Billie Reed (Tara Holt) has been through it all with her ex-boyfriend Brad Simon (Adam Demos). He cheated on her and left her heartbroken, but now he’s back in town, trying to win her back again. In an upcoming episode of The Young and the Restless, Billie realizes that she might still have feelings for Brad and questions whether or not she’s making the right decision by staying with the man she married, Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson). Keep reading to find out more about Adam Demos! The dashing Adam Demos is back to win Billie’s heart

When Adam Demos returned on Shameless

Billie finds herself in an unenviable situation: she has three days left on house arrest, she is pregnant with Lip’s baby and her ex-boyfriend Brad (Adam) shows up at her door. He wants her back and wants to use his big name in music industry to get her work again as a singer. Lip isn’t interested in getting together with Billie, but he doesn’t like seeing his brother trying to take what belongs to him.

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How did viewers react?

Several viewers took to Twitter, posting their anger over Killing Carter. The commenters called out ABC Family for its lack of judgement, pointing out that Carter has only been dead for a year and many people still feel grief over his tragic death. Others worried that they may become depressed after watching such a sad movie and don’t think it is appropriate for a TV channel aimed at teens.

What has happened so far?

Brad had a one-night stand with ex-wife, turned best friend, turned fiancé Billie. In order to make things right he left town, giving her space and time. It has been four years since then and he returns home as his former record label collapses. He needs a new start. He also wants that new start with Billie and her family. The only problem is: Her husband John!

The dashing Adam Demos is back to win Billie's heart
The dashing Adam Demos is back to win Billie’s heart

How will it affect everyone else?

As fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills know, there are quite a few people with feelings about what happened between Billie and her ex-boyfriend Brad. Their reunion could stir up drama in many different places and all kinds of relationships, from Yolanda and David’s marriage to Eileen’s relationship with Lisa Vanderpump.

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All you need to know about him

Here are a few facts about him: He is an Aries and was born in April 23, 1987. He had started his career from a young age and appeared in many TV shows and movies as a child actor. Later on, he also became a producer and songwriter at age 22. He has learned music business since his father was also working as one of America’s biggest record producers.

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