Doctor Who has been airing since 1963 and while some people still aren’t sure what it is, everyone has seen it or heard of it at least once in their life. In the next series, however, there will be an all-new face on the screen and behind the scenes as Karvanista makes her first appearance in Doctor Who in  2022’s The Angelis Effect episode, followed by Innerspace (2023) and Inside Job (2024). And who better to play her than local actress Craige Els? Karvanista and Craige Els in Doctor Who (2022 specials)

About Craige Els

Craige is a Scottish actor. He’s best known for his roles as Mr. Brown on The Mrs Bradley Mysteries, Walter Lachmann on Outlander, Karvanista on Doctor Who 2022 specials and Alexander Lyon on Monarch of the Glen. Outside of acting, he also had a successful dance career with Ballet Des Nordiques in Quebec. In 2010 he won the role of Karvanista on Doctor Who 2022 specials and continued to play the recurring character until 2012 when the 20th anniversary episode was aired.

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After a 12-year hiatus, Doctor Who returned to TV screens worldwide on Saturday 7th October. The debut episode, The Woman Who Fell to Earth, saw the Thirteenth Doctor called into action when a spaceship crash landed near Manchester, with no one else around. She soon discovered that the ship had been transporting an incredibly rare substance – red mercury – to earth from Mars.

Background information on the character

The character of Karvanista was first introduced in the seventh episode of Doctor Who (1963), called The Daleks. Karvanista has been present throughout the television series’ 50-year history. In the latest introduction, Karvanista is shown as a Sontaran who is named Krassno Granx, but takes on a new identity as Craige Els As Karvanista for an Earth-led mission. He is stationed aboard ship with Australian aviation engineer Steve Smith and Royal Marine Alan Carlson.

Karvanista and Craige Els in Doctor Who (2022 specials)
Karvanista and Craige Els in Doctor Who (2022 specials)

How the character got involved with Doctor Who

Craige had been a fan of Doctor Who since he was a child. It was his dream to get to be on the show, as an actor or writer. He had been a fan of actors who were on the show from when they were kids; so it made sense that he would want to be part of it too.

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Why this character was chosen for the role

This character was chosen for the role of Karvanista because their design most closely resembles that of the producer’s original vision. They were also a name specifically requested by BBC Worldwide, which made the process much easier.

Details about the special episodes

Doctor Who (2022 specials) features Karvanista, a time lord, with a larger eye and rounder pupils. Doctor Njurin appears as Dr. Night, one of the Doctors assistants. His character did not play an active role onscreen but is seen drawing outside of what looked like TARDIS blueprints.

Karvanista and Craige Els in Doctor Who (2022 specials)

Frequently asked questions

Who Is Craige Els ?

Craige Els is an award-winning actor. He has been professionally acting since 1990, with credits in theatre, television, film and voice work. Craige Els (born 18 July 1978) played Karvanista, the Fugitive Doctor’s companion, in Doctor Who: Flux. He also played Marsissus, the Chief Sea Devil, in the Doctor Who television story Legend of the Sea Devils

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Who Is Craige Els Wife ?

Doctor Who began filming back in 1963, with the Doctor’s first incarnation introduced to audiences as the main character. The show’s longevity is incredible, as it remains one of the longest-running British television shows.

Karvanista and Craige Els in Doctor Who (2022 specials)

How Get The Role ?

Craige, they love you in New Zealand! My sister screamed across the street at me. She had been drinking with one of her friends who told her I was a suitable candidate for the role of Karvanista, the hybrid human/Kaled person from episode 3 of the Doctor Who (2022 special).

Craige Els Other Movie ?

What is your favorite movie? It might sound cliché, but I have to say that my favorite movie is The Matrix. Why? Well, it’s because of the action. It’s because of the iconic green sunglasses. But most importantly, it’s because of Keanu Reeves as Neo. I always wanted to be like him so much- before I knew it was actually possible!

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