Lucifer began its run on Fox in 2016, and it has already been renewed for two more seasons (which will bring the total to 93 episodes). It centers around Lucifer Morningstar (played by Tom Ellis), who quits his job as the devil and moves to Los Angeles, where he begins running his own nightclub called Lux. He is soon tracked down by his brother Amenadiel (D.B. Lucifer Detective Malcolm Graham: From Hell and Back

The first appearance of Detective Graham

In season one episode five, A Priest Walks Into a Bar, Malcolm is an on-duty police officer who arrests Ella Lopez. When he attempts to call her out of her apartment building, she shoots him, but his bulletproof vest saves his life. She flees, unaware that he isn’t dead. He briefly passes away in hospital, but is brought back to life by Amenadiel after being told by him that Lucifer needs a cop in L.A. with inside information to help defeat Cain.

The appearance that changed his career

In real life, Kevin Rankin was a police officer for 17 years before becoming an actor. After getting shot on duty in 2003, Rankin left law enforcement and became a full-time actor.

Lucifer Detective Malcolm Graham: From Hell and Back
Lucifer Detective Malcolm Graham: From Hell and Back

When he started out as Lucifer’s hitman, Malcolm Graham, he recalled that his experience playing law enforcement roles came easily to him because of his background in policing. Even though I was Malcolm and not myself [as an actor], I don’t think people saw me as just another guy off the street or just another actor playing a cop, Rankin told Bayside Bulletin of Las Vegas in 2016. When they saw Malcolm on screen, they thought it was me – a former police officer.

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His Death

In season 1 episode 3, Kevin Rankin’s character was shot by Marcus Pierce (Tom Welling). Lucifer immediately took him to surgery where Dr. Linda removed his heart in an attempt to save him. During his time in hell, he got up a few times for brief periods of time but never lasted long enough for Chloe to do anything. Since no soul is required for resurrection from hell, Amenadiel agrees to bring him back from hell so that he could kill Lucifer with his own hands. He went through all of Lucifer’s security guards except for Dan who he killed as soon as Lucifer walked in on them conversing.

His Return

In Kevin Rankin’s own words, his return to Lucifer was completely out of nowhere. They just contacted me. I thought it was a joke. Rankin had assumed that Fox had cast someone else in his role, so he felt shocked and betrayed when they told him they wanted him back. Still, despite his initial reservations, he’s glad he decided to return to Lucifer as a series regular in season 2 of the show.

His Life in Hell

Lucifer was chained to a rock in hell. He was being watched by three people. One of them, surprisingly, was God himself. Lucifer never gave up trying to convince him that he could do better but he wasn’t about to listen. When he finally did give up, Amenadiel showed up with a plan. He had found someone who could kill Lucifer once and for all. His name was Malcolm Graham. A detective who had been shot on duty and died for two minutes before coming back to life. Amenadiel wanted him to kill Lucifer so that his soul would be sent back to hell for good. It didn’t take long for Amenadiel to get what he wanted from Malcolm; however, it did take some convincing…

Lucifer Detective Malcolm Graham: From Hell and Back
Lucifer Detective Malcolm Graham: From Hell and Back

Season One Recap

Lucifer’s friend, Chloe Decker, had a special team of police officers investigating a series of particularly gruesome murder cases that ended up involving Lucifer himself. The team found out about his true identity (the devil) but when Lucifer tried to kill one of them, Detective Graham was shot in a struggle. When he later went to heaven due to dying on Earth, his mother persuaded Amenadiel to bring him back from hell in order for him to kill Lucifer. While they were fighting, they fell through a portal into another dimension—on top of Maze who brought them back to their world where they were not dead yet so they could stop an impostor pretending to be Lucifer.

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Season Two Recap

There’s a lot that happened in season two, so it’s helpful to take a step back and recall where we left off. The last time we saw Lucifer (Tom Ellis), he had decided to return to hell for Chloe Decker (Lauren German). As he was stepping into his devil face, Chloe realized she didn’t want him to go away forever and kissed him, which triggered his transformation back into a human being. He immediately left with her. It wasn’t clear at first how they were going to incorporate Kevin Rankin into future episodes, but it became obvious when Amenadiel (D.B.

Why did Lucifer’s brother save Malcolm?

While Lucifer tends to cast himself as a hero, Amenadiel often looks at things from a different perspective. My brother’s views are skewed in many ways, but he’s right about one thing. Humans don’t want to be saved, said Michael Imperioli, who plays Amenadiel. In his mind, saving someone is going against human nature—something Lucifer refuses to do. By sending Malcolm back to earth after death with a job that could lead him down a dark path again, Amenadiel is forcing his brother out of his comfort zone… even if he has no idea it’s happening. So what will happen when Lucifer realizes that not only did he kill an innocent man for nothing but it was actually part of his brother’s plan?

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Who played Malcolm Graham?

Kevin Rankin has played Malcolm Graham in Lucifer since 2016. He also played Aaron Pierce in Fringe (2007-2013). Kevin’s latest work includes recurring roles on Somewhere Between (2017), Underground (2016) , The Divide(2014) and a cameo in Blue Mountain State (2010). He has appeared in CSI, NCIS, The Mentalist, Without a Trace among others. It is important to understand that he is known for many great movies like Big Ass Spider!, American Gangster, Step Up Revolution among others. His current net worth is $2 million. Learn more about him here .

What episode does Chloe find out Dan shot Malcolm?

Lady Parts (Season 1, Episode 3) is when Chloe first discovers that Dan shot Malcolm. However, she never finds out why until Favorite Son (Season 1, Episode 19). In Season 2, Lucifer explains to her that he used his powers to make Dan shoot Malcolm because he had become a liability. He didn’t want to kill him so he sent him to hell instead. That way if anything happened with Cain on earth it wouldn’t be a big deal since they could just bring back whatever body remained anyway.

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