The Imperfects centers on Dennis Heaton, an aspiring Los Angeles actor whose life is thrown into chaos when he’s falsely accused of sexual assault by a deranged fan. Now, Heaton will have to prove his innocence while also navigating the cutthroat world of Hollywood. The series was created by Dennis Heaton and Shelley Eriksen, and stars Heaton as the main character alongside Eriksen, who portrays his best friend Ginger Morgan. The series also features appearances from established actors like Jason Bateman, Dermot Mulroney, and Ron Funches. Dennis Heaton’s The Imperfects: Why Being Imperfect is Perfect for Streaming TV


The Imperfects is a high-tech, sci-fi, military thriller. It tells the story of a small band of imperfect humans who work to save the world. What are the challenges in bringing this project to life? Netflix’s head of children’s programming Shelley Eriksen shares her thoughts.

Shelley explains that the challenges really stemmed from being more diverse than anything else out there, with representation in front and behind the camera being an important focus.


A huge thank you to Dennis Heaton and Shelley Eriksen, creators of Netflix original show, The Imperfects. It has been a pleasure working with the two of you this past year! I am so grateful that I got to spend time at Netflix with all of the wonderful people who work there.

Executive Producer

Netflix released an American science fiction thriller on September 8, 2022 entitled The Imperfects. It was created by Dennis Heaton and Shelley Eriksen. Set in a time when plastic surgeons have become obsolete due to the increasing number of lawsuits over botched operations, people turn to something called neural operations. The patients are completely sedated during these treatments, so they can’t feel any pain or discomfort.

Dennis Heaton's The Imperfects: Why Being Imperfect is Perfect for Streaming TV
Dennis Heaton’s The Imperfects: Why Being Imperfect is Perfect for Streaming TV


Dennis Heaton has always been one to out-of-the-box thinking. After the success of Three Girls, he challenged himself with a new venture into the world of science fiction. In what many would say could be considered a first he teamed up with another man, Shelley Eriksen, in order to write the show. It took less than 2 years before they had their first series on Netflix that premiered on September 8th, 2022.

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Series Summary

On September 8, 20XX, Netflix premiered a new science fiction series called The Imperfects. This show tells the story of a human race fighting to protect its planet from invaders who can perfectly blend in with their surroundings. But on closer inspection, it becomes clear that these invaders are humans themselves-now amorphous in shape, and indistinguishable in form, except by those they assimilate into their own ranks.

A Set Tour with Production Designer Chris Taylor

So what were your initial thoughts when you were first brought on to the project? For me, I think it was really exciting. I knew going in that this show would be unlike anything else we’ve done and there would be a lot of challenges in terms of creating a world from scratch. But I also knew that Dennis and Shelley were committed to telling an ambitious story with a sense of humor and warmth, so that got me excited as well.

Actors Talk about Their Characters

There are a lot of broken heroes in the world, and some people might want to see them redeemed and put back together. I think people are more interested in the broken ones though, because those people exist. That’s what made me want to do this show. And they’re all so flawed. They’re not perfect, but they have these really special moments that are really humanizing, that make you feel like you know them better than any other character you’ve seen on TV before.

Dennis Heaton's The Imperfects: Why Being Imperfect is Perfect for Streaming TV
Dennis Heaton’s The Imperfects: Why Being Imperfect is Perfect for Streaming TV

Supporting Characters and Storylines

Written by Dennis Heaton and Shelley Eriksen, the original series follows members of a small support group who have bonded over their shared imperfections that separate them from society. The show combines touching dramas with elements of comedy.

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Behind the Scenes of Episodes 1 through 6 (with episode summaries)

#1: Liberation Day

It has been three years since the first M-class event rocked the world. Since then, not much progress has been made towards rebuilding civilization. Attempts to protect civilization from M-class events are unsuccessful and dangerous. 16-year old Alexis seems destined to live out her life in a military compound, far away from everything she knew until she learns that there is an escape route planned. This leaves Alexis with a difficult decision. Will she stay or will she go?

Behind the Scenes of Episodes 7 through 10 (with episode summaries)

Episode 7 begins with Zoe’s family gathering around her hospital bed, thinking that she’ll never wake up. Her father tells her about their plans to go to New York City next week to see a taping of the Broadway play Hamilton, and Zoe asks him not to cancel their tickets because she still has some hope that she will be awake for the show.


Netflix’s newest science fiction series, The Imperfects, has had a bumpy ride in its first month on the streaming service. Ratings are sluggish, and people are talking about it in mostly negative ways – but there is a reason Netflix picked this show up. According to Dennis Heaton, The Imperfects is all about imperfection – both physically and metaphorically. It was created to be an unconventional protagonist story with an everyday person at the helm who you want to root for.

Dennis Heaton's The Imperfects: Why Being Imperfect is Perfect for Streaming TV
Dennis Heaton’s The Imperfects: Why Being Imperfect is Perfect for Streaming TV

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the imperfects based on a comic?

The Imperfects isn’t based on a comic. Dennis Heaton is an American writer, director, and producer best known for his work in television series like Haven and Outlander. Shelley Eriksen has been producing TV shows since the 1990s and has worked on programs like Eureka, Battlestar Galactica, Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, Designated Survivor.

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Is the Imperfects out on Netflix?

The Imperfects is an American science fiction streaming television series created by Dennis Heaton and Shelley Eriksen that premiered on Netflix on September 8, 2022. Consisting of one season with twelve episodes, the series follows a group of imperfect people who form a colony in order to create a better life for themselves. When their colony thrives and grows, they must confront the government that refuses to acknowledge them as anything more than diseased.

Who plays Tilda in the imperfects?

Tilda, the protagonist of The Imperfects and a senior in high school, undergoes a transformation when she’s exposed to radiation during an experiment gone wrong. In order to ensure her secret doesn’t get out, Tilda tries to act perfectly on the outside but makes many imperfect decisions behind closed doors. Through her journey, Tilda learns that flaws and imperfections are what make us human and show our true selves.

Dennis Heaton's The Imperfects: Why Being Imperfect is Perfect for Streaming TV
Dennis Heaton’s The Imperfects: Why Being Imperfect is Perfect for Streaming TV

What monsters are the Imperfects?

Named after their imperfections, the Impossibles are a group of not-so-villainous monsters that band together to protect themselves and others from those who would seek to exploit them. Sadly, the noble and selfless Impossibles are often persecuted by misguided government officials who view these misunderstood monsters as threats.

What Earth is Marvel Nemesis?

Marvel Nemesis was an in-universe comic book that was first published in the year 2020. It followed Luke Cage, who became the new leader of Marvel Heroes following the event known as The Gathering. With him, he began a secret society of heroes to oppose eventual villainous forces.

Olivia Clifton, a freelance illustrator, was brought on to work on various pieces of art which would eventually be featured in the 22 issues of Marvel Nemesis.


Not everyone can be the perfect housewife of a suburban family on Stepford Wives, which is why a show like Dennis Heaton’s The Imperfects resonates so well with an audience. Everyone wants to see people who aren’t perfect and find themselves in imperfect situations every now and then.

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