Joseph Williamson made his television debut in the 2018 episode of Doctor Who titled The Word of the Doctor, where he played the role of Steve Oram. Two years later, he returned to the series with a new special episode in which he portrayed an adult version of Steve. Here are some facts about Joseph Williamson as Steve Oram from Doctor Who (2022 specials). Doctor Who (2022 specials): Joseph Williamson as Steve Oram

About Steve Oram

Actor and writer, Steve Oram played the kindhearted English tutor, Professor Joseph Williamson in An Adventure in Space and Time, the Doctor Who biopic which focused on William Hartnell.He also has a role in upcoming six-part Doctor Who series which will feature four women: Jodie Whittaker, T’Nia Miller, David Fincher and Chris Chibnall.

About His Role As Joseph Williamson

Oram plays Joseph Williamson in the new Doctor Who 2022 special. More than anything, he is grateful to have been given the opportunity to be part of Doctor Who, having always loved the show since he was a little boy. I do feel very lucky, says Orowan of his life so far. He tells me about how he got started on this project, after being spotted at drama school by someone from BBC casting who remembered him from back when he did work experience there. He recalls how much it meant to him that they thought enough of him to remember him and call him up for this role.

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The Episode

In the 2022 Doctor Who specials, an unlikely hero is thrust into the role of being an unlikely savior. Real estate agent and widower, Steve, finds himself becoming a local celebrity following his purchase of Coal Hill School and running for Mayor. It soon becomes clear that the aliens occupying Coal Hill have designs on destroying both Earth and time itself. When faced with one impossible choice after another, it’s unclear whether he’ll be able to survive much less save anyone.

Doctor Who (2022 specials): Joseph Williamson as Steve Oram
Doctor Who (2022 specials): Joseph Williamson as Steve Oram

The Character

Steve Oram As Joseph Williamson In Doctor Who (2022 specials) In Doctor Who 2022, two characters that were both played by Steve are mentioned: Joseph Williamson, a botanist and Professor of Quantaphysics at St. Louis University; and Thomas Nachson, a hedonistic human who ran afoul of the Satan Worshippers Cult.

The Actor

Steve Oram appeared on Doctor Who in the 2022 special. In the film, he played the character of Joseph Williamson, a farmer who claimed to be a prophet and a doctor of some kind. As Doctor Who joins forces with Montgomery Burns, they discover a mysterious alien infestation; one that may result in the deaths of many innocents.

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Where Can I See Him Next?

He is an English actor who has appeared in TV and stage productions such as Troilus and Cressida and The Burnt Part Boys. In Doctor Who, he plays two different characters in two different episodes: Steve Oram in The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos and Joseph Williamson in In the Forest of the Night.

A Few Words from the Author of this Post

Steve Oram, who plays Professor Joseph Williamson in the Doctor Who (2022 specials), is also a well-known, award-winning theatre actor. From his first big success at the Royal Court Theatre to taking on the role of Sillitoe in gritty new TV drama The Life and Crimes of William Murdoch for ITV Encore, he’s been on a brilliant run since stepping out onto the stage some 25 years ago.

Doctor Who (2022 specials): Joseph Williamson as Steve Oram

Frequently asked questions

Who is Steve Oram?

Steve Oram is a fictional character in the BBC sci-fi series, Doctor Who. He was first introduced in Episode 5 of the 7th season, ‘The Idiot’s Lantern,’ and went on to appear throughout the remainder of the season, albeit in varying degrees of prominence. Joseph Williamson plays Steve Oram from 2018 to 2023 in Episode 5 of Series 7 & 2020 – 2022.

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Is Joseph Williamson in the real tunnels in doctor who?

Apparently not, at least not in the timeline where these specials take place. We know that some of the past Doctors and their companions have ventured into the tunnels, though it’s unclear whether or not there are any other humans still living down there. It seems likely that if they were, they would be much further away from the colony than Doctor Williamson is.

– The Doctor’s reaction to his arrival was rather muted for a man who’s been missing for fifty years: he didn’t seem terribly surprised by what had happened to him and seemed happy enough with his new identity of Joseph despite knowing that he was actually Steve Oram from 50 years ago.

Doctor Who (2022 specials): Joseph Williamson as Steve Oram

What was Steve Oram’s error code?

With Christmas fast approaching, the Doctor, Jamie and Victoria decide to take a break from adventuring in 1963 London to enjoy some festive fun in their old friend Dodo’s swanky new digs. But things are never that easy for the Doctor… and before long he, Jamie and Victoria find themselves caught up in a fight with a tyrannical toy-maker on Boxing Day.

Who is Adam Oram and how did he become famous?

Steve Oram As Joseph Williamson In Doctor Who (2022 specials) Adam Oram is a Scottish actor who has appeared in television shows such as Rab C. Nesbitt, Queer as Folk and Cold Feet. The son of actors Maurice Wiliamson and Lorna Heilbron, he became well-known after he starred in the 1999 film adaptation of James Hogg’s Confessions of a Justified Sinner.

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