The Lincoln Lawyer was based on a novel of the same name by Michael Connelly, the first of his series to be adapted into a film. As with many films based on legal thrillers and courtroom dramas, there’s always at least one lawyer who takes center stage over everyone else as the star of the show. The movie version of The Lincoln Lawyer has Michael Graziadei in that role, portraying Jeff Golantz, deputy district attorney and prosecutor in the Trevor Elliot trial. The Real-Life Prosecutor of The Lincoln Lawyer

Who Is Michael Graziadei

Michael Graziadei is best known for his role as Jeff Golantz, deputy district attorney and prosecutor in Steven Soderbergh’s The Lincoln Lawyer. He was also a recurring character on FX’s Justified, which you can currently see on Netflix Instant. Now he’s probably best known as a real life prosecutor who handled high profile cases like that of Amanda Knox and Casey Anthony. In 2013, Graziadei’s books I Want To Kill You (2014) and That’s My Story And I’m Sticking To It (2016) were released to critical acclaim. It details some of his most famous trials with commentary from both sides.

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Do You Watch True Crime?

Before 2011, much of David E. Kelley’s writing output consisted of light, humorous fare like Ally McBeal and Boston Legal . His newest project is quite a departure from that. Based on Michael Connelly’s bestseller, The Lincoln Lawyer takes place in Los Angeles and stars Matthew McConaughey as Mick Haller,

The Real-Life Prosecutor of The Lincoln Lawyer
The Real-Life Prosecutor of The Lincoln Lawyer

a criminal defense attorney whose office is…inside his old Cadillac Coupe de Ville. He knows he has to land a big case if he wants to stay afloat in L.A., so when wealthy playboy Louis Roulet (Ryan Phillippe) comes into his office after being arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, Mick sees his chance to finally score big.

Today’s Topic: The Real-Life Prosecution of The Lincoln Lawyer

Based on a True Story, which is a true story. Michael Graziadei was a Los Angeles prosecutor for 18 years before leaving his post to become an assistant attorney in Santa Barbara County. You may have seen him recently in Sony Pictures’s The Lincoln Lawyer. He prosecuted 1,400 cases and brought many to trial during his tenure as an L.A.

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Behind the Scenes with Supervising District Attorney Jeff Golantz

Unlike those depicted in movies and on television, prosecutors are seldom cold, emotionless automatons. The Jeff Golantz that recently prosecuted a well-known case against actor Matthew McConaughey’s Lincoln Lawyer character is no exception. He was as excited to tell me about his job as I was to talk with him. Golantz has been an Assistant District Attorney for Los Angeles County for nearly 10 years now and we talked about his past experiences and how he prepares for major trials like the one against Elliot.

Interview: Manoel De Oliveria, Jr. (Director/Writer) and Brad Furman (Writer)

To date, how many films have you made and what was your background in film before making The Lincoln Lawyer? De Oliveria: This is my first feature film. I have made a lot of commercials and television shows. Furman: Most recent film was No Exit, with Rachel Weisz and Gretchen Mol for HBO Films and Warner Brothers Studios. What inspired you to base your latest film off a book? How much research did you do before starting on set? Furman: First saw [the] Scott Turow book at an airport bookstore – bought it immediately, read it that night, thought what an incredible story that would make a great movie.

The Real-Life Prosecutor of The Lincoln Lawyer
The Real-Life Prosecutor of The Lincoln Lawyer

Featurette: Behind the scenes at The Lincoln Lawyer

Michael Graziadei, who plays Deputy District Attorney and prosecutor in Trevor Elliot trial on The Lincoln Lawyer, previously defended homicide cases as a deputy district attorney with Los Angeles County. During his time there, he also received recognition for his efforts to help victims and police solve sex crimes. As a film production began earlier in 2011, ABC News reported that Graziadei called working on a movie set an exciting but challenging experience. He said it was a challenge because of all the moving parts required to produce a movie. It’s a very dynamic setting, he told ABC News.

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Press Clips from The Lincoln Lawyer Premiere

Michael Graziadei, who plays Deputy District Attorney Jeff Golantz in The Lincoln Lawyer, recently sat down with Variety to discuss his acting career and new legal drama on TNT. Graziadei talks about growing up in a big Italian family, attending law school at night while working as an actor and meeting his wife, Sarah Rafferty, star of Suits on USA Network. Below is an excerpt from that interview: ______________________________________________________________________________ Q: What is it like growing up in a big Italian family? A: It’s wonderful! I had such great support all my life; my parents made sure we worked hard but had fun, too.

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