The White House, home of the president and capital of the United States, has been portrayed on the small screen since before anyone can remember (remember The West Wing or Commander in Chief?). The White House often takes on the role of a recurring character in television shows, as it has in Designated Survivor, as well as housing some memorable characters from TV history, like CJ Cregg from The West Wing and Mackenzie Allen from Commander in Chief. With this being said, let’s take a closer look at Ayla Sayyad, played by Mozhan Marnò. The White House—Ayla Sayyad’s New Home

Part 1 – In Which We Meet

A new-ish reporter, Ayla Sayyad, has been assigned to one of DC’s most prestigious news organizations: The Wall Street Telegraph. She has a lot to learn about both reporting and Washington, D.C., but she’s a quick study. Just like in any workplace (yes, even in politics), there are co-workers that you get along with and others with whom you don’t.

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Part 2 – Where Are We Now?

Before Ayla made her first appearance in DC, she was previously a freelance reporter for The Wall Street Telegraph based out of Manhattan. Now that she’s settled into Washington and feeling more at home there, we wanted to take some time to get a feel for where she is as a journalist and what challenges she’ll face in coming weeks.

The White House—Ayla Sayyad's New Home
The White House—Ayla Sayyad’s New Home

Part 3 – How Did We Get Here?

After you’ve written your introduction and supporting paragraphs, skip down to a large subheading titled How Did We Get Here? At or near that point in your draft, add an explanation of how you got to writing your piece. Maybe it started with a question, like Should every American have access to health care? Maybe you came across an interesting concept and wanted to explore it more. Maybe there’s some bit of context that needed further explanation.

Part 4 – What Is Going To Happen Next?

For audiences who have only watched one episode of 24, you must talk about what happened in that episode, and how it will effect future episodes. For example: In next week’s episode… It can be a few sentences or a short paragraph depending on your understanding of not only that episode but also of past episodes (examples provided by script library). You can use information from other sources such as blogs, interviews with cast/crew members on websites such as IMDB or youtube to support your points. You should include a reference list at the end if you used outside material.

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