A gorgeous and talented British actress, Nadia Albina has appeared in the past in popular British shows like Doctor Who (2007) and Beautiful People (2008). Recently, she’s landed the role of Diane in new Doctor Who special(s) airing this November on BBC1. Let’s take a look at this remarkable and multi-talented woman! Nadia Albina As Diane in Doctor Who (2022 specials) – A True Wonder

About Nadia Albina

Nadia Albina is best known for her role as Diane in Doctor Who’s 2022 special. Before this, she was well-known for the Doctor Who episodes Doctors and Beautiful People. Her film credits include such movies as Whites and Doctors. She began her acting career with the theater company Lifeline Theatre before making her film debut in 2006 with Beautiful People. Nadia Albina is known for Beautiful People (2008), Doctors (2000) and Whites (2010 ). For Doctor Who (2022 specials), she has earned rave reviews for her portrayal of Diane.

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About Her Role As Diane

She made her first acting appearance on the film Beautiful People which was released in 2008. In 2010, she appeared as the character Holly Beecham on an episode of the British television drama series Doctors and is going to be appearing in the new Doctor Who Specials that are set to air at Christmas of 2022.

Nadia Albina As Diane in Doctor Who (2022 specials) - A True Wonder
Nadia Albina As Diane in Doctor Who (2022 specials) – A True Wonder

About the Author

I have been a Doctor Who fan since 2005 and wanted to express my love for the show. I’m an aspiring actress, currently studying at Eastern Illinois University. I found out about Doctor Who while watching one of my favorite shows Beautiful People with Nadia Albina as Diane. In Doctor Who 2022 specials, she plays Diana who is known for her roles in Beautiful People, Doctors and Whites.

The First Appearance as an Alien

Her most recent TV appearance was as an alien called Diane who became a companion to the Thirteenth Doctor, played by Jodie Whittaker. She has also appeared in The One Show and Doctors, which is all she really needs!

Born on 26 December 1975, Nadia rose to fame for playing Rebecca Johnson on BBC soap opera EastEnders from 1997 until 2000. It may not have been her first role on television, but it was one of her biggest ones yet.

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In more recent years, you’ve seen her popping up here and there on shows like Holby City , Doctors , Silent Witness , Casualty , Death in Paradise , The Bill , London’s Burning … you get where we’re going with this?

Short Appearances in The Future

Fans of Doctor Who will remember the cameo of actress Nadia Albina as Doctor’s companion, Diane. Her appearances were brief but oh so memorable. Read on to find out her future after the finale of the show.

Nadia Albina As Diane in Doctor Who (2022 specials) – A True Wonder

Background Information

Nadia is an actress and singer. Her most well-known role to date is that of Diane, the first black companion to the Doctor. Nadia has guest starred in a number of other high profile TV series and movies including Doctors, Whites and Beautiful People. Doctor Who 2022 specials will be her third outing with Doctor Who as she continues her portrayal of Diane opposite Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor.

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Frequently asked questions

Who plays Diane in Doctor Who?

Doctor Who is not just a television show, it’s a cultural institution. With 9 Doctors and one special episode, Doctor Who has been thrilling generations of viewers with its fun sci-fi story lines and believable portrayals of deep space. With such an impressive back catalog, it’s no wonder that when they started to find actors for their 2022 episode they could count on excellence from Nadia Albina as Diane.

Who is the actress with One arm in Innocent?

Nadia Albina is an actress who has appeared on both British and American TV shows. She was born without the lower half of her right arm. Growing up, she was diagnosed with Perthes Disease and arthritis of the hip which necessitated a hip replacement at age 13. Nadia’s first major TV role was playing Diane Parish, companion to the 9th Doctor, in 2 special episodes of Doctor Who that aired in January 2020.

Nadia Albina As Diane in Doctor Who (2022 specials) – A True Wonder

Who is the dog on Dr Who flux?

His name is Flux, he’s a new addition to the Dr. Who team and so far he’s loving his new job. Though his nose may not be as sensitive as K9 or any of the other sniffer dogs who have worked for the doctor before him, this just means he can’t get distracted by delicious smells like a human would!

Who is Diane Holmes?

Diane Holmes is a fascinating character and one of my favourite companions of all time. Played by actress Nadia Albina, Holmes is seen with the Doctor on his adventures through time and space.

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