Seung-jun (Kim Jung-hyun) was born into an impoverished family. His father struggled to make ends meet, and his mother’s death left him devastated. Since his father lacked the mental capacity to care for Seung-jun after his mother died, he was forced to leave home at an early age and live by himself on the streets of Seoul . He soon learned how to take advantage of others in order to survive in the big city. The dashing Gu Seung-jun: From rags to riches in Crash Landing on You

Tae-sik Choi

His father, Tae-sik Choi, was a gambling addict and gambled away all of his family’s money. Soon after his bankruptcy he committed suicide by jumping off a building leaving his son an orphan. Thanks to his father’s death and debts created from it, he had difficulties finding foster parents until Alberto Gu took him under his wing and fostered him. He acts like Kim Jung-hyun’s guardian angel but is actually just using him for financial gains. He always appears with a seemingly concerned face even when Kim Jung-hyun is being betrayed by him.

What can we learn from Tae-sik Choi

What makes a good conman? What should we watch out for when it comes to fraud? How can we avoid becoming victims of a scam? These questions and more will be answered when Alberto Gu, a Spanish conman whose operations and manipulations are considered legends in his industry, graces us with his presence.

The dashing Gu Seung-jun: From rags to riches in Crash Landing on You
The dashing Gu Seung-jun: From rags to riches in Crash Landing on You

How to Spot a Con Man

One of his top tactics is ingratiation. He makes a real effort to learn about you—your background, your interests, and even your family. At first, it’s incredibly flattering. But later, once he begins asking for favors or starts talking money… well, that’s when things start feeling strange. If someone spends hours getting to know you only so they can ask for something later… steer clear! It means they aren’t really interested in building a friendship with you; they just want something from you. And that makes them a con man!

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Do you have any story ideas?

Alberto Gu, who began his career as a conman, is now an entertainment reporter for MBC’s Showbiz Korea. Recently, he was cast in Park Sang-hoon’s Crash Landing on You. I met with Alberto recently and asked him about his journey from first appearing as a charming conman to becoming an honest celebrity reporter. We also talked about how he decided to appear in Park Sang-hoon’s newest drama and what he thinks of being called a sexy star. Interviewer : What was your reason for getting into acting? Alberto : I have been hosting various programs and anchoring live segments ever since my days at SBS.

Jang Dong-gun is the perfect Gu Seung-jun! Why?

If you haven’t seen period drama Queen In-hyun’s Man yet, then you are truly missing out. The main reason why I recommend it is not because of its beautiful sets and costumes or its action packed storyline, but because of Jang Dong-gun’s phenomenal performance as Gu Seung-jun. His suave mannerisms and passion for life will leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees him portray his character so charismatically. If that doesn’t convince you, then let me explain why he would be perfect for our upcoming show Crash Landing On You! As an intelligent conman with a good heart, he has proven time and time again that he can pull off any role with ease.

The dashing Gu Seung-jun: From rags to riches in Crash Landing on You
The dashing Gu Seung-jun: From rags to riches in Crash Landing on You

What happened to Gu Seung Jun?

In 2005, Chinese and Japanese investors became embroiled in a feud over control of Seoul’s Shinsegae department store, eventually resulting in its bankruptcy. The contentious battle for control of Shinsegae was chronicled by Korean novelist Kim Soo-hyun in his book Crash Landing On You (2008). The film adaptation, Crash Landing On You was released late last year to lukewarm reviews and disappointing box office results. The film starred Ahn Sung-ki as Yang Man-ho and Kim Jung Hyun as Gu Seung Jun (aka ‘Gucci’). Early scenes depict both men’s passion for high fashion and desire to own Japan’s largest department store, Sogo.

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Who is Seung Jun in Crash Landing on You?

While he’s disguised as Alberto, a Venezuelan plane enthusiast, he’s not only a rich guy but an heir of his family business. While Yoo Si-jin finds out about Seung Jun’s true identity, she doesn’t care because she falls for him and so does everyone else around them. The question is what happens when people find out his secret? Will it change things? Or will it all end happily ever after? Find out more about who Seung Jun really is in Episode 10 here!

What happens to Seung Jun crash landing on you?

How can you avoid being conned? The question that I often get is, What happens if you crash land on someone? First of all, I would never ask for money from my host family. However, if a family member offers me a job because they see how hard up I am for cash and want to help out, that’s when it gets difficult. Should I trust them? Should I ignore my feelings and just do what’s best for me and earn some money? What about their intentions? Do they have good intentions? How can we recognize people who only want to use us for their own gain? At first glance, Mr. Baek may seem like a good guy but he has ulterior motives.

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Does crash landing on you have a happy ending?

Our two favorite, fun and sweet male leads Kim Jung-hyun as Gu Seung-jun and Kim Yong as Yoo Chul. Both actors have been paired together 3 times prior to Crash Landing on You starting with Reply 1997 (2015), followed by My First Love Again (2016) and my personal favorite The Beauty Inside (2015). And let’s not forget their female counterpart in Lee Ji-eun playing an unwavering friend turned love interest. Throughout the course of Crash Landing on You, audiences will be able see these 4 characters evolve into stronger, more independent individuals that are ready to take on whatever comes their way.

The dashing Gu Seung-jun: From rags to riches in Crash Landing on You
The dashing Gu Seung-jun: From rags to riches in Crash Landing on You

Will Captain Ri and Se-ri get married?

I won’t give away spoilers, but it’s fun for us as viewers to follow and hope that Captain Ri and Se-ri will get married. It gives us something else to look forward to. The portrayal of their love is beautiful, not just because of how they feel about each other, but also because of what they go through together. Their scenes are very realistic, thanks in part to our director who worked really hard on making sure that he captures all sides of a story.

Did Crash Landing on You shoot in Pyongyang?

The entire cast and crew, including Kim Jung-hyun and Jang Dong-gun were concerned about shooting their scenes in Pyongyang. While waiting for word on whether or not they would be allowed to shoot there, they moved forward with production based on assumptions that they would eventually get approval to film there. It was announced that they wouldn’t be able to shoot at a major national landmark near Myohyangsan mountain so they scrambled last minute and filmed at another mountain instead. Despite all of these challenges, Lee Yong-seok’s team worked hard together as a team and delivered an excellent movie! Everyone needs a bit of luck! Isn’t it nice when you find one?[3]

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