Ozark has been receiving praise since its release, especially for the cast and story. Netflix’s original show follows financial planner Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) as he gets involved in money laundering and drug trafficking. However, the main focus of the show is on his family, especially Laura Linney’s character Wendy Byrde (née Davis). In fact, Linney’s character starts off one way and ends up being completely different by the end of season one. We discuss this character transformation below. The surprising Transformation of Laura Linney’s character in Ozark

From PR Stager

Wendy Byrde, wife to Marty Byrde, is first introduced as a public relations person for politicians. She does advance work and deals with spin on behalf of her clients. Wendy is used to being able to get her way through manipulation and being involved in projects that are above board, or at least on their edges. As we watch Wendy become immersed deeper into Marty’s scheme, she adapts and changes along with it as she becomes used to bending laws and pushing boundaries until they break (or seem broken). A physical representation of that change is when she cuts her hair. When we meet Wendy Davis in episode one, we see that she wears her hair long.

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To Real Estate agent

Becoming a realtor is a natural fit for someone who is detail-oriented and able to think quickly on her feet, with little supervision. It’s important to have thorough knowledge of neighborhoods and their attributes, as well as have experience negotiating contracts. Wendy Byrde could likely excel at both. Additionally, realtors often work long hours, so it would be difficult for Marty to keep tabs on Wendy’s whereabouts all day if she started working again—much easier if she has control over her own schedule.

To Casino Lobbyist

Marty’s wife is a much-changed woman, so much so that she now seems like a whole new person. It may seem shocking to fans that family woman Wendy Byrde went from being married to Marty, a small-town sheriff, and planning his mayoral campaign to then pushing her husband aside and seizing control of her family’s future. But you know what they say: sometimes change is good. In fact, it turns out that while Wendy was busy scheming up a plan for both herself and her family to profit from Marty’s casino plans – whether he liked it or not – she also found success on her own merits as well by becoming an accomplished lobbyist for shady characters who want in on Marty’s money making scheme. Who would have thought?

The surprising Transformation of Laura Linneys character in Ozark
The surprising Transformation of Laura Linney’s character in Ozark

First 10 episodes

The first 10 episodes are mostly just there to set up Wendy and Marty’s lives together. Marty runs a local car wash, which he used to own but had to sell when his debt-ridden brother Bruce (Trevor Long) crashes it into a tree—twice—while under the influence. But otherwise, everything is great! The couple seems genuinely happy with each other and their two kids, Charlotte (Sofia Hublitz) and Jonah (Skylar Gaertner). Wendy has her posh job at campaign headquarters for an unnamed senator, and she gets more work doing staging for realtors and stagers for a local Realtor. So it’s clear from even these early episodes that she knows how to get stuff done.

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Episodes 11 & 12

Wendy is introduced as Marty’s wife and a public relations operative for political campaigns. Her campaign turns ugly, but she takes an opportunity to move onto a better job as an advance person and stager for local realtor Wendy Rhoades (played by Julia Garner). Rhoades is tough and calculating, so it’s no surprise that her values rub off on Wendy. When Rhoades becomes a lobbyist for Marty’s proposal to construct a casino, Wendy follows suit and joins forces with her: What started out as a cutesy love story between two high school sweethearts has now evolved into one of power, greed, conspiracy and coercion.

From season 1 to 2 finale

Marty’s wife, née Davis, is now a greedy lobbyist for Marty’s proposal to construct a casino. It seems like there has been a complete transformation from season 1 to 2 finale. How does Marty’s wife get involved with such an evil business? How did she change so drastically and end up being one of those lobbyists we all despise so much? There has to be something more than meets our eyes. And just when you think there isn’t…well then you would be surprised at how it does play out. But I can’t tell you that part! You’ll have to watch and see for yourself…

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What happens to Wendy on Ozark?

Wendy Byrde is thrust into a completely new role when she discovers her husband Marty (played by Jason Bateman) has been embezzling money from his drug empire and laundering it through real estate deals. Once a savvy political campaigner, Wendy helps Marty hide his ill-gotten gains, but once he’s arrested, she’s left to tend to her family while also trying to figure out what else Marty was up to.

Who does Wendy sleep with in Ozark?

Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) sleeps with her boss, Del (Jason Butler Harner). It’s a surprise move considering Wendy had been married to Marty (Jason Bateman) for years. What made Wendy cheat on Marty? What kind of effect did her infidelity have on their marriage? And, how does Wendy’s cheating complicate things for all parties involved? These are some questions you might be asking if you were watching Season 1 of Netflix’s crime drama series, Ozark.

Who plays Marty’s wife in Ozark?

Marty’s wife, Wendy Byrde (née Davis), is played by Laura Linney. Her performance won her a Golden Globe Award and an Emmy nomination.

Why did Wendy put food coloring in the milk on Ozark?

Wendy put food coloring in her husband Marty’s milk because she knows it has a calming effect. This is one way that she tries to tame his outbursts (temper tantrums). She does not tell him about it though, so he can’t possibly do anything about it. It works for a while, but eventually he figures out what she has been doing. He loves their daughter and their new home, so he goes to great lengths to make sure they stay there.

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