You probably think that money doesn’t grow on trees, but it does in Money Heist! Alba Flores as Agata Jimenez, an expert in counterfeiting and forgery, in charge of printing the money and oversaw the melting of gold to produce the plates and crowns that would be taken by The Professor (Derek del Águila) to the mint so they can be made into official government-issued currency. So how did Alba look as she prepared her team? We asked her to tell us about her transformation into Agata Jimenez! Money Heist: Alba Flores as Agata Jimenez (Nairobi) – An Expert in Counterfeiting and Forgery

Who Is Alba Flores

At 51, Alba Flore has always been fascinated by art. As a young girl she was encouraged to study by her parents and went on to receive her master’s degree in painting at Cordoba University. She later attended Tarragon Theater School, where she developed an interest in acting. After studying theater for a year, she decided that it wasn’t for her, but she has continued working on set design, costume design and art direction with several film directors over the years including Pedro Almódovar (Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown), Victor Erice (The Spirit of Abandonment) or Fernando León de Aranoa (The Chambermaid). They’re all very different directors, she says about them.

Who is Agata Jimenez Aka Nairobi

As played by actor Alba Flores, Nairobi is an expert in counterfeiting and forgery who manages printing of money and oversaw melting of gold. He has a deep fear of heights. Nairobi keeps an extremely low profile with information about him very limited on purpose to preserve his identity and avoid any unwanted attention. Very little is known about his past or why he was imprisoned other than committing crimes while inside prison like drug trafficking among other things. Nairobi is highly intelligent and speaks many languages fluently including English, French, German, Italian and Russian. He also can speak Spanish although it’s not fluent but enough to communicate with some of his fellow inmates at Fleur de Prison.

The character’s name Agata comes from a shortened version of Agatha Christie, which refers to a Belgian-born British novelist whose works often feature puzzles and murder mysteries such as And Then There Were None (1939). The name Jimenez comes from Mexican actress Dolores Jiménez who acted in many films during her career including La hija del engaño (The daughter of deception) from 1941; she had died that same year at age 35 from heart failure.

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Cast Section

The character of Agata Jimenez was created by Daniel Frankel who is also known for his work on La Casa de Papel (Casa de Papel). The role of Nairobi was originally intended to be played by actress Paz Vega, but she had to drop out due to a scheduling conflict. Frankel liked Argentine actress Alba Flores’ work in The Lure and immediately approached her with an offer to play Nairobi. In addition to being an actress, Aka Nairobi is also a world-class expert at counterfeiting, including printing banknotes and melting gold into ingots.

The story line

Agata Jimenez is an expert forger, and one of a handful of people to know about El Professor’s scheme. She’s been working with him since he first started, having already been involved in money counterfeiting before she met him. In fact, she was originally part of a rival gang that was competing with The Professor to be one of Spain’s top counterfeiters. A failed attempt at stealing his secrets put her on his side instead. Her main role throughout Money Heist is printing millions of euros using industrial equipment set up right underneath police headquarters in Madrid. Her involvement proves invaluable when it comes time to launder El Profesor’s profits from vault opening number three by switching around some serial numbers.

What you need to know about this episode

Alba, who is playing a character called Agata Jimenez on Money Heist, has been arrested for forgery. The actress was allegedly caught trying to buy a luxury apartment with falsified documents. It appears she is guilty of forging ownership deeds to purchase expensive real estate including a house located at Calle Concha y Toro, 1; another villa in La Moraleja; an apartment at Paseo de la Castellana; and a flat at Montefuerte Street. She had also tried to pass off fake land registration paperwork. It’s not known how these activities affected her role on Money Heist but it’s safe to say that no one expects such things from someone they watch on TV every week.

Money Heist: Alba Flores as Agata Jimenez (Nairobi) - An Expert in Counterfeiting and Forgery
Money Heist: Alba Flores as Agata Jimenez (Nairobi) – An Expert in Counterfeiting and Forgery

My thoughts on this episode

In season 2, Alba Flores plays a counterfeiter for money theft. As an expert in forgery and counterfeiting, she is smart and cunning with her unique hairstyle to complement her character’s traits. It is a very strong performance from Ms.Flores because it shows off all of her acting abilities including movement, facial expressions, energy levels that help add more character nuances to who she is playing which helps keep us focused on what’s going on without missing anything important from any scene!

While Nairobi Killed in Money Heist  What did Gandia call Nairobi?

First of all, Gandia named Nairobi Molly after his late mother. It was very cute, but it was also pretty clever because Molly just so happens to be one of those words that can be used for a woman or a man’s name. But more importantly, he went out of his way to mention her full name rather than just Molly at every single opportunity which is actually kind of interesting because it raises questions about why he would do that. Like maybe Nairobi wasn’t supposed to die? Or maybe even worse she wasn’t supposed to die right then?

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Plot Overview

This is a summary of what happened in each episode of season 1, with just a brief description. It doesn’t need to be more than a paragraph, but it should get across that it’s an heist thriller, not an inside look at prison life. The show is currently streaming on Netflix. Check out these episodes on Netflix now before you begin writing. Each episode begins with a group of prisoners being led into new cells at night by guards; there’s no explanation about why they’re moving them or where they’re going, so don’t bother explaining that either.

About The Show

Money Heist is a Spanish heist drama that made its debut on Netflix in 2017. The show is currently filming its second season. In each season, a new robbery is planned with fictional characters that are part of a gang led by Carmelo Gómez (played by Álvaro Morte). It’s said to be one of Spain’s most expensive shows ever with each episode costing an estimated €2 million ($2.35 million).

Character Profiles

When looking at a cast list, you’ll probably notice some characters’ names are more distinctive than others. This is by design. In Money Heist, it was important to give some characters ethnic or national identities based on their name alone. Consider Jimenez’s name Agata. Despite being an incredibly common name, when written down with a non-English alphabet it immediately gives her an air of Eastern European identity. She isn’t actually Spanish or Russian—she was born and raised in Mexico City—but there’s no question she’s meant to be foreign due to her unusual name choice. Naming conventions like these can make your story more realistic, even if it involves people from all over the world living together in one location!

Episode 1

$59 million gets stolen from a bullion van, $1.5 billion goes missing from a bank, and $2.7 billion is transferred to an unknown account on Bora Bora. Authorities believe they have found a common denominator: Nairobi-based money counterfeiter Agata Jimenez. Before long, Detective Mike Frampton is assigned to infiltrate her inner circle of black marketeers – but can he get close enough to take down an expert forger?

Money Heist: Alba Flores as Agata Jimenez (Nairobi) - An Expert in Counterfeiting and Forgery
Money Heist: Alba Flores as Agata Jimenez (Nairobi) – An Expert in Counterfeiting and Forgery

Why did she counterfeit

As we have learned throughout Money Heist, counterfeiting money is a lucrative business. What is not so clear are the personal motivations of Agata; why would she risk everything she has built for herself over something that most people only dream about? From what we have seen of her character thus far, Agata seems to thrive on excitement. The more dangerous it is, and with potentially more payoff, then all the better. The same can be said for her decision to send Nairobi away from Spain with Leon; such a risky move indicates someone who lives for danger.

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How did she get caught

She gave herself away when she did a thumbs-up to an assistant who was about to pour acid on one of her fake notes. The police captured her on tape giving a thumbs-up with what looked like a genuine note in hand. They then raided her apartment and found fakes inside. When they showed them to her, she at first denied any wrongdoing but eventually admitted that she had been behind it all along.

What happens next

In 2016, Netflix released a Spanish crime thriller called La Casa de Papel, which translates to Money Heist. The series has viewers gripping their seats until all thirteen episodes are over with an epic finale that takes place in Dubai. The show’s final scene shows main character Silvia goes on a long helicopter ride with Aitor. In one episode, her character is seen wearing white Chanel sunglasses while out at dinner with her friend Mariana who is also wearing similar pairs of glasses. When she’s asked where she got them from she responds by saying it was from Nairobi because they were a gift from him when he helped her counterfeit money for two billion euros and then gave it to her boss Tomás for safekeeping.

Why did Money Heist choose the name Nairobi?

Money Heist is a Spanish television series produced by Atresmedia that premiered on February 3, 2017. Set in Spain, it centers around a fictional heist of 2.4 billion euros from a Royal Mint facility. It is based on French-language Belgian series Braquo which follows an elite police squad led by Chief Commissaire Luc Hoffmann (played by François Levantal). Other characters include Captain Edouard Waintrop (played by François Berléand), Antoine Delbecque (Guillaume Galy), Roxane Delgado or Natacha Lindinger and Jean Charles Léonard or Stéphane De Groodt; all members of Squad 7. The events take place over one day with an extended finale that covers twenty-four hours.

Is Nairobi in love with Helsinki?

In Money Heist, when we think of counterfeiters or forgers, most of us immediately picture Eastern European cities like Odessa or Moscow. However, Nairobi is not so far behind. With a high rate of unemployment and almost half of its population living under poverty line, Kenya is a breeding ground for counterfeiting scams. But what about forgeries? Does Kenya have its own group of forgers based there? Perhaps even one that rivals those from South America? Well if that were to be true, then Agata Jimenez from Nairobi would be their leader.

Why did Flores leave Money Heist?

The award-winning actress said her decision to leave Money Heist was difficult because she had a great time. She revealed that she already has other acting commitments which have been planned for months. She said: This schedule didn’t allow me to dedicate myself fully to Money Heist.

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