Fairthorne has already been called the next big thing since Season 2, and it’s easy to see why. She’s young, fresh-faced, and ambitious – the kind of person who always seems to have the right answer at the right time. Even the other contestants seem to agree that she deserves the title of finalist more than any of them, but will they let her prove it? Izzy Fairthorne: The Finalist We’re All Rooting For

Personal Background

In Too Hot to Handle, it was clear from the start that Izzy was in for a tough ride with her modeling agency wanting her to be skinny at all costs. What many viewers didn’t know is how hard Izzy has worked to make it this far and how much it takes out of her. Even after reaching the top 10 in Season 3 of Too Hot to Handle, Izzy still dreams of the day she can live like a normal 22-year-old woman again. She told us, I’ll never forget what I’ve been through or where I came from. But I am excited about the future.

Episode 1 – Take No Prisoners

Too Hot to Handle – Izzy Fairthorne may be a contestant on season 3 of Too Hot to Handle, but she isn’t one of the typical competitors. While the 22-year-old from Manchester, England is eager for this adventure and there’s no question that she’s fully committed and invested in the process of finding love, she also has her own ideas about how her journey should go – and isn’t afraid to speak her mind when she feels something needs change.

Izzy Fairthorne: The Finalist We're All Rooting For
Izzy Fairthorne: The Finalist We’re All Rooting For

Episode 2 – Never Say Never

Episode 2 – Never Say Never is all about getting over your fears. Izzy is a finalist in Britain’s Next Top Model season 3 and it’s looking like she’ll be up against some tough competition with Jen, who was the runner-up for the previous two seasons of Britain’s Next Top Model. To prepare for her journey ahead, Izzy sits down with Barbara to discuss her fears and what she thinks her weakness is in modeling.

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Episode 3 – Game Changer

After being called into the boardroom three times in a row, one could say that the third time was most certainly not the charm for Izzy. From a lack of certainty to offer-impacting choices, it seems like it’s been difficult for her this season and I have no doubt that this conversation with Harry wasn’t an easy one for her.

What do you think? she asked as Harry turned to leave after she had offered her opinion on his new marketing campaign idea.

Episode 4 – He’s Got Game

It was the day of Theo’s dinner party, and Izzy was stressing. She couldn’t help but think of herself as the most awkward date, who had just been swept off her feet a few weeks ago. Would they be able to put their trust in each other when it came to this big event?

Do you like the dress? Izzy said anxiously when she walked into the kitchen. She bit her lip and then turned quickly away.

Izzy Fairthorne: The Finalist We're All Rooting For
Izzy Fairthorne: The Finalist We’re All Rooting For

Episode 5 – Turning Point

I’m so frustrated with myself. I don’t know why I’m being such a wet blanket right now, but all I want to do is crawl into bed and cry it out. And worse, when someone tells me it’s going to be okay, my first reaction is to say no, it’s not. I don’t know what happened last night or where this anger comes from, but today is going to be hell if I can’t pull myself together.

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Episode 6 – A Different Man

She’s intelligent, ambitious and athletic – but in that first episode she also admitted to being a little too self-critical. It’ll be interesting to see if this challenge brings out more of Izzy’s social side, and gets her to be more confident in her appearance.

Episode 7 – Cold Turkey

On the next episode of Too Hot to Handle, things heat up when Izzy’s lunch date is invaded by a group of punks who give Izzy’s date a Punkin Chunkin. Izzy, who’s feeling she left her original identity behind, can’t help but react when the punk throws an egg at her as well.

You got a piece of this? He says with his arm raised.

Izzy Fairthorne: The Finalist We're All Rooting For
Izzy Fairthorne: The Finalist We’re All Rooting For

Episode 8 – Playing it Cool

Since Justin retired from the sport, I don’t get to see him as much. We still text back and forth but its not the same. He hasn’t contacted me since that night at the club either. I feel like a teenager waiting for a call that never comes.

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Episode 9 – Heat It Up

So I’m back at it! Time to find a new breadstick recipe in Naples, Italy. I was happy to be cooking my special dish and overcoming the heat and all that goes with the challenge. I must say, it is difficult when you have an intense heat going on around you. But I’m proud of what we accomplished, and excited for what’s next.

Hootin’ and Hollerin’ from Nashville- Too Hot to Handle (season 3)

Episode 10 – Fire Starter

The first nine episodes are in the can, but only one person will emerge as the Fire Starter. Now, it’s time for these 16 hopefuls to start strategizing about how they can use their talents to set themselves apart from the competition.

As Izzy and her fellow finalists prepare for the pressure cooker elimination challenge that will see one competitor sent home on opening night, she’s certain of two things: she loves cooking and hates letting people down.


Izzy’s the contestant you can’t help but root for. You see her passion and are confident that if she were given the chance, she would be a worthy winner of this year’s competition. It will be interesting to see how Izzy does in today’s challenge, and we can’t wait to tune in!

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