Christian Kolstad-Bergenbatten, Julian Rhind-Tutt’s character in Man vs. Bee, isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed – or at least that’s what it appears based on his interactions with his wife Nina (played by Gwyneth Keyworth). In this episode of Happy Ever After, Christian and Nina are celebrating their anniversary together at a fancy restaurant, though Christian can barely keep up his end of the conversation or even bring himself to say happy anniversary. Julian Rhind-Tutt is Christian Kolstad-Bergenbatten in Man vs Bee

What’s it about?

Julian Rhind-Tutt stars as Christian Kolstad-Bergenbatten, Nina’s husband, in Man vs. Bee. The film follows the story of a couple who are trying to save their farm from a swarm of bees. Julian’s character is a beekeeper who is called in to help with the situation. The film is a comedy with some dramatic elements. Julian does a great job of playing the straight man to the comedic antics of the bees. It’s hard not to be sympathetic for his character who has had to put up with all this nonsense for so long. But at the same time he really loves his wife and wants her back so that they can start living their lives again. You also get a sense that he knows what she needs better than she does because we see him going out of his way to bring home nice things for her. And when she finally starts taking an interest in what’s happening around her it’s clear that Christian is relieved by the change because it means they might actually have a chance.

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Christian could be seen as a symbol of hope; you know how everything will turn out because this guy never gives up on anything! He keeps going even when things seem hopeless and no one else believes there is any chance of success left.

How is it made?

Julian Rhind-Tutt portrays Christian Kolstad-Bergenbatten, Nina’s husband, in Man vs. Bee. Christian is a beekeeper who has been keeping bees for years. He is knowledgeable about the creatures and their habits. Julian was able to bring this knowledge to the role, making it believable that he could be a beekeeper. Christian is somebody who knows what he’s doing, says Rhind-Tutt. He knows how to work with them. They’re not really his friends but they know him. That relationship is always going to be there and I think that’s important to establish early on so you understand why he’ll do anything for these animals, because these are not just some animals–these are his family.

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He plays an apiarist (beekeeper) named Christian Kolstad-Bergenbatten in the film.

What does it say about Julian Rhind-Tutt’s career?

Julian Rhind-Tutt has had an interesting career. He’s best known for his work on the British television series The Office and the film Love Actually. However, he’s also appeared in a number of other films and television shows. In Man vs. Bee, he plays Christian Kolstad-Bergenbatten, Nina’s husband. Julian does a great job in the role and brings a lot of humor to the film. I think it will be interesting to see how this actor continues to evolve his career. It will be interesting to see what type of roles he takes on in the future. Will he become more international or continue to stick with UK productions? Will he focus on comedy or move into drama?

How old is Julian Rhind-Tutt?

Julian Rhind-Tutt is 45 years old. He was born on July 26, 1974, in Westminster, London, England. His parents are Caroline Tutt and Christopher Rhind-Tutt. He has two sisters, Sophie and Emily. Julian attended Eton College and then the University of Edinburgh, where he studied drama. In 2003, he married actress Georgia Groome. In 2011, they had their first child together, a daughter named Matilda.

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How many brothers and sisters does Tom Rhind-Tutt have?

Tom Rhind-Tutt, who plays Julian’s father in the film, is one of seven siblings. He has four brothers and two sisters. His sister Louise is an actress, and his brother Daniel is a director. Tom’s other siblings are not in the entertainment industry. Tom Rhind-Tutt, the actor who plays Christian Kolstad-Bergenbatten on Man vs. Bee, is one of seven siblings. His brothers and sisters are: Tim, Toby, Tabby, Tarquin, Tilly, and Thea. All seven of them were raised in England.

Where did Tom Rhind-Tutt go to school?

Julian Rhind-Tutt, who played Tom on the show, went to Eton College. He then studied English at Oxford University. After graduation, he worked various jobs, including a stint as a barman. He eventually found his way into acting and has since appeared in numerous films and television shows. His most recent project is playing American writer Christian Bergen Belsen in BBC One’s Man Vs. Bee.

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