He’s one of the lovable heroes of The Umbrella Academy, but who is Jake Epstein as Sparrow Number Four? We’re going to cover everything you need to know about Jake Epstein, from his life before The Umbrella Academy to his role in season three and beyond. Read on to find out everything you need to know about Jake Epstein on TV, from his early roles in Degrassi to his career highlights like his scene-stealing portrayal of Gavin Belson in Silicon Valley! Jake Epstein as The Umbrella Academy’s Sparrow Number Four

Episode summaries

Mr. Abernathy (3×01) 10. Terra Incognita (3×02) 11. Vaya Con Leos (3×03) 12. Caesars (3×04) 13. And Those We’ve Left Behind (3×05) 14. Onrush (3×06) 15. What Happens on Mars… (3×07) 16. Everything Goes to Hell, Part One: Requiem for an Accelerator (3×08) 17. Everything Goes to Hell, Part Two: Lullaby of Broadway Baby (3×09).

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Descriptions of each episode

Episodes from season 3 of The Umbrella Academy focus on a different child. They tell their story and how they got to be in Hargreeves’ collection. Each episode is titled after one of Hargreeves’ children, so it makes it easy to follow along with each storyline. The first episode Number Four tells about 4, played by Jake Epstein, who has serious anger issues and is sent away for behavioral problems at a young age. He believes he was sent away because he lacks powers, like most kids there are born with superpowers that make them extremely special.

Song lyrics

Black Hole Sun by Soundgarden I think you’re a black hole, baby; I’m floating around your periphery. Look out below! Something is pulling me towards you and I can’t get away, ’cause I’m falling into your arms again, pulling me in – yeah… You’re like a tidal wave when we make love …and it’s washing over me… Yeah, you’ve got my head reeling… Got my heart hypnotized.

Jake Epstein as The Umbrella Academy's Sparrow Number Four
Jake Epstein as The Umbrella Academy’s Sparrow Number Four

Quotes from the show and more

A lot of musicians can play classical guitar, but not everyone can be a rock star and destroy their instrument at every gig. So when you think about that, it’s pretty impressive. — Jake Epstein on playing Sparrow #4 in season 3 of The Umbrella Academy. From an interview with TimeOut Melbourne (February 2019).

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Actors have to have a strong imagination for roleplay and for understanding motivations, especially complex ones like [Sparrow]. It takes a long time to process what I’m doing with my body, where I am standing in relation to another person or place and how they are feeling. You don’t get much acting direction or character development either because generally people just want to see your work!

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