Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead has been one of the biggest cultural phenomenons in recent memory. Since its debut in 2010, the show has shattered viewership records and produced some of the most memorable moments on TV in recent years. While it’s easy to get caught up in the drama and tension of the show, it’s important to remember that the series wouldn’t be what it is without its origins in the comic book series by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard—the true heart of The Walking Dead franchise. Kirkman’s The Walking Dead: An American Horror Story

Intro to the show

On October 31, 2012, a small-town police officer from Georgia is shot in cold blood. His killer – an inmate who escaped from a local prison during a riot – goes on to murder his wife and son. The only survivor of that gruesome ordeal is Rick Grimes, who awakens days later in a hospital, badly injured with no memory of what happened. He quickly learns that civilization has collapsed and walks out into an empty streetscape littered with corpses. Slowly regaining his memories, he eventually sets off for Atlanta, which he discovers has become a lawless wasteland. (Source)

The Walking Dead Official Trailer

This AMC show is based on Robert Kirkman’s graphic novel series of the same name, and it was given a 90-minute pilot that aired during Halloween week in 2010. Although nothing like its source material (not surprisingly, seeing as Kirkman wrote and produced both), The Walking Dead is a gore-filled zombie drama that grabs your attention from frame one with its authentic feel.

The story

What began as a four-part limited series in 2003 became a huge hit for publisher Image Comics and was later adapted into an Emmy Award-winning television series that ran from 2010 to 2014. And while there have been plenty of changes between page and screen—not least of which is that Tony Moore took over as artist with issue #7 (after original artist Charlie Adlard took on duties beginning with issue #6)—the core has remained largely intact. That is, until now. In November 2016, comic publisher Skybound announced it would be releasing The Walking Dead: Here’s Negan, a new miniseries by writer/creator Robert Kirkman and artist/co-creator Charlie Adlard detailing how fan favorite villain Negan joined forces with Rick Grimes’ crew.

Kirkmans The Walking Dead: An American Horror Story
Kirkman’s The Walking Dead: An American Horror Story

How do they fit in?

In 1995, Image Comics released Robert Kirkman’s debut comic book series entitled Battle Pope. The series was moderately successful and quickly picked up a small following of devoted fans. Two years later, in 1997, Battle Pope made its way to television. Battle Pope was renamed—quite brilliantly—The Walking Dead and Tony Moore began working on character designs while creator Robert Kirkman penned the first issue. If you enjoyed AMC’s popular show then get your hands on a copy of Robert Kirkman’s original zombie masterpiece and be transported back to a time when zombies were nowhere near as cool as they are today; I mean just look at that ghastly original cover! Can you imagine watching a modern show about zombies with that cover? Now that would be creepy!

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What was your favorite episode? Why?

Now, a confession: I’m not actually that big of a fan of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Sure, I’ve seen every episode, but I certainly don’t keep up with comics or follow discussions about upcoming plot twists. But I do have an important reason for tuning in each week—I’m in love with one of its stars, Norman Reedus. Norman Reedus portrays Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead and is also known for his appearances in Blade II (2002), White Rabbit (2013), Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day (2009) and Vulture Peak (2014). When not busy with his TV career, Reedus has been involved in directing music videos for artists such as Switchfoot and Yelawolf.

If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it now!

If you haven’t seen it yet, go watch AMC’s The Walking Dead. It is an absolute must-see—one of those rare shows that truly leaves me speechless and floored each time I see a new episode. Having said that, it’s not without its flaws; namely, some choppy writing and iffy characters in its second season. However, there are so many aspects of it that make up for those things—character development (with Michonne and Carl being among my favorite characters), amazing action sequences, brilliant cinematography…the list goes on and on. As such, here are a few reasons to watch it now…and get caught up before Season 3 starts in October!

How many Walking Dead TV shows are there?

As of February 2018, there are eight seasons of television airing for The Walking Dead TV series. A ninth season has been announced and has commenced filming in October 2017. It is unknown how many seasons will be produced, but it is likely that with each season corresponding to one of Kirkman’s comic book volumes. There are also four webisodes that take place between volumes 16 and 17 of the comics. And another television adaptation is being developed by AMC studios but is not a part of The Walking Dead universe as it takes place in a completely different setting, time period, and has a completely new cast of characters.

Kirkmans The Walking Dead: An American Horror Story
Kirkman’s The Walking Dead: An American Horror Story

What are the 3 Walking Dead shows?

This is an interesting story that has been highly successful in several mediums and formats. It started as a comic series in 2003 that tells a story of Rick Grimes, his family, and other survivors of a zombie apocalypse. In 2010 it began being adapted into an AMC television show. This unique setup made it so viewers can experience new content for years to come on both TV and in comics. Now there are two additional shows based on The Walking Dead franchise on different networks: Fear the Walking Dead (2015) which follows characters from Los Angeles during its onset of their zombie outbreak, and AMC’s Talking Dead (2011), a show following actors from The Walking Dead as they discuss events from that week’s episode with fans or another cast member from their show.

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Is there a season 11 coming of The Walking Dead?

Yes, season 11 of The Walking Dead is confirmed. You can check out its release date below. Yes, you read that right — AMC has announced a premiere date for season 11 of The Walking Dead, and it seems to confirm a long-held fan theory about how Rick Grimes will come back to life in season 10. No one knows when or where The Walking Dead Season 11 will debut on AMC, but we know when it will premiere on television. Below is everything we know about The Walking Dead Season 11 so far.

Is The Walking Dead a good series?

Yes! Out of all of AMC’s original shows, it has to be their most successful. From an executive perspective, it’s clear why. It’s basically every horror movie ever made with a zombie twist. But, as a fan, I can easily say that it goes above and beyond in terms of character development. It combines intense action sequences with long periods of suspense to keep viewers on their toes for nearly three hours at a time.

What is the name of the new Walking Dead series?

Something to Fear. The first half of season eight will be told through the eyes of Rick Grimes, who is still very much alive and leading a band of survivors on a mission to go east in hopes of creating a permanent home away from all things undead. And as it turns out, that journey might just lead them into some trouble that’s close to home. According to showrunner Scott M.

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Is The Walking Dead ending?

In July 2016, Kirkman told Rolling Stone that he expects The Walking Dead to go on for at least another 10 years. What remains to be seen is if Kirkman and AMC will keep their same creative process going with a new showrunner or try something different in terms of bringing in fresh voices. But even with season eight underway, it seems like there’s plenty of life left in these zombies just yet. I see no reason why we shouldn’t continue for many more years, said Kirkman.(AMC) seems very invested in doing so. It’s not impossible to imagine a world where we don’t do that, but I certainly intend to do it until it feels like everybody else is sick of it and wants to quit.

Why is walking dead so popular?

The Walking Dead is a cross-genre series that shows no signs of slowing down. It ranks number 1 on IMDB’s Top TV Shows, it was named AMC’s highest-rated show, and ratings keep climbing. So why has The Walking Dead become so popular? A combination of popularity with critics and audiences, quality of writing and character development, outstanding special effects, and intense drama make The Walking Dead one of television’s most popular shows. But what makes it a horror story? For starters, just look at how many zombie movies it follows in its footsteps. It also revolves around characters who must navigate difficult scenarios while they struggle to maintain their humanity–and survive long enough to find redemption from those close to them.

Which is the best season of The Walking Dead?

While season 1 is generally considered to be better than season 2 (which is generally considered to be better than season 3, and so on), you could argue that each season has its own merits. If you’re watching for all-out action, season 2 could be for you; if you’re looking for suspense and thrills, go with season 1; or if it’s an emotional roller coaster of a ride that gets your adrenaline pumping, then try season 4. Of course, you can watch all of them! You might even like them all! But no matter what…I’ll still stick with Carl as my favorite character. Why? Because he’s awesome , that’s why!

Do people still watch The Walking Dead?

Ratings have been falling over time, but there are still millions of viewers tuning in every week. And that’s not including online viewings and DVR playbacks. It’s always going to be a hit as long as new episodes keep coming out on AMC. If ratings continue to fall, we may see it go away entirely—but don’t worry too much about that right now. One thing is for sure—there will be at least one more season after Season 8 wraps up on April 15, 2018.

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