How hot is Jackson Mawhinney? Well, he was voted the hottest male on season 3 of Too Hot to Handle, and he’s looking pretty good in the shots we get of him in episode 6. But here’s the real question: Is Jackson Mawhinney really that hot, or are we just getting hot flashes from all that leather? Let’s take a look at the evidence so far… Is Jackson Mawhinney the Hottest Finalist on Too Hot to Handle?

The Introduction

Too Hot to Handle is a show that is about 16 single guys looking for love in exotic places. They are trying to find a life partner and escape from any one-night stands. When someone is voted off, they must leave paradise and go back home to their regular lives. Out of sixteen contestants, there are only four who made it all the way through the season. One of them is London native Jackson Mawhinney. The people at Too Hot to Handle think he has what it takes to win over his fellow competitors and take home the prize. However, is he too hot for them or not enough?

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The Case for Jackson

During this season of Too Hot to Handle, we have seen many standout competitors. From Rochelle’s work ethic and Khia’s beauty, each finalist has their own unique strengths that make them a force in this competition. But out of all of these talented contestants, there is one person who stands out more than any other–Jackson Mawhinney. Between his good looks and charming personality, it doesn’t take long for viewers to be able to put a name with an iconic face.

Is Jackson Mawhinney the Hottest Finalist on Too Hot to Handle?
Is Jackson Mawhinney the Hottest Finalist on Too Hot to Handle?

The Case against Him

Jackson Mawhinney is one of two finalists on season 3 of Too Hot to Handle. One of the judges says he was turned off by his predatory and over-aggressive approach, but don’t count him out just yet. He’s been kicked off three times already, but still has come back each time! Let’s take a look at some reasons he may not be all that hot after all.

Season recap

London native, and absolute stunner, Jackson is a legitimate contender for this season’s hottest male contestant. With his classic English accent and dashing good looks he may just take this title, but there’s still six other sexy men vying for it. With his in-depth experience in bartending, he knows how to work a bar like no one else can (literally). One thing is for sure—Jackson has the attention of most of the ladies in England and America too.

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5 reasons we love him

1. He’s stylish

2. He loves animals

3. He speaks more than one language, which is a testament to his intelligence and curiosity about culture

4. He’s very personable

5. His cooking style is imaginative and eclectic –

some of his favorite dishes are shrimp curry, sirloin with braised red cabbage and potato puree, lamb tagine with apricots and cinnamon sticks – but he also knows how to cook healthy food like quinoa salad or wild salmon in parchment paper. We can’t wait for him to win!

Is Jackson Mawhinney the Hottest Finalist on Too Hot to Handle?
Is Jackson Mawhinney the Hottest Finalist on Too Hot to Handle?

5 reasons he’ll win

Jackson has a lot going for him. He’s ambitious, and clever. He’s got that natural charm and intelligence, but he also balances out his confidence with an honesty and likeability that not many other guys have. Plus, he lives in London so there’s a cool factor there too!

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Do you think Jackson Mawhinney is the hottest finalist in season 3 of Too Hot to Handle? A little background info: Mawhinney, 29, is a model from London. Keep voting if you think he deserves it!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Jackson Mawhinney?

Jackson Mawhinney is a 29-year-old model and actor who also served in the Royal Navy for five years. Originally from London, England, he now resides in Los Angeles.

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How old is Jackson from too hot to handle?

Jackson Mawhinney is 29 years old and from London, England. He is a newcomer to show, but we find out he’s been modeling for 15 years! In episode 6 he chats with photographer Bruce Weber. Bruce says he’s loved photographing people and seeing their personal stories play out in front of him. I’ve seen them going through life so I know they’re not just pictures, he says.

Where is Jackson too hot to handle?

Jackson Muhinney is from London, England. In Season 3 of Too Hot to Handle, he’s been in and out of a number of different relationships with girls around his age, but it doesn’t take long for him to find someone who shares his feelings. This season is a lot more emotional than others, in part because this finale is being filmed close to Christmas and there are many people flying back home for the holidays.

Is Jackson Mawhinney the Hottest Finalist on Too Hot to Handle?
Is Jackson Mawhinney the Hottest Finalist on Too Hot to Handle?

Are Jackson and Izzy still together?

Well, not for much longer, as it turns out. At the beginning of Episode 10 we see Izzy walking through town trying to collect her thoughts before heading back to Jacksons house. However, upon arriving at his house she quickly turns around and starts running in the opposite direction when he pulls up behind her in his car, calling out her name.

What did Jackson and Izzy do?

He and his partner Izzy have been hitting it off since they started seeing each other. They are spending a lot of time together, getting super flirtatious, and not caring what others think. Izzy finally let him know that she wanted him, he let her know that he wanted her too.

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