Raquel Murillo is a character from Money Heist, the most watched TV show in Spain during the past year. She was played by actress Itziar Ituno and was the lead inspector on the case of the Money Heist. In this article we explore Raquel Murillo, her style, and what makes her so memorable. Raquel Murillo and the Money Heist: An Inside Look

Who Is Itziar Ituno

Raquel Murillo (Itziar Ituno) is an inspector of the National Police Corps who is put in charge of a police task force called CICAD, which looks into organised crime. She leads most operations with her second-in-command, Emilio Sanchez. In season one, she breaks up with Cristian Solano after discovering he was involved in an embezzlement scheme. He kills himself soon after to frame her for murder. Raquel’s father is left devastated after his son dies in a car accident, but becomes involved with one of his son’s old girlfriends, Carolina.

Raquel Murillo Aka Lisbon

Raquel Murillo has been working in law enforcement for over 15 years, during which time she’s captured some of Spain’s most dangerous criminals. But nothing can prepare her for what happens when a mysterious criminal mastermind (Álvaro Morte) breaks into Spain’s Central Bank and steals 2.4 billion euros. The heist is perfectly executed—which is particularly terrifying since it turns out to be just a small part of an even bigger scheme. In any case, as soon as Lisbon discovers that she was involved with one of Morte’s accomplices in a previous crime, she has no choice but to turn detective herself. Her only leads are suspicious investments around Spain—and some very unusual political donations.

Raquel Murillo and the Money Heist: An Inside Look
Raquel Murillo and the Money Heist: An Inside Look

Itziar Ituno BioGraphy

Itziar Ituno is a Spanish actress who has become famous for her character, Raquel Murillo, in a TV show entitled Money Heist (La gran estafa). She is also well known for her appearances in films like Four Walls (Cuatro paredes) or Your Face Tomorrow (El rostro de mañana). Ms. Ituno also participates in movies as a second lead, as she has been able to demonstrate her talent as an actress in dramas like Ocho Apellidos Vascos. This Basque actress will participate later on this year alongside Kiti Manverin, Jon Kortajarena and Emma Suarez in a movie by director Nacho G.

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Facts about La casa de papel

Itziar Ituno , born in Logroño (La Rioja, Spain) on 8 February 1982, is a Spanish actress. She has been studying theatre since she was very young in Logroño. After high school she decided to enroll in ESERP with a course in direction and plastic arts for three years, which allowed her to perfect her acting skills. Upon completion of her studies she became an assistant director at a company in Madrid named LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial where she worked for two years before starting out as an actress herself.

The Audience of La casa de papel

Imagine a TV show about bank robbery. That’s basically La casa de papel, except it’s on Netflix, with subtitles. The eight-episode Spanish heist drama stars Álvaro Morte as Driss, an incarcerated safecracker who is sprung from prison by a group of aspiring thieves to pull off the big one—an intricate scheme to steal 2 billion euros in cash from Spain’s Central Bank. For its first five episodes (of eight), La casa de papelis one of the most exciting things you can watch on Netflix—and Driss (played brilliantly by Álvaro Morte) may well be one of television’s great bad guys.

Raquel Murillo and the Money Heist: An Inside Look
Raquel Murillo and the Money Heist: An Inside Look

The Writer

The inside look behind El director is stunningly realistic, complete with a compelling plotline that kept viewers wondering if there was any truth behind it. But with each new episode, fans of El director became increasingly invested in seeing how Itziar Ituno portrayed Raquel Murillo, a Lisbon inspector who takes charge of an investigation involving art heists to recover five billion euros. Although fans have their guesses about what’s true in real life and what’s not, Itziar has given everyone plenty to talk about! Read on for more details!

El director

Asier Altuna was born in Guipúzcoa, Basque Country. He has always had a keen interest in photography. Asier studied a media production course at his local college but he felt that everything seemed too formulaic so he decided to go ahead with photography. Before filming, Asier started working as an assistant camera on documentaries and music videos. This experience allowed him to expand his knowledge of directing while providing him with a broad spectrum of technical skills such as lighting and sound recording among others which are important when shooting a movie or TV series on set.

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The Cast

María León as Inmaculada de la Vega (Cádiz): a policewoman from the National Police Corps who is investigating a case of money laundering. Joaquín Notario as Julián Suárez (Las Palmas): a former manager of Guitart -one of Andalusia’s largest construction companies- for whom there are concrete suspicions about his involvement in money laundering.

Is Lisbon and Raquel same?

The first one is that she works for a special unit of the National Police Corps called La Unidad de Apprehensión y Reacción (Unidad AR), which means Arrest & Reaction Unit. This unit is similar to SWAT teams in other countries, or any police force’s elite units. She used to be in charge of investigating large-scale crimes that may threaten national security, but since The Money Heist started she’s mostly been working on solving cases related to it.

Raquel Murillo and the Money Heist: An Inside Look

Do Professor and Raquel end up together?

It is revealed that Professor was working with Clara. Together they plotted to steal 2 billion euros from Banco de Espana. In order to carry out their plan, Professor seduced Raquel and started a relationship with her, but did not disclose his true identity until a couple of months into their relationship. When it came time for him to do so, Raquel rejected him, but Clara killed her to eliminate any loose ends. The viewers are left wondering if Professor will end up paying for his crimes as he chooses not to turn himself in after they are caught, but rather flees with Clara into a ship heading towards Nigeria.

Why is Inspector called Lisbon?

In each episode, Jorge has conversations with a different character named Lisbon; they are usually only two or three minutes long but have substantial influence on his story. These vignettes are a reference to American author John Irving’s novel The World According to Garp, in which Lisbon is both a real town in Vermont and a character. Every time someone refers to Lisbon, he/she makes it clear that Lisbon does not refer to only one person but several people all sharing the same name. Just like in John Irving’s book, Inspector calls herself Lisbon because there is more than one inspector called Lisbon. In fact, their boss was once also called Lisbon before she died.

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Does Raquel Murillo join the heist?

Raquel Murillo (portrayed by Itziar Ituño) is an inspector of the National Police Corps who is put in charge of taking on a very special case. Before joining law enforcement, she was an attorney, but a near-fatal car accident left her unable to continue practicing as one. Instead, she’s able to contribute her legal expertise to solving crimes within law enforcement. Based on that description alone it would be easy to guess where Money Heist fits into YouTubers Connect program. However, what they didn’t tell you is that Raquel will eventually join the heist or if she even has plans of doing so at all…

Raquel Murillo and the Money Heist: An Inside Look
Raquel Murillo and the Money Heist: An Inside Look

Why did Raquel become Lisbon?

It was one of those roles that I hadn’t been looking for at all, but somehow it felt like I just knew it was right. There were elements in that character that were so surprising to me—I had never seen her before in any other story or film, let alone a series about detectives. She was a great female character with tons of depth who also wasn’t perfect. Those are my favorite kinds of characters to play because they’re both so real yet unexpected.

Is Professor in Money Heist married?

Raquel Murillo is not married, but she has a partner who happens to be an inspector of National Police Corps. According to fans, she doesn’t want to marry anyone because being married could compromise her job. In one of her interviews, Itziar has revealed that she got some proposals but all ended up being just a fun thing since no one wants to get into a relationship with someone who never knows when they will have to travel for work. However, Raquel told them that it doesn’t mean that if someday she finds someone great for her, he might become her husband or even father of children. We are sure Itziar will find love sooner or later.

Do Sergio and Raquel get married?

in season 1, Sergio confessed that he loves Raquel after getting some advice from Jimena. After Raquel’s bet with Sergio, she tells him that their relationship isn’t going to work out, because they have too many differences (age, culture), but they do share a kiss before they leave each other for good in Paris and Madrid. In season 2 however, it is revealed that Raquel moved to Germany. Her decision has been caused by her new job as police inspector for Interpol in Europe. At an airport she bumps into Alberto García, who reveals that he does not even know Raquel had moved there (they did not talk since their dinner date). Alberto also informs her about Bruno Velázquez being arrested again in Madrid.

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