One of the biggest mysteries of the Marvel Universe has finally been revealed. The Boys, the controversial series that’s been making waves since its release, has released details about one of its central mysteries, but what does it mean? Here’s everything you need to know about the forgotten 7th member of The Boys! Who is it? Why have we never heard of him before? Will he be in the television adaptation that was just announced? Find out all this and more by reading our guide to the seventh member of The Boys! Who Is The Forgotten 7th Member Of The Boys?

Who Is He?

It is not a mystery that there are seven members of The Boys, and as of today, we know all of their names. But what if I told you there was an eighth member to join them who has never been mentioned in any book or episode? My guess is you’d be shocked at that little revelation. Well, let me tell you…he exists. His name is Godboy…

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Here Are Some Reasons Why He Was Left Out

There were seven main members of The Boys. First there was Billy Butcher, a veteran. Butcher was famous in his past days and after being absent for almost thirty years he came back to have his revenge on Hughie Campbell. Next is Mother’s Milk; he likes to party with Butcher every time he goes out and also loves chicks and fighting as well. Then there is Tommy Hansen who is fearless when it comes to fights but does get scared when someone points a gun at him.

Who Is The Forgotten 7th Member Of The Boys?
Who Is The Forgotten 7th Member Of The Boys?

What Can We Do Now To Get Him In The Next Season

This season was chock full of twists and turns. Many of us could not have imagined that they would turn out like they did. However, they forgot a major member of their roster. The Seven had a major role in both seasons and in case you forgot one member, let’s refresh your memory on who it is. We know it’s hard to keep track of each character but we assure you that he definitely needs to be considered when thinking about how to get him back into season 3!

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Thoughts About This…

The Seven’s goal was to fight crime. In order to do that, they had to know as much about their enemy as possible. There’s a reason every member of The Seven has an alter ego: it allows them to operate without suspicion from criminals and keep tabs on all areas of criminal activity in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City. However, as we see in Boys, there is another purpose for these names: manipulation. They’re used to mislead and confuse people, especially those who would oppose their causes.

My Thoughts On This…

Before we move on with our exploration of members not yet mentioned, I want to direct your attention to something I’ve noticed about all of these secret members of The Seven. You see, if you look closely at every image that shows them all together (the one from Chapter 1 in Part One included), you’ll see that each individual is standing at a different height above ground. In most images it is nearly impossible to tell who is standing where or how far down they are from everyone else.

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