Karim El Hakim has played many different roles in his career, including important characters in the seminal horror franchise Hellraiser and The Mummy. In 2011, he gained a new level of popularity for his role as Farouk in the hit series The Mummy: This time around, however, he’s playing the titular character of Marc Spector/Moon Knight! Here’s everything you need to know about Karim El Hakim’s Moon Knight.

About the Author

Karim El Hakim is a comic book writer and illustrator who co-created one of Marc Spector’s most noteworthy incarnations, Moon Knight. During his career he has worked on several titles including Batman, Iron Man, Silver Surfer and Spider-Man. He was also a consultant for Middle Earth Role Playing games as well as numerous video games such as MechWarrior 3 & 4, Lord of Rings: The Two Towers, LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game and Marvel vs Capcom 2. Also known as the faceless phantom, Khonshu (Egyptian: Khenti) is an ancient god who appears to be modeled after early gods like Osiris and Horus.

Dr. Honingh in Numbers Karim El Hakim’s Moon Knight

As Khonshu demands blood, his avatar, Marc Spector, gets most of it from criminals. He fights in a black-and-white costume (to represent morality and justice) with weapons such as katanas and shurikens. His most notable weapon is a pair of short swords which have been granted to him by Khonshu. Moon Knight has a team of supporting characters including Marlene Alraune/Araignée (The Black Widow), Frenchie DeBeers, Marvel Boy (Noh-Varr), Frenchie’s cousin Delpha Glass, Dr. Emile Dorian also known as Nightingale,[4] Mr.

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Watchmen and V For Vendetta

The comic that birthed a thousand anti-heroes, Watchmen does for superheroes what Scarface did for drug dealers and The Godfather did for gangsters. We’d even go so far as to say it’s one of—if not *the*—best works of fiction ever created. And we’re not alone in our assessment: In 2005, Time magazine named it the greatest graphic novel of all time. For those who haven’t read Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ seminal work (and if you haven’t, why are you still reading?), V For Vendetta is another classic from Moore about a vigilante who dons an iconic Guy Fawkes mask to fight against oppressive government forces. Both stories contain messages about society in general and government specifically that are just as relevant today as they were when they were written over two decades ago. However, we don’t want to give away too much of either story here; both are best experienced by jumping right in with fresh eyes.

Conversations with Dr. Honingh Karim El Hakim’s Moon Knight

[1] It has to be said that I would have loved to see a woman in [Moon Knight’s] place, because Khonshu was originally a woman.[3]: 35–36 Honingh, Jelmer (1995). Introduction. Moon Knight: Black Spectre. Eerdmans Publishing. . [2] Those who worship Khonshu include bandits, human and animal torturers and other lowlifes.[3]: 36 Honingh, Jelmer (1995). Introduction. Moon Knight: Black Spectre. Eerdmans Publishing.

How important was selecting an actor/actress?

Khonshu was a risk for Marvel, in that he was a rather obscure Egyptian god and his avatar, Marc Spector, did not have any strong ties to other Marvel characters. Yet what does choosing an actor entail? A large part of selecting an actor has to do with finding someone who will be believable as your character. Do they fit physically? Can they act well? Are they liked by other actors or on set? All these questions are important to think about when deciding who will portray your character.

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What was working with Marc Spector like?

Creating a comic book is always a challenge. A lot of times it comes down to finding ways to get all these people to work together and just meet in one place. Working with Marc Spector was special because I had worked with him before, so I knew what he was capable of, and I knew that he would be very excited about working on another project because there are few people who like getting in their cars and going into work more than Marc does. So we already had that kind of synergy, or chemistry for you science types out there.

Karim El Hakims Moon Knight
Karim El Hakim’s Moon Knight

What was it like working with director James Gunn?

He told me what he wanted and left it up to me. He is extremely collaborative, which I love because we both have our own ideas, but his are much better than mine so I just listen. James has a big heart and a crazy mind. He’s like a kid in a candy store who might go off and eat some of that candy at any time…and you never know when or how! But you will definitely enjoy watching him do it! F . Murray Abraham as Khonshu: Well, it was an absolute pleasure working with F. Murray Abraham as Khonshu (the Egyptian god of vengeance) on Marvel’s Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2.

Are you involved in any other projects at the moment?

My own I have a series of projects going at any given time. There are new scripts and books in development, as well as research collaborations with other filmmakers and playwrights on various screenplays and theatrical productions. For example, I am working on several projects with James Remar, a longtime friend of mine who is also a producer: one is a horror film called Four Flies On Grey Velvet; another is an adaptation of Jean-Paul Sartre’s play The Chips Are Down. Of course there are also my own original screenplays to work on.

Do you have any other ambitions that you would like to fulfill in Hollywood?

Well, I’ve acted in a few other independent films in Europe and some short films here and there. However, I have always had my eyes set on Hollywood. Since I was about 8 years old, I have been dreaming of becoming a famous actor and always wondered if that was even possible. Now, when I look back at myself as a child thinking that acting is only for Hollywood actors, it makes me laugh how naive I was. The world is so much bigger than we think. In terms of other ambitions with acting and storytelling, it will be more than enough to succeed in Hollywood because they always say everyone has a part of themselves in every story; telling your own story makes you unique.

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Who is the voice of Khonshu Moon Knight?

Khonshu, occasionally known as Khons or Chons, is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character first appeared in Werewolf by Night #32 (September 1973), and was created by Marv Wolfman and John Romita, Sr. In 2009, IGN ranked Khonshu as the 65th greatest comic book hero of all time.Writer: Donny Cates Artist : Geoff Shaw Colorist: Nolan Woodard Publisher: Marvel Comics Series

What God is Moon Knight based on? Karim El Hakim’s Moon Knight

The Moon God of Vengeance. In mythology, Khonshu is a god of war and vengeance, often associated with Ra. He was also said to be a son of Geb (Earth) and Nut (Sky). He is sometimes depicted as a lion when he represents strength. Other times he can be shown as an eagle or as an ibis-headed man. He wears many crowns representing his power over different domains including fertility, fire, water, wind etc.

What kind of bird is Khonshu? Karim El Hakim’s Moon Knight

A falcon. You may be wondering, How do we know Khonshu is a falcon? Well, that question is answered in issue #10 of Volume 4 when Marc Spector travels to Egypt and his avatar goes to battle with a giant Sun Falcon called Ra-man.[3]:26 Okay, so Khonshu isn’t quite a bird, but that’s not all that important; after all, Khonshu isn’t quite an actual god either (more on that later). Regardless of what kind of bird he may or may not be, it seems as though he was originally meant to be interpreted as one.

Who is Moon Knight?

Moon Knight was created by Doug Moench and Don Perlin in Marvel Preview #11 (cover-dated Winter 1978), published by Marvel Comics’ then-newly created subsidiary, Epic Comics. Don Perlin said of drawing it, I had already done several books for Marvel and I’d left New York to move to Oregon. When they decided to do a book starring a new character named Moon Knight, they called me up and asked if I would be interested in doing it. I couldn’t believe it!

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