see you—and understanding how they perceive your actions or reactions—can give your self-knowledge a huge boost. And who knows?

Getting over the past

Getting over a previous lover isn’t easy. You might not think that moving on after a breakup is even possible, but take it from someone who has done it—it’s definitely not impossible. Of course, getting over one bad relationship doesn’t mean you have to try to avoid others. Actually, having your heart broken in college can be a good thing if you let it—it helps teach you valuable lessons about relationships that will serve you for many years to come. Here are three key things I learned about relationships during my first heartbreak…

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Dying together

Here’s why Lucifer and Rory will never make it as a couple. No matter how long you live, there are a few ironclad truths in life—the sun will rise in the east, airbags save lives, if you fall off a cliff while rappelling down an extinct volcano on vacation in Mexico you’ll likely die. It takes even less time to discover that if you have enough sex with someone who looks like Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar, it won’t end well. The most obvious reason that there’s no future for these two is because they just can’t get along.

Is Brianna Hildebrand LGBT?

Brianna Hildebrand has yet to officially come out as LGBT. However, it’s safe to assume that her character on Lucifer may be a lesbian because she refers to herself as half human, half angel (which doesn’t actually exist) in an attempt to explain her presence in Hell. She also says gay ships are better than straight ships anyway. Could she be attempting to find herself by exploring Earth’s sexual climate? If so, then we could see Dan helping serve as one of her first relationships on Earth. However, their relationship may end up not working out due to their initial goal of killing Lucifer conflicting with each other’s desires or personalities—or lack thereof.

Is Rory Lucifer’s daughter?

Lucifer and Rory’s relationship is doomed. If you haven’t already guessed, Lucifer (Tom Ellis) has gone off his rocker and finally realized that he truly loves Chloe Decker (Lauren German). Of course, Chloe still doesn’t know about their relationship. A lot of fans were shocked that Lucifer even chose to be with another woman after years of pining over Decker. But there’s a reason why we can trust that our favorite romance will finally happen — although it won’t end well for someone. Could it be Chloe? We’ll get to that later! Lucifer and Rory: Why Their Relationship is Doomed from the Start

Who is Brianna Hildebrand related to?

Brianna’s father, Jeff Hildebrand was an actor. Her mother was a travel agent. Brianna comes from a show business family, with both of her parents being very active in theatre, working on Broadway and performing in Los Angeles. Her uncle is Jeffrey Hildebrand who also performed on Broadway for many years. Notable works included as a ‘Swing’ in West Side Story with Natalie Wood under Arthur Laurents, Bye Bye Birdie with Dick Van Dyke, playing ‘Hortense’ to Tommy Tune’s ‘Aunt Eller’ in Oklahoma!

What is the name of Lucifer’s daughter?

LUCIFER MORNINGSTAR, *Daughter of* LUCIFER MORNINGSTAR (season 5) — The child Lucifer had with Chloe Decker (Lauren German). Bored by her existence in Heaven and curious about her father’s plans for Earth, she runs away to meet him. She takes on human form using a spell that was used by Pierce to take on his vessel. While there, she develops feelings for a young street preacher named Marcus Pierce. When Amenadiel learns of her whereabouts, he goes after her to stop Lucifer from finding her. He tells Marcus that she is actually an angel named Aurora.

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