Let’s take a closer look at the role of Andres de Fonollosa, the mastermind jewel thief of Money Heist, who coordinates the elaborate heists that have made the show such an international hit. Spoiler alert: there’s even more to this character than meets the eye! If you enjoy learning about Money Heist actors and their roles in the show, check out my other character blogs here on this site! Andres de Fonollosa: The Mastermind Jewel Thief of Money Heist

Short Biography

When Pedro Alonso realized that his own illness was shortening his life, he devised a plan to pass on both his knowledge and life’s work. Known for robbing only one piece of jewellery at a time, never killing or injuring anyone in any way, Pedro Alonso was a mastermind jewel thief who meticulously planned every step of each heist. He is considered by many as one of the greatest jewel thieves in history; some would even say he is fictionalized as an inspiration for James Bond! Before passing away, Pedro left his son Andres de Fonollosa with instructions on how to steal each piece so that no one could ever figure out why they were stolen.

Who is Andres de Fonollosa?

Andres De Fonollosa is not just one of Mexico’s most notorious jewel thieves, he’s also a really fun character to think about. Pedro Alonso as Andres in Money Heist is kind and helpful, but he’s mostly known for his cleverness. This real-life jewel thief was a legend who had pulled off countless robberies before one in Berlin would go so wrong, it would end up killing him. This man has been called one of Mexico’s greatest outlaws and continues to be talked about today even though he died back in 1871. His legacy lives on through Pedro Alonso as Andres de Fonollosa (Berlin).

Andres de Fonollosa: The Mastermind Jewel Thief of Money Heist
Andres de Fonollosa: The Mastermind Jewel Thief of Money Heist

Pedro Alonso Played Andres de Fonollosa Aka ‘Berlin’

Andres de Fonollosa was a jewel thief that only stole gems, diamonds, and other precious stones. He never stole any of those materials in small quantities. This made him stand out among other thieves. His victims included American billionaires and industrialists who lived in London’s Knightsbridge neighborhood where he would take their jewels during or after tea-time. On one occasion he attended a party with his victim’s family to show off his manners; however on another occasion he had tea with his victim before stealing her jewels from under her very nose without getting caught by anyone at all.

Character Analysis

Pedro Alonso’s character in Money Heist was highly inspired by Leonardo DiCaprio’s portrayal of Andy Dalton in The Great Gatsby. Pedro was a man with a clean slate who took advantage of his status as an outsider to steal millions while robbing from banks and other places he worked for. However, people often wondered how Pedro could have committed so many crimes in such little time. Even more curious was how Pedro managed to pull off his biggest heist under his boss’s nose, without anyone realizing it. Pedro had several characteristics that made him unique and fit perfectly into what would ultimately become a series-ending role.

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Who is the master mind behind all of those heists?

In Money Heist’s second season, The Professor wasn’t able to orchestrate all those impossible heists. Instead, Pedro Alonso (José Ángel Egido) filled in for him during that time. And fans will be happy to know that Pedro is back for Season 3! Before he returned, however, here are some things you should know about Andres de Fonollosa (aka Pedro).

How does he do it?

As money from all around Spain flowed in, Pedro Alonso did what he does best – create a plan and get it done. An expert at breaking into highly secured places with relative ease, De Fonollosa is known for leading big operations that involve robbery and fraud. He even has an alias called Malthael. However, don’t let his persona fool you – in order to protect himself and his family, he’s willing to do anything, up to killing his brother or abandoning him if need be. You can easily see that though Pedro may be ruthless in his schemes – he wouldn’t hurt a fly (unless it was necessary). All in all, Pedro is simply amazing! And I hope we get to see more of him in season 4!

Andres de Fonollosa: The Mastermind Jewel Thief of Money Heist
Andres de Fonollosa: The Mastermind Jewel Thief of Money Heist

Is there any personal background info?

In Money Heist, Pedro Alonso’s character Andres De Fonollosa has a terminal illness, which is why he needs to commit crimes while he still can. Real life Pedro Alonso also had a health issue – a back injury from his days as an athlete. But then he recovered completely thanks to an operation and began practicing sports again. So in reality, Pedro has never suffered from any health problems or diseases! Also it’s worth noting that at first his role in Money Heist was supposed to be only recurring (in three episodes), but later creators decided to bring him back for all subsequent seasons.

Has he had any previous crimes?

It is rumored that Andres has been a jewel thief since he was in his early 20’s and worked with a criminal named Enrique Torres, who taught him all he knows. Pedro Alonso as Andres seems very good at what he does because there isn’t any evidence that can link him to his previous crimes. He wears masks to hide his identity so police can’t track him down, but that also makes it hard for them to find evidence against him too. It is said that he never talks about his past crimes and acts like they didn’t happen. Also, they say it took Pedro several times before getting hired by Escobar Films Inc. But no one knows why it took multiple interviews for Escobar Films Inc to hire Pedro Alonso as Andres De Fonollosa on Money Heist

How does he plan?

Spanish TV show Money Heist is set in motion when a team of thieves led by Sire (Edgar Ramirez) and his accomplice, Andres de Fonollosa (Jordi Molla), break into Spain’s Royal Mint to steal €2.4 billion. This in-depth look at his process reveals how he uses fashion and accessories to help him plan what is said to be one of most dangerous heists in history. Knowing that cop uniforms could draw attention, for example, he makes sure each member has their own unique jacket—even if it means buying six different ones for five people. To find out more about exactly how De Fonollosa plans to pull off such a spectacular theft, keep reading!

His special skills

He is actually a master thief and very smart. And he has had most of his organs replaced with new ones that are resistant to infections. Due to spending all his life behind bars, he has become very strong and courageous, as well as a good strategist. He can read people quite easily and knows how to talk to them in order for them to do what he wants them to do.

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The consequences for being caught

There are plenty of reasons why one would not want to steal jewels. But as viewers, we’re assuming that with a profession such as De Fonollosa’s, there must be a lot to gain from what they do. And while we can only speculate on how much money he may have stolen over his long career as a jewel thief, it is clear that what he does is illegal. So while there certainly are monetary rewards for taking things from people and corporations, it’s likely that there is no substantial security when it comes to keeping himself safe in case something goes wrong during his missions.

Andres de Fonollosa: The Mastermind Jewel Thief of Money Heist
Andres de Fonollosa: The Mastermind Jewel Thief of Money Heist

Other criminals are involved in other crimes

money laundering, drug smuggling and others. But it’s not about them. It’s about a smart, sophisticated thief who managed to make millions and millions of dollars through heists that took months to prepare and only seconds to execute. Some say he never stole anything; instead, he had his share in all kinds of illegal businesses around Spain and Europe since forever. In fact, Andres de Fonollosa was born into crime — almost literally.

Closing Thoughts

If you watched Spanish crime thriller Money Heist, then you are probably familiar with Andres de Fonollosa, whose real name is Pedro Alonso. He has a terminal illness and he’s one of two brothers. Andres is also a master thief who has specialized in stealing from banks. In fact, it was his idea to rob Banco Central on Christmas Eve instead of Santa Claus! You see, he already knew about all its strengths and weaknesses because he’d been casing it for weeks in preparation for a much bigger job that never happened… but we’re getting ahead of ourselves! Let’s take things from day one.

Q & A

What is Berlin’s disease in Money Heist?

An infectious disease carried by rats and fleas. It is transmitted through a bite, a scratch or even a fleabite on broken skin; it was especially prevalent in 18th century Europe when poorly cooked food was still common. Berlin’s disease is also known as pinta, which means spot in Spanish, due to its characteristic appearance. In episode 9, Andres asks Enrique whether he has been bitten or scratched by someone or if he has something on his skin that can transmit Berlin’s disease.

Is Sergio the son of Berlin in Money Heist?

Yes, it was recently revealed in season 2 that Sergio is Berlin’s son. (Source) In season 1, they were constantly at odds with each other and frequently arguing, but by season 2 they’ve come to an understanding of each other as father and son. (Source) While he may have changed his evil ways to some degree, he still remains very cunning and manipulative. He does seem slightly remorseful for all his past evil deeds though. (Source) And even if we can never accept him for who he is, maybe we can at least take comfort in knowing that he’s finally starting to realize what an awful human being he’s been for most of his life so far…?

Are Sergio and Berlin brothers?

No, Sergio and Berlin are not brothers, but they are father and son. Fernando Fons did not have a son named Andrés de Fonollosa, but he did have a son named Diego Ramón (played by Daniel Alcaíno). Diego is shown in flashbacks throughout season one as a part of his father’s life and is introduced in season two as a young adult fresh out of university. Not only does Fernando also mention that he has two daughters (one alive and one deceased), so it would make sense that if Diego was his first-born child then there would be another sibling to follow.

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Who is Berlin’s girlfriend in Money Heist?

The character’s name is Ingrid Larraín (played by Laura Loy). She’s a journalist and Fonollosa’s girlfriend. She’ll be with us from start to finish (or at least until we meet Leal, who appears in some episodes). Even though she works for an important newspaper and has some fixers on her payroll, she doesn’t seem to be very good at getting information or stories. One thing she does have going for her is that she knows about Andrés’ story and his prison time; because of that, he has no choice but to work with her.

Andres de Fonollosa: The Mastermind Jewel Thief of Money Heist
Andres de Fonollosa: The Mastermind Jewel Thief of Money Heist

Is Inspector Sierra Berlin’s wife?

No, but she’s a strong woman who’s eager to help solve crimes that impact ordinary citizens. She sees herself as an ally to people who want to make Berlin a better place to live. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have much luck convincing her husband that she could be a great asset on his investigations. He’s stubbornly patriarchal and resistant to anything that might disrupt their marriage. Plus, he hates when she goes against his orders—which is often. Fortunately for Sierra, Pedro is far more supportive of her than Javier ever will be. He even helps her with investigations while they’re together in prison!

Did Palermo love Berlin?

Palermo was not sure if he loved Berlin. He wasn’t from a big city, so there were times when it felt overwhelming to him. He had never been an outgoing guy, but he could be really shy in new situations. Though he tried to make friends with his colleagues, Palermo found that many of them didn’t have time for him because they were busy. They told him that they would catch up with him at parties and events later on—but Palermo rarely saw those people again.

Are Tatiana and Sierra the same person?

A terminally ill jewel thief and the Professor’s second-in-command and older brother. He is a master in manipulation and breaking codes who, as an inside man for many years, knew about every security system known to man. In addition to stealing, his other job was providing information to Andrés so he could plan his heists. He has been in prison many times, but by working undercover, was able to avoid getting any real prison time.

Is Berlin The Professor’s dad?

In Wednesday night’s episode, we learned that Andrés Fonollosa, one of THE masterminds behind Red Rabbit, was a Cuban-born jewel thief who eventually found love and success running a family brewery. According to him, he eventually decided to rob banks when he got older after his wife left him and took their two daughters with her. Pedro Alonso also plays Andrés in Money Heist and is actually 20 years younger than José Luis Gómez. In Episode 11 (which just aired) Pedro portrays Andrés as a terminally ill jewel thief and brother to Julián Álvarez’s Professor but in real life Julián Álvarez is 16 years older than José Luis Gómez.

What did Berlin inject in his hand?

On Tuesday, Netflix dropped its new crime drama series, La Casa de Papel (The House of Paper), a Spanish show produced by Álex Pina that follows eight criminals who plan a heist in order to steal $24 million. Each episode takes place in one hour leading up to and following an elaborate robbery at La Residencia: a Guggenheim-esque building made out of cash. The criminals consist of seven thieves—including Raúl, who’s played by José Coronado—and their ringleader: Andrés de Fonollosa.

Why did The Professor frame Berlin?

Pedro Alonso as Andres de Fonollosa – Money Heist. ‘The Professor’ is actually Pedro Alonso’s character in Money Heist. In one episode, we learn that the professor has brain cancer and wants to use his last days to steal a load of jewels from Berlin, who he’s after for killing his wife. Berlin killed Pedro’s wife by shooting her in front of their young son. I don’t believe that Pedro was aware that the professor was going to murder his wife when he arranged to meet with him and betray him but, since then, there have been several episodes where ‘the professor’ has treated Pedro very badly – leaving him behind at key moments and berating him for being a traitor.

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