Kyle Petit was nervous about his first day at the police station in Hackney, East London. He felt like he had no business being there, especially dressed in street clothes and carrying only an old backpack full of notebooks, pens, and other office supplies he thought he might need. But then Shubham Saraf, one of the oldest members of the unit and perhaps the most respected, spotted him as he waited outside the glass doors at the entrance to headquarters. Hey kid! Saraf called out with a grin and gave him a clap on the shoulder as he opened the door and led him inside. Newbie Detective Constable Kyle Petit Aces First Case Portrays By Shubham Saraf

About Shubham Saraf

Shubham is a detective constable at Scotland Yard. His background in the military and subsequent legal training have made him uniquely qualified to deal with the type of cases seen by Scotland Yard CID, especially those involving family violence. He excels at his job because he has a combination of empathy and analytical skills that makes solving crimes seem easy.

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About His Role Kyle Petit

Kyle has been assigned the easiest cases on his first day, but has one particular case that intrigues him. Criminal: UK is a crime drama about Detective Constable Kyle Petit, the junior-most member of the unit, ostensibly hired for a secret training program. He works alongside Detective Shubham Saraf and Inspector Michael Malone to solve crimes that would be too easy for most detectives. His colleagues often show concern over whether he’s up to the task, given how green he is in comparison to them, but they have faith in him nonetheless.

Newbie Detective Constable Kyle Petit Aces First Case Portrays By Shubham Saraf
Newbie Detective Constable Kyle Petit Aces First Case Portrays By Shubham Saraf

Crimes Committed

Detective Constabl, Criminal UK, and Criminal: UK The podcast Criminal profiles crimes that have been committed. One particular episode covers the case of a woman who lied about being pregnant, only to steal the identity of her unsuspecting cousin after giving birth to a child in secret. On December 13th, 2011, Ms. Jenny Ward, 27 years old from Birmingham had gone into labor prematurely at home with no one around but her dog. After several hours she gave birth to a baby girl on the kitchen floor and passed out from blood loss before she could get help.

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Witness 1

Detective Constabl is the newest member of Criminal: UK, the program in charge of all major crime and criminal activity in the country. His new job was intimidating at first, but he stepped up and did some amazing work.

The evidence for his first case seemed simple enough. Surveillance footage showed that young drug addict named Andy Jenkins snuck into school grounds on Sunday night for a quick fix before returning to his regular spot. The police arrived just as he left the area. It’s likely Jenkins thought it would be easy to slip by because it’s never so crowded after hours. All they had to do was wait until Monday morning and arrest him when he came back with another batch of drugs, which they knew he would do.

The waiting didn’t go well though; their stakeout lasted all day without any sign of Andy Jenkins or any other dealer coming through.

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Analysis and Additional Evidence

It was a thrilling night as DC Kyle Petit’s first case at the Greater Manchester Police concluded. His first ever call to the scene of a crime, his finger poised on the fingerprint pad for good luck, he and his junior colleague ventured into what looked like a typical burglary. Little did they know that this newbie detective constable would ace his first case by receiving guidance from the head of their Criminal UK unit, Det. Constabl.

Newbie Detective Constable Kyle Petit Aces First Case Portrays By Shubham Saraf
Newbie Detective Constable Kyle Petit Aces First Case Portrays By Shubham Saraf

Closing Statement by Defence Attorney Justin Uno

At the end of his closing statement, Mr. Uno said he was confident that the jury would acquit his client in light of all the evidence presented. This country does not convict people on hunches or guesses, he noted before turning to shake hands with Mr. Saraf for the last time, adding quietly under his breath not even when they’re Indian. Mr. Saraf and Ms. Somera burst into tears while their supporters clapped and cheered outside the courtroom as they were reunited with their relieved parents after a grueling four-day trial.

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