You may not remember the character Legal Siegal from the movie The Lincoln Lawyer, but most people probably recognize Elliott Gould as Jack Woltz in the movie The Godfather (1972). He played an eccentric studio head who mistakenly believed he could hire a hit man to take out Marlon Brando’s character, Don Vito Corleone, and get away with it; however, his assistant got cold feet at the last minute and told Brando about the plot, which led to his bloody demise in the bathtub in retaliation for the attempted hit on his life. Elliott Gould as Legal Siegal in The Lincoln Lawyer

Who Is Elliott Gould

Elliott Gould (born Elliot Goldstein; November 7, 1938) is an American actor. He began acting during childhood, and has appeared in dozens of films and television shows over a five-decade career. He made his formal film debut in Gus (1969), and was nominated for two Golden Globe Awards for his performance. In addition to his performances on screen, he has also appeared on stage and on television. His most recent appearance was Penny, a series regular role for which he received Emmy Award nomination.

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Who Is Legal Siegal

If you haven’t seen The Lincoln Lawyer yet, we will talk about it soon. This book is great, there is no doubt about that. However, like any other film adaptation of a novel, there are some changes that need to be addressed. But before we get into it all let me introduce you to one more character from Mickey Haller’s side – his lawyer’s friend Legal Siegal (Elliott Gould).

Elliott Gould as Legal Siegal in The Lincoln Lawyer
Elliott Gould as Legal Siegal in The Lincoln Lawyer

Elliott Gould as Legal Siegal

In 2011, he portrayed Matthew Justice (AKA Siegal) in a supporting role as a law firm partner of Mickey Haller’s who, while not an attorney himself, often handles small-time legal matters. He is also working on his own book about Haller’s life and cases. While on screen with Matthew McConaughey, he has directed several movies, including Outside Ozona (1981), Sunset Heat (1993) and Scam Artist (1999). Gould returned to television guest roles during 2010–11, appearing on such shows as Justified and NCIS. He voiced Lucky Smurf on an episode of Cartoon Network’s The Smurfs: The Legend of Smurfy Hollow.

Introducing Gould

Some of us know Elliott Gould from his work in M*A*S*H, others from his recurring role on Friends. But most of us have seen him starring alongside Matthew McConaughey and Marisa Tomei in 2011’s The Lincoln Lawyer. In it, Gould plays a family friend/attorney for Mickey Haller (McConaughey), who finds himself deep in over his head after he accepts a case that’s less than morally-savory. Though some may be accustomed to seeing him on screen, it was actually Gould’s first time acting since 1994. His lengthy hiatus was just one of many surprises we discovered while researching him; here are a few more

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Storyline analysis

At first glance, it’s hard to imagine a more perfect choice for co-starring with Matthew McConaughey than legendary actor Elliott Gould. In fact, fans of McConaughey will probably be even more surprised by how his portrayal of Mickey Haller does not disappoint. There are many similarities between McConaughey and his onscreen persona: both have a charisma that gives way to a quiet confidence; both can act at any time but prefer to let silence and their character’s actions speak for them instead.

Elliott Gould as Legal Siegal in The Lincoln Lawyer
Elliott Gould as Legal Siegal in The Lincoln Lawyer

Why do we love movies about lawyers?

It’s because they represent a world we’ve never seen, but are so fascinated by. Hollywood has always given us these great films about lawyers and law firms. From Legally Blonde to Erin Brockovich, we’ve seen our fair share of lawyer movies in recent years. I was recently lucky enough to see one that took me back to my days watching Perry Mason. Brad Furman’s film adaptation of Michael Connelly’s novel, The Lincoln Lawyer, gave me all kinds of feels that went back decades to when I would sit on my grandmother’s knee and watch Perry Mason reruns with her. That is why I believe people love these kind of films about lawyers.

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Is Lincoln Lawyer better than Rain Man?

This film has been rated highly by critics and viewers alike. If it is better than Rain Man, then perhaps it will gain a cult following. If not, it may be just another film that everyone forgets about years from now. Either way, it’s an interesting movie and worth a viewing.

A unique film with noir elements

A Mickey Haller story, played by Matthew McConaughey, is a unique and creative take on crime fiction. Although it isn’t made specifically for children and may not be something they enjoy, they can easily sit through it with you. As an added bonus, your kids will probably learn a thing or two about law and justice. This film is also available on Netflix; if that’s your go-to source for movie entertainment, watching movies on Netflix could become a regular family activity. For more information about The Lincoln Lawyer , check out IMDb .

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