Passengers on Flight 828 are reeling from their return to the real world after spending an entire year in an alternate universe, but some of them are also questioning whether the events of that other world actually happened. One such person is Zeke Landon, who was presumed dead after being lost in a mountain cave for an entire year, just like he was in Flight 828’s alternate universe.The Return of Zeke Landon: A Manifest Miracle !

What do you know about Zeke?

Matt Long was presumed dead after a hiking accident left him stranded in a cave for a year. But when he suddenly reappeared, it was clear that something had changed. Now, as one of the passengers of Flight 828, Zeke is on a journey to discover the truth about what happened to him and to find out where he really belongs. After many adventures with their new friends, The 4400 found themselves drawn back to their homeland. They were confronted by their ancestors who welcomed them back but also told them that they had been gone too long and that they needed to find their own way.

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At first, the returnees resisted this decision but soon came around as each took stock of their lives so far. All except for Jesse, who became terrified of living again and ran away from home. She refused even talking with her parents or seeing her friends again until she could figure out how she felt about living again

do you know about Matt Long

Matt Long was born on May 1, 1984 in Bowling Green, Kentucky. He is an American actor. He is best known for his roles as Jack McCallister on the television series Jack & Bobby (2004–2005) and as Dash Cooperman on the ABC series Emily Owens, M.D. (2012–2013). Long has also had recurring roles on Mad Men (2007),ER (2008), and Private Practice (2010). In 2016, he played Phil McGraw’s son Jay McGraw in a season 5 episode of Dr. Phil. His character is said to be based on McGraw’s real-life son Jay McGraw Jr., who also serves as the executive producer of Dr. Phil and The Doctors.

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Matt Long’s character, Zeke Landon, was presumed dead after a hiking accident. But in the latest episode, it is revealed that he is alive and well. Some viewers are wondering if the show lied to us last week. Did they fake his death? If so, why? Did they want to give their characters something exciting to do? Did they want to throw the audience off track from guessing what happened on Flight 828?

Why did it happen?

After being presumed dead for a year, Zeke Landon made a miraculous return in the season two premiere of Manifest. While the details surrounding his return are still largely unknown, we do know that it was due to a higher power. When he first returned, he appeared on an abandoned farm with no memories about what happened since his disappearance and how he came back to life. The reason for this is because Matt Long has a prosthetic hand as opposed to the one he had before. His new hand is almost like another limb and can be used for anything from walking with crutches or driving a car. He has now been cleared by doctors who say there is nothing wrong with him despite not having any memories from the last four years when he disappeared into thin air.

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What does it mean for the rest of the story?

The return of Zeke Landon is a miracle that has far-reaching consequences for the story of Manifest. Not only does it add a new layer of mystery to the show, but it also provides hope for the passengers of Flight 828 who have been through so much. It also raises questions about what happened to Zeke during his time in the cave, and whether or not he is really the same person he was before. While these are all interesting mysteries to explore, one thing is clear – this season will be an emotional rollercoaster for those involved with Zeke.

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