Every self-respecting fan of Money Heist knows that one of the most memorable characters on the show is Agustín Ramos, played by Paco Tous. He’s the mastermind behind each heist and the secret leader of his gang of clever thieves. But who exactly is Agustín Ramos? Where did he come from? And how did he become the criminal mastermind behind some of the world’s most insane robberies? Let’s take a look at Agustín Ramos’ backstory! Agustín Ramos of Money Heist: Former Miner Turned Criminal

Who is Paco Tous

Tous is a Madrid-born singer, actor and television personality who has appeared in over 20 movies, including Iberia and Moscow, as well as in television series such as Belmonte. Tous recently played a lead role in Netflix’s Spanish crime drama series, Money Heist (La casa de papel). The second season will air in 2019. His singing career has seen him play some of Spain’s most prestigious venues. In 2017 he was cast as Madrid’s newest singing sensation Agustín Ramos to compete for Eurovision 2018 with Tu canción (Your Song), which ended up coming third overall.

Who Is Agustín Ramos (Moscow)

Agustín Ramos (portrayed by Paco Tous) is a former miner turned criminal, who goes by many names including Moscow, and is Denver’s father. He was also a member of Carmin Fuentes’ gang, Los Protegidos. In part 1 he shares how he became such a violent criminal and in part 2 he finally recognizes his daughter after more than 20 years apart. Agustín then meets his end when El Profesor shows up to take out Carmin Fuentes and shoots him dead after he attempts to take revenge on Carmin for shooting Leandra.

Agustín Ramos of Money Heist: Former Miner Turned Criminal
Agustín Ramos of Money Heist: Former Miner Turned Criminal

The viewers see his corpse thrown from an upper floor into a pile of garbage bags as money rains down from above. He is buried at an unknown location without any ceremony or headstone to mark his grave, much like what happened with Miguel Ángel Oliveria aka Valenciano and Santi Abascal aka Driss before him. His name Ramos comes from Jorge Ramos who portrays Chino Marino in series 1–3. His nickname Moscow comes from Russian mafia being involved with series 3 plot line; in particular Sergei Kuznetsov – The Kingmaker.

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Background info

In all three parts of Money Heist, Agustín Ramos (Paco Tous) is Denver’s father. Moscow needs cash in order to help out his family, so he agrees to sell art that he stole earlier in part 1. When he meets with one of his buyers and they discover they are both wearing masks that look identical, they realize they are going to be working together, but only as far as a next job goes. They get started on planning for their robbery when Lázaro (Esteban Sanlucar) sends two goons to kill Moscow for saying no after Lázaro asked him if he would work for him again. The two men come into Moscow’s home and attack him.

The reasons for his fame

Paco Tous is one of three characters in Money Heist that leads to its popularity. The world’s first ever heist series has received universal acclaim from critics, viewers and other artists. In fact, a movie is now being made about it. Written by Álex Pina and directed by Alberto Rodriguez, it will star Antonio de la Torre as Paco Tous’ character Agustín Ramos. It was also said that due to public demand, a second season could be in production by 2018.

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Pacho Vélez, master manipulator behind the scenes.

He wasn’t called El Macho Prieto for nothing. The mastermind behind all of those heists from Season 1 was Agustín Paco Tous, who played master manipulator and financier to The Mendozas crime family. When we meet Paco in Episode 1, he has already had over a decade’s worth of experience in working under Carmen Maza as a miner in Bolivia. It was here that he learned how to work with explosives, plant them strategically, and avoid being discovered. When his family gets threatened by some unsavory characters at work one day, Paco knows it’s time to make a change — so he decides to move his family back home to Spain.

Agustín Ramos of Money Heist: Former Miner Turned Criminal
Agustín Ramos of Money Heist: Former Miner Turned Criminal

Rise in popularity. People liked the character, but not necessarily what he represented.

The character, Paco Tous as Agustín Ramos (Moscow) earned a lot of popularity in his small screen debut last year. However, most were opposed to what he represented – violence. Violence has long been glorified on television as a means to an end or at least shown in a context where it’s not something that you should be put off by. You need to make sure there is drama, people would say. People love drama.

Comments about Agustin Ramos from others on the show

When asked if there was an interesting story from his filming, Paco Tous (the actor who plays Agustín) said For me personally, when I read the script I thought Agustín is a great character because he’s kind of crazy and likes to do crazy things and doesn’t care about other people. He only cares about himself. He starts out as a miner and then he becomes one of those who takes money from people by doing these [heists]. It’s always fun to play somebody who is so different from you. But in terms of stories… we filmed in two countries and seven cities in less than six months, so it was a little chaotic at times!

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Is Tokyo Moscow’s daughter?

Agustín Ramos (Monterrey): a former miner turned criminal and Denver’s father. In season 2, he is played by Paco Tous. (The above linked articles are in Spanish; they are based on a monologue with Mr. Tous in his role as Agustín on El Hormiguero . Mr.

Why Moscow says sorry to Tokyo?

On August 9, 2018, a Japanese man was arrested in Moscow while trying to cross into North Korea from Russia. Since Japan does not recognize North Korea as a sovereign nation and prohibits its citizens from traveling there, it is believed that he attempted to violate his country’s law. If true, that would mean Tokyo has grounds for arresting him. If false, it could be a case of wrongful arrest — or some other kind of international incident in making.

Agustín Ramos of Money Heist: Former Miner Turned Criminal
Agustín Ramos of Money Heist: Former Miner Turned Criminal

Did Tokyo and Denver sleep together?

Yes, they did. Tokyo and Denver were in a relationship until Tokyo had an affair with Michael Taylor, leading to her breaking up with Denver. It was also revealed that Denver and his father Agustin have slept together many times before throughout their lives. This is seen when Edson goes to visit Agustin in prison and finds both him and Denver sleeping together naked on separate beds. This causes a huge argument between them and results in Edson leaving for another cell, disgusted by his own brother’s act .

Are Denver and Manila related?

Yes, they are father and daughter. However, Denver is not aware that she is her father’s daughter. A flashback shows us Agustín and his then girlfriend in a mine shaft. They were having a picnic but as they leaned over to kiss one another, they fell off a cliff into an underground river and were separated. The woman was rescued by guards who found her later that day when she washed up on shore (as seen in Season 2 Episode 3). After being reunited with his daughter, Agustin lied about how he survived for months only eating rats to not upset Manila because he wanted her to stay with him.

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