Sergio Marquina, also known as The Professor, is the mastermind behind the biggest heist in history. He assembled the group of unusual individuals that ended up robbing the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago of $100 million in gold bars, diamonds and cash in season one of Money Heist (La Casa de Papel). Meet Sergio Marquina on this show about Money Heist. Money Heist: Meet the mastermind behind the heist Sergio Marquina

Who Is Alvaro Morte

Alvaro Morte is a Spanish actor who has played a variety of roles in his career. Born on September 12, 1973 in Barcelona, Spain, Morte started his acting career in 1994 and has since appeared in various films and television shows. In 2017 Morte played Alvaro (aka Berlin’s younger brother) on La Casa de Papel, also known as Money Heist or simply Heist. After its initial popularity across Europe during 2016 and 2017 for its ten-episode first season airing on Netflix (and reaching over 20 million viewers), Netflix produced another 20 episodes for season two which premiered June 13th of 2018. This time around they have set their sights much higher than Europe alone – Money Heist is now streaming around the world!

Alvaro Morte portrays Salvador Salva Martín (aka Berlin’s younger brother) in Money Heist. He is a Venezuelan actor and producer, perhaps best known for his role as Franco on The Office US. Morte started his career in 1993 starring on various theater productions and TV shows in Venezuela. He later moved to Los Angeles and appeared on multiple TV shows including Dark Blue and The Office US. This is where I first caught him on screen – Alvaro played Franco (The World’s Biggest Douchebag) from 2009-2010.

Money Heist: Meet the mastermind behind the heist Sergio Marquina
Money Heist: Meet the mastermind behind the heist Sergio Marquina

Who is Salva?

Salva is Berlin’s younger brother. The two are extremely close and share a love of music. Salva sings in a band called The Hooligans with his friends and is also an avid rock climber. He looks up to his older brother, Berlin (aka Rayo), as his hero. In many ways, he views Berlin as a role model for how to live life. He is fiercely loyal to Berlin and would do anything for him – including helping him pull off one of the biggest heists in history!

How does Salva get his gang together?

Before he became a criminal, Salvatore was a high school teacher. He was convicted of murder and spent 25 years in prison. Now that his life sentence has been commuted to 15 years (due to an agreement between Spain and Morocco) and with only 5 years left to serve on his sentence (that’s according to Spanish law), Salva will do anything it takes to ensure that no one hears about his past. That is why he sends Berlin (his younger brother) out into Barcelona trying to recruit criminals from prison. Berlin quickly meets up with Alvaro Morte as Sergio Sergio Marquina who introduces him to Coper, Paco, Tati, Guzmán and Pablito for a total of six partners in crime.

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Does Salva really love Mercedes?

There’s been a lot of talk about whether or not Salva truly loves Mercedes (Charlotte Vega) — and if he just used her to get close to Berlin. Personally, I think it works both ways. She knew exactly what she was doing when she got involved with him; she understands how much money they stole and how many lives they ruined. I do believe that her heart was in it in some way. In my opinion, there is a very big difference between being hurt by someone you love and finding out they betrayed you for money/greed.

Money Heist: Meet the mastermind behind the heist Sergio Marquina
Money Heist: Meet the mastermind behind the heist Sergio Marquina

Fun facts about Salva

Salva’s dream was to be an astronaut; but when his family could not afford to pay for college tuition, he decided to make money by robbing banks instead. He moved to Madrid in 1997 and became a member of a notorious gang of criminals involved in bank robberies. Salva and his band of robbers became known as The Marbella Boys because most of them came from Marbella on Spain’s Costa del Sol (e.g., Sergio El Gocho Torrijos who was dubbed El Gocho [meaning The Parrot] because of his squawking voice). Following a shooting incident at Alicante Airport in July 1998, Spanish police launched Operation Génova that saw 14 members of The Marbellas arrested, including Salva.

A Visual History of The Professor

Recurring character of Money Heist. Salvador Salva Martín de Porres (born December 23, 1966), is a Spanish ex-professional boxer turned fugitive and gangster. He is one of The Professor’s right hand men and enforcer. He currently serves as an ally to Raúl Solís de Santamaría Pimentel (The Count). Hired by The Professor to help with his first bank robbery in Valencia, Salva was also present at most subsequent heists until Madrid when captured.

What did you think about his character?

In my opinion is an incredible actor. Very expressive and smart. A couple of hours after shooting a scene with him I was still looking at him and thinking how good it was! 😀 He’s a great person too and it was really fun to have him on set! He came up with amazing ideas for his character which you can see in episode 7 . . . Can’t wait for you to see it!!! 🙂 (to answer your question about Salva) : In my opinion is an incredible actor. Very expressive and smart. A couple of hours after shooting a scene with him I was still looking at him and thinking how good it was! 😀 He’s a great person too and it was really fun to have him on set!

Money Heist: Meet the mastermind behind the heist Sergio Marquina
Money Heist: Meet the mastermind behind the heist Sergio Marquina

How was it working with Jordi Sánchez?

It was a pleasure. Jordi Sánchez is a very nice person and a very good actor. We had a great time together both in front of and behind the camera. Working with an experienced guy like him made it easy for me as an actor to concentrate on what I had to do in each scene, which allowed me to focus more on playing my character than trying to figure out how everything was supposed to work. Being under pressure because of tight shooting schedules can be stressful, but working with Sánchez really helped me stay calm and focused on doing my job well., so if you have any advice for our readers who want to get into acting—or directing—what would you tell them?

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Any funny stories from the set?

One of my favourites was when we were shooting in Valencia and we were filming a night scene at a restaurant on one of those big apartment buildings. The scene involved Salva (played by Daniel Cerqueira) asking me for help when I’m supposed to be drunk. We shot from 8 p.m. until 6 a.m., and I kept forgetting my lines…which meant we kept doing them over and over again! It took hours to film that scene because of that! So when we finished, I said to myself Alright! I’ll go home now, but then someone told me No no no!

Who gave The Professor the idea for the heist?

The idea for The Big One came to Sergio in a dream. One night, Berlin overheard his older brother talking on the phone about some numbers that kept popping up everywhere. He mentioned something about an equation, and it was enough to pique Berlin’s interest. Once they were done with school (Berlin and Sergio went to college together), they started working different jobs in order to save money. Eventually, they had enough cash saved up to execute their big plan.

Who is Sergio’s dad in Money Heist?

I’m a huge fan of Money Heist! I was wondering if you could tell me who is Roberto Martín’s (Sergio’s dad) in Money Heist? Also where did you find out about Money Heist? Are there any other TV shows or movies that are similar to Money Heist that people should watch while they’re waiting for season 2 to be released on Netflix? Thank you! ~Shayna A.

What does Raquel do when she find out about The Professor?

Raquel is immediately intrigued by The Professor. Although she met him under adverse circumstances, she quickly begins to warm up to him. However, there’s still a part of her that isn’t sure whether or not to trust him. The police still think that The Professor may have been involved in Berlin’s death and so Raquel doesn’t want to get too close for fear of finding out he’s involved with Berlin’s murder or something else unethical. She decides it best just not to think about The Professor and keep her mind on other things—she tells herself it was purely sexual attraction when they first met and she didn’t really care much for his mannerisms then either…he seemed kinda creepy actually! But when they meet again and are alone together in the cell together?

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Is The Professor Berlin’s son?

Yes. The Professor is really Alvaro Morte as Sergio Martín. But Martín is actually Berlin’s son. Or rather, his name was Martín Berlin until his father’s death made him take on his mother’s maiden name as a middle name. When we’re first introduced to Martín in episode 1, we don’t know about his connection to Berlin and that he shares a last name with him; only at episode 3 do we learn how they’re related. But even before that moment of revelation, it’s obvious there’s more to Martin than meets the eye.

Who is smartest in Money Heist?

Berlin is not only Money Heists’ mastermind. He also has many skills like shooting a rifle with great accuracy and knowing when to run or fight. If a guy doesn’t know when to run then it will be easy for him to end up dead. However if you are smart enough you can avoid these situations before they happen. This is why we have someone as smart as Berlin in our group. We always have at least one escape plan ready at all times just in case things go wrong.

Money Heist: Meet the mastermind behind the heist Sergio Marquina
Money Heist: Meet the mastermind behind the heist Sergio Marquina

Why does Raquel join The Professor?

Raquel (played by Carla Hernández) is a well-connected criminal who’s always looking for an easy payday. That’s why she joins a massive prison break at one of Spain’s top-security prisons—and why she ends up getting caught during an attempted jewelry store robbery right after her release. With no other options, Raquel teams up with master thief The Professor (Alvaro Morte). She helps him assemble his team and organize their elaborate heist while they hunt for Berlin (Álvaro Cervantes), who disappeared before they could make their move. Once that happens, there’s only one thing left to do: Pull off what might be Europe’s biggest score in history.

Does El professor get caught?

Short answer? No. He’s one of only a few characters who make it out alive (Sara is another, though you’ll have to wait for season 2 to see what happens with her). Long answer? Still no. But it’s not exactly smooth sailing for El professor either; there are lots of twists and turns before he hits his escape car. Here’s what happens at every stage of his life… First , let’s go over that bank vault again because it serves as our little tree metaphor for El professor. It starts off small—just three locks on a door—and El professor has to unlock them in order to get into his hidden treasure trove.

Does Raquel join the robbers?

It’s a big question on everyone’s mind. Will Raquel La Mole join in with her brother and his crew or will she stay loyal to her lover César? Let’s look at both sides of each argument for why Raquel should and shouldn’t join her brother. First, let’s see what we know about Raquel. She is La Mole because she is loyal to her loved ones above all else – she put herself through college as a nurse so that she could work at San Juan de Dios Hospital (where César is recovering) and be close to him while they wait for him to recover from his injuries sustained in an explosion two years ago.

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