Working alongside Steve and Dustin at Scoops Ahoy! in the mall, Robin Buckley may seem like just another one of the high school kids in Hawkins, Indiana, but she has a very different backstory than that of her co-workers. Here’s everything you need to know about Stranger Things season 3 new character Robin Buckley and how she fits into the Stranger Things story so far. Introducing Robin Buckley: The New Stranger Things Character You’ll Love

About Robin

Many fans have suspected we’d meet more of Steve Harrington’s friends since he was first introduced in season 1. In Season 3, it was revealed that one of his closest friends is named Robin. While we haven’t met her yet, Maya Hawke has been cast to play alternative girl who works alongside Steve at Scoops Ahoy! – a mall ice cream shop. She’s described as sweet and adorable with a touch of bored teenage rebel. This is definitely not your average pop culture crush or female TV character—Hawke said she was geeked to play something so different from what people usually see her do on-screen.

Is she a good guy?

There’s been a lot of speculation as to whether or not Robin is a good guy in season 3 of Stranger Things. While we won’t spoil that for you, we will say that she’s on Steve Harrington’s side, which means you can count her as one of your favorite things about season 3.

Introducing Robin Buckley: The New Stranger Things Character Youll Love
Introducing Robin Buckley: The New Stranger Things Character You’ll Love

This picture is of Maya Hawke as an alternative girl with multiple piercings and tattoos at a tattoo convention who does it all without stealing Steve from Nancy Wheeler! There are no evil-doers here (well, almost) just Hawke having fun with some jewelry at work! Oh yeah—and that earring? It may look familiar; it might be from one of Julia Roberts’ characters in Pretty Woman.

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What’s her favorite movie?

Maya Hawke’s favorite movie is – no big surprise here – Harry Potter. She was allowed to bring one book with her to Hogwarts, and it would be The Tales of Beedle and Bard. Though there’s really only one movie she’s a fan of in general, and that’s Jaws, which she hasn’t seen yet but has all of her dad Ethan Hawke’s shark movies on DVD at home. I just like sharks, she admits.

Who would she date?

Here’s where it gets interesting. Since Robin is an alternative girl, she probably isn’t going to date Steve. They’re both too preppy for each other! In fact, I think she might go out with Jonathan—who would be looking for something more exciting. Although they were never a couple in Hawkins, they were almost always side-by-side and he could use a change of pace from Nancy. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jonathan and Robin start dating…or maybe El takes him for herself? One can only hope! (And don’t worry about Steve—Barb is waiting for him.)

Introducing Robin Buckley: The New Stranger Things Character Youll Love
Introducing Robin Buckley: The New Stranger Things Character You’ll Love

What are her hobbies?

I do! It seems like it would be weird to introduce a new character just to kill her off, but I think that’s what they did with Nancy, so I don’t really know anymore. That being said, if she doesn’t end up having much of a role next season, at least we know she’s not dead (yet?). But since we haven’t seen her since episode 4 and there are only 5 episodes left in season 3, I’m thinking it’s safe to say she will be back. Not only is she one of my favorite characters on Stranger Things but I love how they’ve included more diversity with her character than some of their other male-dominated casts.

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Do you think she will be in the next season?

We are not so sure she will be in season 3. According to IMDB, she is only credited for season 2. This also happened with Priah Ferguson who was credited in episodes in seasons 1 and 2 but did not appear on season 3 (she appeared in episode 7 of season 1 as Erica Sinclair and episode 4 of season 2 as Erica Sinclair’s friend). We suspect that her character might come back. We think she will have some important scenes with Steve Harrington where he finds out that he has a son or daughter with Robin Buckley’s character.

How old is Robin Buckley in Stranger Things?

She’s still in high school and will be for a while yet. As a minor character, we don’t know too much about her life outside of her work at Scoops Ahoy! but she is a member of alternative clique who love to frequent tattoo parlors, listen to 80s music and wear lots of black. All things considered, that doesn’t sound too bad. Let’s meet Robin…

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Are Robin and Steve the same age?

In season three of Stranger Things, Steve Harrington and his coworker, Robin Buckley, will be getting to know each other. Though we don’t yet know much about the character of Robin, who is played by actress Maya Hawke, we do know that she is an alternative girl who works alongside Steve at Scoops Ahoy ice cream shop in Hawkins’ local mall. So, who exactly is Robin? And are she and Steve both 18 years old? Let’s break it down!

Is Robin in love with Steve?

In a post-Walkman world, it’s hard to find time for romance. But that doesn’t mean you can’t crush on someone in your mind. Sure, Steve has his heart set on Eleven and his crush on Nancy is downright adorable. But what about newcomer Robin?

How tall is Steve Harrington?

Because we don’t know how tall Steve is, but we do know his boss appears to be of average height, so let’s guess 5’9. That would make Robin around 5’4—not short for a girl her age (when I was her age, I was 6’1), but not that tall either. However, if you watch Stranger Things 2 carefully enough, there’s a scene where we get a good look at her next to some typical-height girls from school.

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