Detective Inspector Paul Ottager, played by Nicholas Pinnock, has been with us since the very first season of Criminal Minds UK. As the Head of Unit at the Behavioural Analysis Unit (BAU), he’s not afraid to do what it takes to bring down criminals who get away with murder. But just who is this enigmatic policeman? In honor of Pinnock’s recent departure from the show (and in celebration of his performance as DI Ottager), here’s our profile of Pinnock’s character. Detective Inspector Paul Ottager: A Profile

About Nicholas Pinnock

Nick Pinnock’s work as Detective Inspector Ottager on Criminal: UK has led him to be recognized for his amazing performance by a variety of bodies. He has been nominated for a British Academy Television Award, an IFTA Award, and most recently won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Movie. After working as a barrister from 2003-2008, he had been out of the industry until 2012 when he landed the role of DI Ottager on the popular BBC show Criminal: UK.

Background and history

I want to explore the character of Detective Inspector Paul Ottager, a detective in Criminal UK, who is characterized as being an emotional and instinctive detective, who loved Natalie more than his job. There is not much information on the show’s website about his personality or background, so I’m basing this off what we’ve seen of him on screen. He seems to be very social and likeable with good people skills.

Detective Inspector Paul Ottager: A Profile
Detective Inspector Paul Ottager: A Profile

Relationship with female character

Women are relatively low in the criminal world, with Natalie (Natalie Medlock) of Criminal UK being one of only two regular female characters in the series. She is frequently called upon to use her psychology skills to provide insight into cases and suspects. Detective Inspector Paul Ottager, a former member of the unit (and brief sexual partner of Natalie’s) who has now returned with a new rank, acts as a foil for Chief Investigation Officer DCI Louis Grandier.

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Relationship with male character

In Criminal UK, Nicholas Pinnock portrays Detective Inspector Paul Ottager who is a former member of the unit (and brief sexual partner of Natalie’s) who has now returned with a new rank. He has appeared in seasons 1-3. The audience got to know him through his interactions with Natalie, where she tried hard to make their relationship work even though he was married and had kids. After finding out about the affair, it was clear that there would be no turning back for either of them.

Skills and abilities

Otter is a mature, calm individual who is good at balancing his home life with the demands of work. He is also very good at understanding when his team members are feeling overwhelmed or out of their depth and pulling them back from the brink. Otter’s previous experience as an undercover operative has given him strong interrogation skills which he used to interrogate Eve following her second kidnap. However, he also has something in common with Eve: a history of mental illness.

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Personal life

Paul Ottager is a former member of the unit and brief sexual partner of Natalie’s. He has since been promoted and is now Detective Inspector at York Police HQ, but occasionally works in London.

Likes and dislikes

Paul Ottager is a detective inspector who has now returned to the force with a new rank. He has ties to Natalie and was once a member of the unit before he left.

Detective Inspector Paul Ottager: A Profile
Detective Inspector Paul Ottager: A Profile

He does not like reading, preferring crosswords and Sudoku puzzles, as well as curry for dinner. When it comes to booze, he prefers wine over any other drink and red wines are his favorite. His favorite music includes Morcheeba, Gladys Knight and Van Morrison.

Personality traits

Inspector Ottager is an introverted, cynical man who believes that he understands the criminal mind better than anyone else. He has no problem making a judgement about whether or not somebody is guilty without consulting evidence. Despite not being very confident in his judgements, he’s a competent detective when backed into a corner and will do anything to make sure he gets the job done.

Where are they now?

Aged in his early forties, DI Ottager is ruggedly handsome, with sharp eyes and a ready smile. He has a no-nonsense attitude, but also takes pride in maintaining a friendly demeanor. As for his personal life, we are given some insight into his upbringing – he told Natalie that his mother left when he was very young and she was subsequently raised by her grandparents – as well as romantic relationships.

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How well did he handle his job at Parkfield nick?

Inspector Paul Ottager was a former member of the unit who had now returned with a new rank. His job at Parkfield nick was to lead on one of the series major investigations, often for days on end. He was also responsible for delegating other jobs and managing the day-to-day running of the nick, ensuring it could continue without interruption in his absence.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nicholas Pinnock doing now?

Retired Detective, Criminal: UK. Nicolas Pinnock is currently a retired detective, who has since moved onto other professions.

How old is Nicholas Pinnock from Fortitude?

In order to deduce the age of Nicholas Pinnock from Fortitude, one must take a brief look at the man’s long and celebrated career in law enforcement. He joined the police force at nineteen-years-old after returning from a stint as an army cadet in 1986, and spent over thirty years with his nose to the grindstone. He may be retired now, but don’t think that he’s lost any of his drive.

Detective Inspector Paul Ottager: A Profile
Detective Inspector Paul Ottager: A Profile

What happened to Pinnock from Marcella?

Last season, Detective Inspector Paul Ottager was a member of the Marcella team before he left to go back to working in law enforcement. His time on the team resulted in him being promoted and given a high-ranking position, despite some difficult moments for him and his love interest Natalie Anderson. However, this season, he’s now with another unit which poses several questions. Why is he no longer with Marcella? What happened to have caused this?

What was Pinnock in before Captain America?

At one point, Pinnock served as a member of the Professional Standards Unit, and had what can only be described as a tumultuous on-again-off-again relationship with Natalie. However, in series one he seems happy to have settled into his new position with his favourite CID. He’s often stern and authoritative but always willing to listen to any good ideas – even from those outside of law enforcement.

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