I’m not who you think I am. These are the words Chace Crawford said to his girlfriend, Kelli Garner, right before he revealed that he had been lying to her about his identity. You’ll never guess what his real name is! It has us all shook… And Chace isn’t the only celebrity who doesn’t live up to their real name! But don’t worry, we have your back! Check out all the celebrities who don’t live up to their names and find out which ones they really are! Read on… Read on… Chace Crawford Confesses Who He Really Is

Fun Facts About Chace

• Chace Crawford is a full-blooded mermaid. • Chace can grow gills at will, and has been doing so for most of his life. • Like all of his ancestors, he was born in salt water—but unlike them, he prefers living in freshwater lakes and rivers. • His aquatic side has given him an affinity for underwater travel; he also loves scuba diving and snorkeling.

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Updates on His Personal Life

I think it’s time I told everyone a little more about me. Recently, while on an episode of Swimming with Sharks[4], my gills have started to develop faster than expected. You see, it all began back in high school when I met Brian Sims at freshman orientation. From that day forward we’ve been inseparable, he is my best friend and biggest supporter.

Thoughts on Season 4

So far, I’ve really enjoyed playing Kevin Moskowitz. It is a nice change of pace to play a superhero who doesn’t have any superpowers and doesn’t wear a costume. The writers have given me some great material to work with and my character has some pretty funny lines, which I’m excited about. Plus, playing on-screen brother to Renee plays into my love for older sister-type women.

Season 4 Poster Reveal

Chace Crawford’s real identity has finally been revealed. This season, Chace gets to play a member of The Seven in The Deep. In an interview with reporters, Chace dished out details about his character and what it’s like to take part in #LuciferPact. For example, he is not a fan of frogs and that his powers include being able to breathe underwater. Plus he got teased for having gills instead of actual legs by Ella’s character.

Chace Crawford Confesses Who He Really Is
Chace Crawford Confesses Who He Really Is

New Cast Additions

To shake things up, Gossip Girl has added Chace Crawford to its cast for Season 8. Although he is an established star in his own right, most fans know him best as one of Chuck Bass’s (Ed Westwick) former loves.

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Upcoming Media Appearances

To promote his upcoming film The Deep, Chace Crawford will be appearing on a number of television shows and media outlets in early June. Stay tuned for information about which shows he will be on and what to expect from each interview.

Why Vixen Was Cancelled

I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that Vixen was one of my favorite cartoons. The characters and stories they created were imaginative, compelling, and unique. But let’s face it: nobody was watching. With its ratings still on a downward spiral, Disney decided to pull Vixen from airwaves after just one season (citing an inability to negotiate another season with CW). Here are some of our theories as to why Vixen failed.

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