What does it feel like to be wrongly convicted of murder? In the TV show Only Murders in the Building, actor Aaron Dominguez gets the chance to explore this question, playing Oscar Torres, a friend of Tim and Mabel who was convicted of killing their friend Zoe ten years ago and just released from prison after the real killer was discovered. At first glance, Oscar seems like he’s been broken by his experience—he doesn’t want to get too close to anyone anymore and struggles with his relationship with his family. Oscar Torres: A Friend Wrongly Convicted of Murder

List of facts about Zachary Baez, the man who murdered Zoe Herrera

He beat Zoe to death in a remote field in New Mexico. At that time, Aaron Dominguez was doing community service for aggravated assault (he attacked another woman). The police arrested Zachary Baez for Zoe’s murder but found no evidence against him except some hairs, which proved he had been near her body. Later on, however, there was a report about stolen electronics at an apartment building where Zachary’s mother used to live. Aaron said it was part of his job; he’d dispose of hot products from people who didn’t want to go through proper channels. The police then figured out that only two people had access to those electronic goods—Zachary and his mom.

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Profile on Diaz’s character Oscar

The character of Oscar, who played a major role in Mabel and Tim’s life for six years, has finally been revealed. In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Aaron Dominguez opened up about his time on The Fosters and why he thinks Oscar is innocent. Oscar was friends with Mabel and Tim (and himself) since he was really young.

Oscar Torres: A Friend Wrongly Convicted of Murder
Oscar Torres: A Friend Wrongly Convicted of Murder

He knew them really well because their families were close when they were kids, Dominguez said. So we all grew up together…and then we lost touch for like ten years.

How does Camila Mendes fit into all this?

In a recent interview with The New York Times, Mendes revealed that as soon as she was cast in Riverdale, she immediately reached out to playfully interrogate her childhood friend Torres about his past. I sent him a message like, ‘I don’t know if you remember me but I played your girlfriend in that movie ten years ago, and we need to catch up,’ she said. The friends have been close ever since. With Camila being cast on one of TV’s most popular shows (seriously people love these kids!), it makes sense that they would want to incorporate their real-life friendship into an episode. But… Is Mabel really dating someone with such a dark past?

My Thoughts on The First Episode

The first episode of The Murders was great. I had a hard time keeping up with who was actually killed and how they were killed because there were so many parts to it. The show is full of twists and turns that make you want to keep watching just so you can find out what happens next. I also like that every character has their own relationship with everyone else in some way and that there are no fillers characters; everyone serves a purpose in some way or another. I would have liked more information on each murder but overall, I enjoyed watching it and will be tuning in for more episodes!

Oscar Torres: A Friend Wrongly Convicted of Murder
Oscar Torres: A Friend Wrongly Convicted of Murder

The True Story Behind Riverdale

It’s been ten years since Oscar was wrongly convicted of murdering Mabel and Tim’s best friend Zoe, a strange girl who went missing while camping alone in Bear Mountain State Park. Despite everyone believing that Oscar did it, he has always maintained his innocence. After his conviction, Mabel took on the role as Oscar’s self-appointed guardian angel. She promised him she would never give up on finding evidence that would prove his innocence and bring Zoe’s real killer to justice.

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Recap on Season 1, Episode 2 (Chapter Two: A Touch of Evil)

The writer re-iterates on his information about Oscar in Chapter 2. Then explains how even though he was released from prison, everyone still thinks he did it (the general public is completely unaware that Oscar had been released). Mabel and Tim argue on what to do with him, but they eventually go to visit him at a place where he is staying temporarily. He’s offered a job there as well as accommodations, but decides not to take them. Then afterwards he goes to meet with Tim and Mabel at their office and when Mabel mentions going to a bar, Oscar wants no part of it because one of his drinking buddies would be there–he doesn’t want his friend or anyone else telling people that he’s out.

Recap on Season 1, Episode 3 (Chapter Three: Body Double)

Mabel and Tim were eating a late dinner in an outdoor cafe. They both knew each other since college, where they were roommates. The murder happened ten years ago when Mabel was visiting her friends one night. As she was leaving their apartment, she saw a man with blood on his hands running towards her from across the courtyard. In order to save herself, she immediately began screaming for help and called 911 as she ran away from him. When asked by officers if he saw who did it, Mabel replied that it was probably just some random person passing by and had nothing to do with them—and even though they were all close friends, none of them had any enemies that they knew about.

Oscar Torres: A Friend Wrongly Convicted of Murder
Oscar Torres: A Friend Wrongly Convicted of Murder

Recap on Season 1, Episode 4 (Chapter Four: The Last Picture Show)

 Only Murders in The Building  (Original Air Date – February 10, 2016) Oscar spent seventeen years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit. But now that he’s been released, Mabel and Tim have decided to clear his name…and find out who really killed Zoe. Along with Sheriff Ted and Deputy Oren, they discovered someone left an anonymous tip on Zoe’s voicemail before she was murdered. When they pulled up her messages, they heard a whisper saying I hate you–the same words Oscar spoke to her when he accidentally spilled soup on her new outfit seventeen years ago.

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Recap on Season 1, Episode 5 (Chapter Five)

In Season 1, Episode 5 (Chapter Five), Oscar was convicted and sentenced to life in prison for murdering Mabel’s best friend, Zoe. He served 10 years before being released on bail while he waited for his appeal to be heard. But despite all his efforts, his appeal was turned down. In a last-ditch effort to prove his innocence, Oscar got Mabel and Tim involved in setting up an interview with one of Zoe’s other friends, who might have known something about who really killed her. Unfortunately, before they could do that, another murder occurred…

Recap on Season 1, Episode 6 (Chapter Six – Seventeen Years Later)

Season 1, Episode 6 begins with Mabel and Tim visiting Oscar in prison. When he hears about them wanting to reopen Zoe’s case, he refuses to believe that anybody would have a reason to do so since he was found guilty of her murder ten years prior. He tells them that his conviction was solely because he had been in love with Zoe but broke up with her when she cheated on him and started seeing Spencer, saying that Spencer wanted to get revenge by framing him for her murder. The duo visit Spencer during their investigation into what really happened seventeen years ago and learn that before killing himself, Spencer left a note saying that someone paid him $200,000 to kill Zoe.

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