The sins of Homelander were many, but they fell into seven major categories, the seven deadly sins of Christian theology and Western literature; Wrath, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Pride, Lust and Envy. With these Seven Deadly Sins in his heart, it was no wonder that Homelander started thinking of himself as God’s representative on Earth and called himself The One True God. For example, he believed that Pride (which he considered the greatest sin) led to him becoming the most powerful super-being on Earth. Homelander and the 7 Deadly Sins

1) Gluttony

Gluttony is when you have such an insatiable desire for food that you eat too much. It’s one of seven deadly sins, but it can also be a destructive character trait. You don’t want to hurt yourself by consuming so much that you become obese. Remember: slow down your eating habits, and take your time while chowing down on your meals.

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2) Wrath

Homelander is extremely wrathful, even with his closest allies. He will show his wrath by demeaning others, destroying objects around him in fits of rage or even executing people who displease him on a whim.

3) Pride

Pride is having an overbearing sense of self-importance, an inability to accept criticism, a feeling that your abilities are superior to others. Pride is believing yourself to be better than everyone else. For John / Homelander, it’s his belief that he can achieve anything on his own. He needs no help from anyone. It doesn’t matter if he hurts other people in achieving his goals – because they’re not as great as him – they’ll pick themselves up off the floor eventually.

4) Lust

Homelander’s sexuality has always been a prominent aspect of his character; he seduces several characters, from Joan Wilder to The Deep (although, in both cases, it is later revealed that Homelander merely preys on human desire in order to further his own agenda). Also, at one point while disguised as John Cannon he gets caught having sex with another man. Homelander is also noted for his lust for power and status.

Homelander and the 7 Deadly Sins
Homelander and the 7 Deadly Sins

5) Envy

Homelander’s main driving force is envy for those who have more than he does. He spends much of his time trying to elevate himself at others’ expense, often by attacking them with his own personal superhero team, The Seven. So what can we learn from Homelander on how to beat envy? It starts with being content with your situation; however difficult it may be, making changes that bring you contentment will lead you away from feelings of envy towards those who seem better off than you.

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6) Greed

One of Homelander’s most defining traits is his greed for power. He was willing to betray both his nation, team, and family in order to secure a stronger position within The Seven. After finally seizing control from Chico, he becomes more narcissistic than ever before, declaring himself king and gathering a harem of women for his pleasure. Even worse, Homelander uses Earth as a sort of hunting ground where he can murder innocents without repercussion.

7) Sloth

Homelander is lazy. As a leader, he cares little about his people, instead sending them out to die for him. When he does take action, it’s without consideration for how much effort it will take or what might happen as a result.

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