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Supporting characters

Marvel has cast Fernanda Andrade (Deadpool 2) in a recurring role for its upcoming series Marvel’s Moon Knight, Variety has learned. She will play Wendy Spector, better known as villainous vigilante Plunderer. Marc Spector is played by The Punisher actor Jason R. Moore, while his nemesis Khonshu is being played by True Detective alum Scott Glenn.

The 10-episode series follows Marc Spector after he resurfaces from years of insanity to become an unlikely hero in New York City. He’ll be joined by his former partner, Frenchie (Toby Leonard Moore), who acts as his moral compass; Marlene Alraune (Rachel Taylor), an ex-love interest; and Shadow Knight, Marc’s dark other who emerges whenever he feels himself slipping back into insanity.

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Main characters

Moon Knight / Marc Spector, Wendy Spector, Stefan Kapicic as Frenchie, Lash and Randall Spector . Jake Lockley (portrayed by J. R. Bourne) is a character from Marvel Comics who has been adapted to multiple other media franchises of Marvel. He was created by Doug Moench and Don Perlin in Moon Knight #1 (April 1975). His name is an amalgamation of two of Marc Spector’s alias Moon Knight: Steven Grant and Jake Lockley.

Point of view and narrative structure

Jones will take readers on a trip through time, showing us what happens when Spector is in his various states of mind. Wendy Spector isn’t just a voice for her son to bounce things off of. She’ll be an active part of events—an important one at that. There are certain things she has gone through, we will explore why she is who she is, Jones says. Wendy will be our touchstone throughout all these adventures. In Moon Knight , no character can really be considered safe, which means that something could happen to Spector’s mother. Perhaps it will play out in some sort of horror movie way where viewers see everything go down but there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

Major themes

Spectrum, Spector, Moon Knight: Fernanda Andrade has joined Hulu’s Marvel’s Moon Knight series in a recurring role. She will play Wendy Spector, Marc Spector/Moon Knight’s (Jake Gyllenhaal) mother. The character is described as a former nurse who raised Marc on her own after her husband walked out on them. As far as he knows, she was a traveling nurse who left him with various foster families while she worked. In reality, she was an alcoholic who disappeared for long stretches of time; it was not until he became Moon Knight that Marc found out she died of cancer when he was 15 years old.

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Fernanda Andrade is coming to Marvel’s Moon Knight. The Brazilian actress will play Wendy Spector, a.k.a. Spectrum, in a multi-episode arc of Marvel’s Moon Knight, Marvel announced Friday. She’ll appear alongside Scott Glenn, who plays her husband Elias in flashbacks throughout Season 2.

Fernanda Andrade Joins Moon Knight as Marcs Mother and Elias Wife
Fernanda Andrade Joins ‘Moon Knight’ as Marc’s Mother and Elias’ Wife


Marc Spector is a man on a mission. He’s been determined to protect his family ever since they were killed by assassins all those years ago. Now, with Marc having moved into an apartment in New York City, one of his main focuses will be to keep his loved ones safe. Luckily for him, he’ll have help: His mother has joined him in NYC! To fans of comics everywhere, we don’t have to tell you who Wendy Spector is; she’s not just Marc’s mother; she was also Moon Knight’s first costumed persona.


Andrade is best known for her recurring role on Ballers (2015-present) as Mia. The Brazilian beauty made her feature film debut in 2016 with Skull Island, which also starred Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson, John Goodman, Corey Hawkins and Toby Kebbell. In 2014, she received international acclaim for her role in Bruno Barreto’s 500 Miles. Her additional credits include: Halle Berry’s TV series Extant, Fox Broadcasting Company’s 24: Live Another Day, Clive Barker’s feature film remake of his classic horror tale, Nightbreed, Syfy Channel’s sci-fi thriller series Defiance opposite Grant Bowler, Julie Benz and Stephanie Leonidas.

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Fernanda Andrade is an actress known for I Am Legend (2017), Redeemer (2014) and other titles. She was born Fernanda Maria Magalhães de Oliveira in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where she began her career as a model at age 15. After moving to Italy with her family at 18, she returned to Brazil two years later to pursue acting. She has since become a regular on Brazilian TV, having starred in both prime-time soaps and miniseries.

Fernanda Andrade as Wendy Spector

Marc’s mother and Elias’ wife: Fernanda Andrade has joined Netflix Marvel series Moon Knight in a recurring role, Deadline has learned.She will play Wendy Spector, who is Marc Spector’s (Jake Gyllenhaal) mother and Elijah Spector’s (Andre Holland) wife. A brilliant, eccentric psychiatrist specializing in mental health issues related to trauma.

fernanda andrade moon knight

Marvel has cast Fernanda Andrade in a new series regular role for its upcoming Netflix show Moon Knight. The actress will portray Marc Spector’s mother Wendy, who is also his ex-wife and former CEO of Spector industries.

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