Addressing rumors about his character in the upcoming Moon Knight, actor Ethan Hawke took some time to talk about his experience filming with Steven Seagal during an interview with Playboy Magazine. During the interview, Hawke touches on the rumors surrounding Seagal’s off-screen behavior and how it affected their working relationship together on the set of an unnamed project, as well as his personal thoughts on the films of Seagal’s that he has seen so far. Check out what Ethan Hawke had to say below! Ethan Hawke Talks Trying To Kill Steven Seagal

Who is Dr Arthur Harrow?

A religious zealot and cult leader associated with an Egyptian goddess called Ammit who looks to exact justice and judgement based on future crimes. He was previously Khonshu’s avatar before becoming Moon Knight.

Is Arthur Harrow the Sun King?

It is well known that when Geb was captured by Set, Isis and her sister Nephthys mourned him. Isis was able to magically raise Geb from his tomb and bring him back to life so he could impregnate her with Osiris. This story is often identified as an origin myth for fertility religion, but what if it represents something else entirely? What if Egyptian myth is actually a version of events told by one group of people that conquered another group?

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Why did Arthur Harrow put glass in his shoes?

If you’ve seen a certain Steven Seagal movie called Exit Wounds, then you might think that it is a prerequisite for becoming an actor in Hollywood. But Ethan Hawke says he had no idea what was going on until he saw someone at his agency actually fill their shoes with glass.

What are Arthur Harrow powers? Ethan Hawke Talks Trying To Kill Steven Seagal

All avatars of Khonshu have super strength and speed, supernatural durability and stamina and they are immune to ageing. They can also create illusions in other’s minds, project energy blasts from their eyes, heal wounds, communicate with dead people (sometimes) and fly. Some avatars gain new powers during their existence. Spector had an ability known as Moon-sight, which allowed him to see all kinds of information through touch like a psychic or mystic could do.

Is Arthur Harrow Dracula?

According to screenwriter Michael Thomas, who worked on an unproduced script for a Moon Knight film, Harrow was at one point referred to as Dracula. It’s possible that our vigilante moon god simply took back his old alias from another such god of nightmares and pain. After all, it would be hard to make a better fit for Steven King’s original conception of Khonshu than Bram Stoker’s vampiric monster. What say you, comics readers?

Who is Moon Knight arch enemy?

Dr. Marc Spector aka Moon Knight aka Knight made his first appearance in Werewolf by Night #32 (May, 1975) written by Doug Moench and penciled by Don Perlin. He was created to replace Marvel Man as a personality for Jake Lockley after an injunction stopped Fawcett Comics from using that name. Later he would take over for Nick Fury as a member of S.H.I.E.L.D…who is his arch enemy?

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Covering Action Movies in the 90s

As a kid, Ethan Hawke was quite eager to run around and play action hero. I wanted to be an action star; I didn’t have a specific one, says Hawke. One of his biggest attempts at getting into that world came when he had a shot at playing another masked vigilante known as Moon Knight for director Michael Caton-Jones (Rob Roy). Michael let me have that opportunity because it was before CGI was invented, says Hawke.

Playing Dead On Dead Presidents

The actor recounted on a recent episode of Marc Maron’s WTF podcast that he once tried to kill fellow action star Steven Seagal by sneaking up behind him, choking him out and then dropping a weight on his head in hopes of knocking him unconscious. He failed at achieving any permanent harm, but still proved that he was willing to take a rather insane risk to get rid of his nemesis.

Ethan Hawke Talks Trying To Kill Steven Seagal
Ethan Hawke Talks Trying To Kill Steven Seagal

Fighting Cage in Proof of Life

In his latest role, Ethan Hawke gets to go head-to-head with Steven Seagal. More importantly, he gets to try and kill him in front of an audience. In Jon Turteltaub’s new action flick Proof of Life, Hawke plays a deranged religious zealot and cult leader who spends a portion of his time preaching from a pulpit in Central America.

Pursuing Bond in Die Another Day

‘The idea of someone getting killed on screen, of my feeling that sense of voyeurism, is something I’m not comfortable with,’ says Ethan Hawke. ‘But doing it in a movie like Gus [Van Sant’s last film, Finding Forrester] is not exploitative.’ His new role as violent and vengeful religious zealot Arthur Harrow in comic book adaptation Moon Knight might take him into uncomfortable territory once again.

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The making of Moon Knight

Speaking with Variety’s Andrew Barker, Ethan Hawke explained that he hasn’t seen much of Marvel’s The Punisher. Even still, it was enough to snag him a role in Netflix and Marvel’s upcoming The Defenders. In other words, he had one of those auditions where I just read once and then they called me back and said they wanted me to play Arthur Harrow.

Interview with director, Christopher Glenn

[My movie is] a dark and satirical horror-action film set against a gothic backdrop of present day Los Angeles. Christopher Glenn: For me, Arthur Harrow’s character needs to be juxtaposed against modern day as to elevate him into an object of fear and fascination. He represents archaic values in an age where morals are relative and therefore stands out like a sore thumb, not that he cares much.

Interview with actors, Steven Seagal & Ethan Hawke

Both talk about making of a film in which both starred in- called Marked for Death. Both discuss on their roles, working with one another and then talk about Marked for Death. Great video! Found at HBO website. Interview is run down below

Review – TV Series (S1E9) Ethan Hawke Talks Trying To Kill Steven Seagal

Season one episode nine sees Detective Spector (Hawke) track down a new lead on his case involving Arthur Harrow (Rob Brown). It doesn’t quite work out as he’d hoped, but it does provide some clues about what’s going on with Khonshu and their relationship to Ammit.

Review – Comics Issue 1

First, a bit of background. The first issue of Moon Knight (from 1982) has been collected into a trade paperback by Marvel titled Vengeance of Khonshu. It is notable for introducing Moon Knight, as well as his nemesis Bushman (aka Jake Lockley), and his dog Amos. I read it after having only seen some pretty mediocre movies featuring him recently, such as Marc Spector: Moon Knight and Mr.

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