Finding their newest member has been a hard task for the team, but finally they have someone who fits the role perfectly: Jamie Reiss, played by Hari Dhillon. If you’re familiar with British television, you may recognize Hari from his roles in Holby City and Doctor Who as well as appearing on the cover of gay men’s magazine Attitude several times. In Criminal UK, he plays Detective Sergeant Jamie Reiss, who was brought on to replace Paul after he left at the end of series 1 in order to be with his wife and daughter. Criminal UK: Introducing Detective Sergeant Jamie Reiss

Who is he?

Detective Sergeant Jamie Reiss joins the team in series 2 as a replacement for Paul. It’s revealed that he is to be placed on long-term secondment to the unit and has recently been promoted to detective sergeant. His first day with the unit sees him gradually settle into his new role, while trying to acclimatise to their ways of working. He also gets an insight into the darker side of policing when one victim’s mum warns him not to get too close. He later accompanies Jim during a visit to Paul’s former colleague, DI Pete Steelman, who is now retired from policing but still lives locally. Pete tells them about how Paul had never really been happy in his work and was always looking for something else – something more exciting – which explains why he left so abruptly at the end of series 1.

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About His Role

He is a detective sergeant in the homicide unit, who has to balance his personal life with the rigors of being a detective. He enjoys family time and getting involved in their day-to-day life when he is not at work. He gets frustrated when people refuse to co-operate with police, but also needs time to decompress from his job and tries to find small ways to unwind.

Criminal UK: Introducing Detective Sergeant Jamie Reiss
Criminal UK: Introducing Detective Sergeant Jamie Reiss

What happened in The Box?

In the episode, The Box, two members of the Armed Response Unit were called to an old warehouse in a run-down part of town. Shots were fired and it sounded like someone was inside shooting at people and the police. The team decided to use surveillance before entering, but they couldn’t get a good view because there was too much shade.

How did it affect him?

In his opening scene, he introduces himself to the team, stating that he is new to the unit but has a strong history in the force. He tells them that he’s seen everything and they are not going to catch him off guard or anything like that. In his first major case, he becomes romantically involved with Samira Karim who assists with the investigation into a missing person. The victim turns out to be Theo’s cousin, Johnny who went missing two years ago.

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All about DS Jamie Reiss

Detective Sergeant Jamie Reiss is a new member of the Criminal Investigation Department. As well as overseeing murder investigations, she and her colleagues are responsible for finding new serial killers.

DS Reiss is coming to us from Scotland Yard where she had been working for over 20 years.

She believes in keeping an open mind when it comes to solving crimes, has a fiery temper, and likes nothing more than cracking cases with her team members.

Criminal UK: Introducing Detective Sergeant Jamie Reiss
Criminal UK: Introducing Detective Sergeant Jamie Reiss

Where can I watch?

Since the show is only shown on BBC 2 in the United States, you may be able to find episodes streaming online. You can find these links and more at the BBC’s Criminal page.

In the meantime, the first season of Criminal UK is available on Amazon Instant Video or you can purchase individual episodes from iTunes or other popular sites like Google Play, where it will cost around $1 per episode.

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When does it air?

Criminal UK is a crime drama that airs in the U.K. on BBC One and follows detectives trying to catch criminals and solve their crimes. In season 2, which just finished airing, two new detectives were added to the team of old favorites in an effort to replace Paul Higgins who has now left the team with very little detail as to why (he’s only mentioned occasionally). To solve this gap, they hired a replacement–a detective sergeant named Jamie Reiss.

Why should I watch?

You love Criminal and BBC’s other crime dramas, so why not try a new detective show? Detective Sergeant Jamie Reiss (series 2), a new member of the unit, hired to replace Paul after his offscreen departure at the end of series 1. This is exciting for those who are fans of M.I. High or Shaun The Sheep!

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