Kit Connor plays the popular and charismatic character of Nicholas Nick Nelson in Heartstopper, which has been getting great reviews since its premiere . Although Kit may be a heartthrob to his many fans, he’s also very down-to-earth and friendly in real life – so we were thrilled when he agreed to answer some questions about Heartstopper and his career! Here’s what he had to say. Heartstopper Star Kit Connor Talks Nicholas Nick Nelson Popularity and Being a Role Model

Meeting Kit

There’s no doubt that Kit Connor is swoon-worthy. He plays popular year 11 rugby player Nicholas Nick Nelson in Heartstopper , which is now available on DVD. We spoke to Kit about playing a role model character, his journey to becoming an actor, and what it’s like working with Niall Wright.

What Kind of Person Is Nick?

In real life, Nicholas Nick is an incredibly nice person who has never been mean to anyone. He is also very popular in his school. However, on Heartstopper (currently airing), he’s not so nice when he spikes Charlie’s drink during a date and then embarrasses her during drama class by spreading rumours about her cheating on him with Will Lewis. He has since realized that she didn’t cheat on him and apologized for his actions.

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The relationship between Heartstopper characters

As you’ll see from our exclusive video below, Heartstopper is based around high school romance. In fact, Heartstopper follows that age-old premise of what happens when an unpopular nerd falls for a popular jock. It’s more than that though because there are hints of mystery in there too – specifically what happened to Charlie before she moved to Truham Grammar School. After talking with lead star Kit Connor we got some insight into his character as well as what it was like working with co-star Erin Watson. We also learned about some early influences which helped shape him into who he is today!

Reactions from People Who Read Heartstopper

I’ve read Heartstopper, which I personally thought was awesome. Heartbreak is never fun. This book really showed how he tried to get his life back on track but couldn’t because of one event that haunted him. It definitely shows how quickly your reputation can change around even if you don’t mean it to happen. I think everyone should read Heartstopper because it is an eye opener to everyone out there with hopes of becoming popular or getting a girl friend or boyfriend.

Heartstopper Star Kit Connor Talks Nicholas Nick Nelson Popularity and Being a Role Model
Heartstopper Star Kit Connor Talks Nicholas Nick Nelson Popularity and Being a Role Model

Q1: How did you get into acting?

I got into acting because my friends did. My school had drama lessons and I really enjoyed it. After school I was in a play that got spotted by an agent who signed me up straight away. That was about 7 years ago now. They sent me for lots of auditions after that! My first professional role was playing Nick Nelson in Heartstopper.

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Q2: What was it like playing Nick Nick Nelson in Heartstopper?

I loved playing Nick! He’s such an interesting character. I think he’s misunderstood because people seem to have preconceived ideas about him before they even meet him. Even in episode one of Heartstopper you can see that he has his own way of thinking and doesn’t follow convention. I hope that people watch Heartstopper and take some time to really understand who he is as a person because there’s so much more to him than meets the eye. He’s kind, genuine and loyal. Those are all qualities that I like in my friends so it was nice playing someone with those traits!

Q3: Do you have any advice for aspiring actors?

I think sometimes it can be quite scary to put yourself out there as an actor. To do that you have to work hard and make sure you’re always looking for parts in plays or musicals. Be professional and turn up on time to auditions. Also know your lines off by heart so you can really show your acting ability. I think my best advice would be not to give up if things don’t go well at first – stay positive because someone is going to take notice of you eventually!

Q4: Which movie/TV show do you think best represents who you are and why?

This may seem like an odd question to ask right now but I feel like it will be good for me to know who you think you are and what shows/movies best represent that. So if you could choose one movie or TV show that best represents who you are, what would it be? And why? I can’t wait to read your responses 🙂 Thanks! Remember: *keep all emails (and submissions) confidential; we’re not seeking references from these or other people so please don’t use names. *please only respond once in your submission email. If we get multiple replies with different answers for each of us then we will have trouble keeping track of everyone’s responses throughout our team interview process. Thank you so much!

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Q5: Who is your role model?

My grandfather was my role model. I never met him because he died when I was born but he left me a huge amount of money when he died so I just assume he was great! It’s not like that always happens in real life. Most people don’t leave you money after they die. So… He must have been special if he did that for me. So yeah… My role model is dead. I know it sounds crazy but you hear about all these dead people doing good things so it makes sense to me at least!

Q6: If you could play any other character from the book series, who would it be?

I would play Charlie. The only reason I would want to be Charlie is because she is badass! On top of that I think it’s awesome that she takes pictures (I love photography) so I can relate to her on that level. She also has good relationships with her family which makes me admire her character even more. It sounds like she was born into privilege but didn’t let that get in her way of becoming a successful business woman. Those are all qualities I strive for in my everyday life, so playing Charlie could really help me get there!

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