Anatomy of a Scandal, Rupert Friend as James Whitehouse, MP, former Home Office minister and close friend to the Prime Minister. Buy it on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD! Sophie Whitehouse, the wife of British Tory MP James Whitehouse, learns that her husband has been having an affair with an aide. The news goes public, blowing up their lives and forcing her to deal with the consequences of her husband’s disastrous decisions. To make matters worse, James is accused of rape and has to stand trial Anatomy of a Scandal James Whitehouse

What is an Affair?

The most common question that arises from any of these scandals is: Why? Why would a member of parliament risk everything they have achieved to cheat on their spouse with another person? Affair’s are rarely one-sided; it takes two people to succumb to lust and enter into an affair. The answer lies in each individual’s reasons for having an affair. However, there are three main elements that can often contribute to why an affair may occur. These three aspects are secrecy, sexual attraction and fantasy.

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Why do Affairs Happen?

To get inside his head, we spoke to Rupert Friend, who plays James Whitehouse in BBC’s new political drama series The Last Weekend. He told us about filming with partner Jennifer Lawrence and meeting real-life politicians for research. Read on to find out what made him take on such an intimate role. You play James Whitehouse in BBC One’s new political drama series The Last Weekend. What first attracted you to it? I liked how they were quite loyal and deeply engaged in each other.

Is it Right?

During his time as Home Office minister and close friend to Prime Minister Clare Edmunds, Rupert Friend was faced with one of her most controversial moves. When Edmunds secretly suspended habeas corpus (the legal practice that allows people to challenge their imprisonment in court), Friend couldn’t agree with her decision but ultimately kept quiet. Is it right to go along with something you disagree with when you want to keep your job? How would you handle it? Share your thoughts in our comments section below.

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How Common are Affairs?

According to infidelity-help organization The Affair Recovery Center, around 20% of married men and 10% of married women have had affairs at some point. According to US News & World Report’s 2014 Marital Fidelity Survey, more than 50% of men say they would leave their partner if she cheated on them. And according to USA Today (2008), 22% of Americans admit that if given an opportunity for an affair they would probably or definitely accept it.

Anatomy of a Scandal James Whitehouse
Anatomy of a Scandal James Whitehouse

Who Cheats?

The latest sex scandal to hit Britain’s parliament is about as old-school as it gets: with porn star-turned-escort Christine Keeler and Cold War spy John Vassall. But there’s something different about it: Rupert Friend’s turn as Colin Greenway, former Home Office minister and close friend to Prime Minister Harold Macmillan (Michael Kitchen). By all accounts, his reputation is even more unscathed than Macmillan’s was.

How can I deal with my Partner’s Affair?

My partner has been having an affair with his secretary and it has all come out in public. He says he loves her but I can’t bear him anymore. How can I deal with my Partner’s Affair? An affair is never easy to deal with, especially when it comes as a surprise. When your partner admits to you that they have had sex or fallen in love with someone else, you are likely to be shocked and hurt by their actions. You might be angry or feel like you don’t know what to do next.

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Further Information on Affairs (Books)

The ex-wife of one MP said their relationship began while they were both still married. Another book claimed at least ten MPs had relationships with women working in Parliament. A separate scandal implicated eight MPs in expenses-related irregularities. These are just three scandals making waves in British politics today, an inquiry into whether or not special attention was given to former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s son Mark (who is facing criminal charges related to his involvement in a national lottery) has begun as well.

Anatomy of a Scandal, James Whitehouse

There are two things you need to know about me: I’m not a crook and I love my wife. What else do you need to know? Just that I’m here at The Globe today to announce that I am stepping down from my post as Home Office minister. There will be some speculation as to why, but let me clarify matters right now: I’m resigning due to an unsavory incident in which I was found in bed with a prostitute. Yes. And yes again—she was underage.

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