The Blacklist has already done plenty to draw us into the inner workings of this mysterious organization, but we still don’t know much about the woman at the top of it all. Agent Elizabeth Keen was added to Red’s operation at the same time as Raymond Reddington, but her role was largely that of his assistant rather than an active member of the team. That changes in Season 2 when she finally earns her status as an official member of the task force… and also becomes Red’s daughter. The Blacklist Recap: Agent Park Gets the Spotlight

Dr. Linus Creel (Glenn Fleshler)

Don’t you remember what I said to you when we met? We all do bad things, most of us just don’t talk about them. The difference between me and most people is that I stopped caring about being punished for it. You should give it a try some time. It really makes life so much easier.

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Audrey Bidwell (Amy Acker)

One of Red’s new recruits is none other than Audrey Bidwell (Amy Acker), a former FBI agent who has quite a few skeletons in her closet. Her allegiance to Reddington is questionable and she could end up being his downfall. Is she another one of Reddington’s pawns or does she have an agenda of her own?

Dr. Monica Hall (Laila Robins)

Dr. Hall is an FBI psychologist who regularly treats Red Reddington (James Spader). The character has appeared in several episodes of The Blacklist over its three seasons, but was absent from The Longevity Initiative and Dr. Adrian Shaw. We don’t know how long Dr. Hall’s history with Red runs—is she a colleague or one of his former handlers? But clearly, she has more information about him than any other non-Red individual on The Blacklist.

Raymond Red Reddington (James Spader)

This week, we get a great glimpse into Red’s past with one of his former proteges, Agent Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone). Red suggests they go to Paris together—no telling what adventures they’ll get up to there. Meanwhile, Ressler is on to Cooper; he tells Cooper that he doesn’t trust him. That comment will come back to haunt Ressler in an episode that still has me reeling hours later.

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Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone)

After waking up in a Russian prison, Liz must rely on her instincts to survive as Red contemplates an important question. Meanwhile, Ressler struggles with what he’s done while trying to track down Tom Connolly (guest star John Ellison Conlee). Diego Klattenhoff and Harry Lennix also star. The episode was written by Jon Bokenkamp and directed by Joe Carnahan.

Donald Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff)

Everyone knew that Tom’s death would change things on The Blacklist. But no one could have predicted how drastically it would alter both relationships and storylines—and not just between Red and Liz.

Dembe Zuma (Hisham Tawfiq)

Dembe is an FBI agent, but as a black man in America, he has faced discrimination at every turn. For example, in one episode, when Dembe’s partner mentioned that he was going to bring their black friend on their next assignment for protection, another white agent immediately snapped at him and said: He’s not my black friend; he’s just our black guy. What a powerful moment that was!

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Tom Keen (Ryan Eggold)

Tom is a troubled man, and after escaping with Elizabeth it seems that he may finally have found something to live for. The Season 3 premiere reveals some insight into Tom’s past, as well as his tenuous relationship with his father. We also see how deeply Liz’s apparent death has affected him, and whether or not we can trust Mr. Kaplan’s (Susan Blommaert) claim that she helped him fake his own death. Will Tom ever trust again?

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