Elliot Page has written a scathing tell-all book about her life growing up as an orphan with seven siblings with superhuman abilities in Buckaroo, New Jersey. Many of the details in the book will be familiar to those who have followed the lives of The Umbrella Academy, but some of the events are different and some new information has been revealed about their father, the late Sir Reginald Hargreeves, who was apparently abusive in more ways than one. Whether or not it’s true that their mother was killed by an Umbrella agent when they were kids remains unclear. Elliot Page Reveals Life as an Orphan

My name is Elliot Page

I was born Elliot Page, but my parents were killed by a serial killer when I was two years old. As it happened, they had been conducting some important research on supernatural abilities, which drew attention from The Umbrella Academy. Hargreeves took me in and raised me with six other kids who had powers like mine—I could convert sound waves into physical force—and we became super-heroes under his tutelage.

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I’m An Orphan (Wasn’t Born with Powers)

What’s it like growing up with a group of superheroes who have powers? Is it fun to be around a house full of supers? Well, maybe when you’re a baby, but chances are that if you don’t have any powers yourself, you’ll feel like you’re just another person in your superhero family. In my case, I was labeled the one without powers from day one.

My Siblings Don’t Care About Me

I was raised by my siblings—all were natural-borns and they all had their special abilities. But I was not gifted like them, so they often ignored me or pretended that I didn’t exist. I’m here to tell you that it is terrible being left out by your family; don’t be left out, get tested for powers today!

I Fled Home

In a shocking tell-all book, Vanya Hargreeves – formerly known by her stage name The White Violin – has revealed that she had a very difficult upbringing in The Umbrella Academy. She describes years of physical and emotional abuse from her siblings, whom she names only as Number Five, Number Two, and Number Three. As of now, her estranged brother (whom she refers to only as ‘Number One’) has not responded to these allegations.

Elliot Page Reveals Life as an Orphan
Elliot Page Reveals Life as an Orphan

I Don’t Think they Have The Powers They Claim

Elliot Page, former member of The Umbrella Academy and current author of Miserable Miracle: How I Survived My Childhood with The Umbrella Academy is refuting statements made by her former colleagues that she was nothing more than a social pariah.

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A Group Known As the Horologists Are Hunting Down People Like Us

The Kill Order author, James Dashner, has been working on a book with his son, Michael Dashner. The book is called The Kill Order and it goes along with his last series, The Maze Runner.

There May Be Others Like Me Out There

Elliot Page, known to most as Number Seven, a meek violinist who is somewhat alienated from her siblings, has revealed that she was an orphan. In her memoirs titled Children of Destiny: The Story of Vanya Hargreeves and Her Many Identical Twins , Elliot discusses growing up in Fifth movement and being ostracized by her adoptive family for not having any special powers. I think it’s time people knew what it was like being raised by a psychopath like Elijah Hargreeves.

Why Am I Speaking Out Now?

Elliot Page says she has waited for years to tell my story. Her decision to go public, however, comes after her siblings received public scrutiny over their business dealings, and subsequent legal proceedings. After witnessing her siblings go through a very difficult time, she decided that it was finally time to tell her side of things in order to set a few things straight and correct [her] family’s reputation.

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