The Martinez family has been through a lot in recent months. After the ruinous crash that left Coach Martinez seriously injured, his two sons, Travis and Javi, have had to manage with the fate. But the family has set up a bit of stopgap in the form of Kevin Alves, who portrays the teenage interpretation of Travis in the popular show Yellowjackets. After the crash, Kevin’s character begins dating Natalie, furnishing the family with a important- demanded distraction from the tragedy. In this blog post, we ’ll take a near look at how this relationship came about and how it affects the Martinez family. Travis Martinez’s aged son and Javi’s family begins dating Natalie after the crash

Who Is Kevin Alves

Kevin Alves is a fictional character on the American drama series, Yellowjackets. He’s portrayed by actor Luis Guzman and is the teenage interpretation of Travis Martinez( recreating season 1; main, season 2). He’s Coach Martinez’s elder son and Javi’s family.

Not much is known about Kevin’s early life previous to his preface in the series. still, it can be assumed that he’d a close relationship with his father and youngish family Javi, as well as a strong connection with the original community.

As the eldest son of Coach Martinez, Kevin has a simulated relationship with his father due to their opposing views on life and what they believe is important. While his father is concentrated on football, Kevin prefers to spend his time with musketeers and experimenting with different interests. Despite their differences, the two do partake an understanding and connection which shows through their relations.

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Before the accident, Kevin begins to develop a strong connection with Natalie, a original girl who shares numerous of his interests. The two snappily come close musketeers, but their relationship takes a turn when they both get into a auto accident that leaves them stranded in the middle of nowhere.

About teenage Travis Martinez

Kevin Alves plays the teenage interpretation of Travis Martinez in the megahit TV series, Yellowjackets. Travis is the elder son of Coach Martinez and family of Javi. In the series, Travis is portrayed as a rebellious teen floundering to find his place in the world. He’s constantly trying to prove himself to his father and make him proud, but frequently falls short.

Travis is also portrayed as being a bit of a troublemaker. In one occasion, he’s seen sneaking out at night and attending a party. He also tends to be a bit of a ladies’ man, trying to flirt with multiple girls throughout the series.

Despite his rebellious band, Travis has a good heart and is always willing to help out his musketeers. He’s also fiercely pious to his family and will do anything for them.

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At the launch of the series, Travis is dating a girl named Natalie. still, their relationship ends suddenly when they get into a auto accident and Natalie ends up in a coma. This tragedy causes Travis to rethink his life and he ultimately reconciles with his father and commits to following a better path.

Relationship with his father

Kevin Alves, who plays teenage Travis Martinez in the show, has a complicated relationship with his father. While it’s clear that Coach Martinez loves and cares for his son, there’s pressure between the two as they try to work through issues of trust and respect. Kevin’s relationship with his father becomes indeed more complex when he discovers that his father was involved in the crash.

In the occasion” Coming Home,” we get a deeper look into this relationship as Kevin struggles to accept his father’s reason and move on from the accident. During a heart- to- heart discussion, Coach Martinez eventually admits that he was wrong to put his career ahead of his family. He apologizes for his conduct and expresses his love for his sons. This moment brings the two of them closer together and begins the process of rebuilding their trust.

Though their relationship is far from perfect, Travis and Coach Martinez are sluggishly starting to understand each other better. They’re both making an trouble to come more open and honest with one another, which is eventually helping to strengthen their bond. It’ll be intriguing to see how their relationship evolves as the show progresses.

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The auto accident

Travis Martinez's older son and Javi's brother begins dating Natalie after the crash
Travis Martinez’s older son and Javi’s brother begins dating Natalie after the crash

The extent of the injuries sustained in the crash weren’t completely known until latterly in the show. Coach Martinez had suffered a traumatic brain injury, leaving him with endless physical and cognitive poverties. Javi was paralyzed from the midriff down as a result of his injuries, and had to learn how to live and manage with his new reality. Travis was also injured in the crash, but was suitable to make a full recovery.

Although the auto accident caused immense trauma for all involved, it also handed an occasion for Travis and Natalie to develop a relationship. After the crash, the two began dating and their relationship continued to grow throughout season two.

His relationship with Natalie

After the auto accident, Kevin Alves( as teenage Travis Martinez) started dating Natalie. As their relationship developed, Natalie came a part of their family dynamic and she got near to both Travis and Javi. They were suitable to support each other through the delicate times after the crash.

Travis Martinez’s aged son and Javi’s family begins dating Natalie after the crash

Natalie handed important- demanded comfort for Travis, which allowed him to feel safe enough to open up about his gests with Coach Martinez and his inner struggles. She was also an important source of stability in the lives of both boys.Although the relationship didn’t last long, it was clear that Natalie was a positive influence in their lives and helped Travis navigate through his complicated relationship with his father. It’s no wonder why the two remain good musketeers to this day.

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