Few American movies have been as controversial as 1980’s Diary of a Gigolo, the tale of an ambitious gigolo who sets out to conquer the biggest score of his life. His plan? To marry into money by seducing and marrying the daughter of a rich industrialist, who is emotionally devastated after her husband dies in an accident on the same day she found out he had been unfaithful during their marriage. Diary of a Gigolo – An American Love Story


A telenovela with an international flavor, this show tells the story of Alex Simons (Jesús Castro), an American who comes to Spain to work in the wine industry. Alex’s best friend convinces him to visit Casa América during his layover and while there, he meets lovely Raquel (Victoria White) and falls in love. That night at Casa América, Alex learns that Raquel is a call girl who he had entertained earlier in the evening.

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Jesús Castro Portrays Emanuel

Emanuel is in love with Laura, a beautiful, blue-eyed woman. However, she has been with Javier for several years and is always talking about his happy future. Her wedding day gets closer every day and Emanuel knows he must put an end to this. He wants Laura for himself but he also believes that she deserves to be happy, so he sets out to find her the perfect man—himself!

Victoria White Portrays Julia

Fabiola Campomanes Portrays Ana

Francisco Denis Portrays Victor

Diary of a Gigolo - An American Love Story
Diary of a Gigolo – An American Love Story

Begoña Narváez Portrays Florencia

Eugenia Tobal Portrays Dolores

Alosian Vivancos Portrays Abel

Adriana Barraza Portrays Minou

Carlos Portaluppi Portrays Román

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and have been living in Southern California for the past 15 years. I’m a Colombian American Actor who is fluent in Spanish and English. I started my career with IMBD years ago as an extra for TV productions like Law & Order or Nip/Tuck. However, I didn’t get to explore my acting skills until I joined Telemundo ́s drama series, Diario de un gigoló, where I played the role of Román.

Carla Pandolfi Portrays Campos

Diego Alfonso Portrays Aguilar

Nacho Gadano Portrays Padilla

Juan Cottet Portrays Lino

Gastón Ricaud Portrays Facundo

Manuela Pal Portrays Leticia

Graciela Tenenbaum Portrays Rosa

Mirta Márquez Portrays Lola

Victoria Biocca Portrays Margui

Episode 1 – What’s this job like?

On the first day at work, Fernando was paid $2,000 by his bosses. He’s taken to his room where he meets other gigolos waiting for their turn with wealthy female clients. Fernando doesn’t want to talk about his new job and reluctantly tells her that it is not what she thinks before brushing her off with an excuse he heard from another gigolo when confronted about their job.

Episode 2 – I have to sell my house?

To do this, he has to find someone who wants to buy his house. He hires an agent who sells houses. But it doesn’t work out as soon as they start negotiating the price, because apparently the person is only interested in his furniture and won’t take on the debt of purchasing or renting a new property. Knowing that’s not going to happen, he decides to list his home on the market for $200,000 less than what he paid for it so it’ll be easier to sell quickly.

Diary of a Gigolo - An American Love Story
Diary of a Gigolo – An American Love Story

Episode 3 – I can date her?

Julio asks his friend Leila if he can date Amanda, the girl who was only supposed to be an escort. She eventually said yes and Julio was thrilled with the new turn of events. But how would he tell Amanda that he doesn’t want her as an escort anymore but as his girlfriend? He decides to talk to her in person, which is where their relationship will be revealed…

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Episode 4 – Am I over the hill?

At this point in my career, I’m basically like any other aging athlete. I love what I do, but it’s not the same as it was when I was younger. There’s more to life than just sex and that’s what scares me the most. My looks are fading, nobody wants to date me because they assume that my staying power is already over and I have nothing more to offer. It seems like just yesterday when people would line up around the block just to date me.

Episode 5 – Look at me as a father

In the last episode, Alex meets Carolina’s parents. He is excited and nervous, but gets some relief when Carolina informs him that her father hates most men and will try to intimidate him. However, despite his father’s efforts to make Alex feel small and foolish, Alex remains calm and collected as if he has met this man before.

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Carolina’s father tells them he wants to see the place where his daughter spends her time with her new partner.

Episode 6 – He hired his friend?

Mr. X liked my company, but he told me he wanted his partner to be present during our meetings. I’m not opposed to his demand, but it seemed unusual that the first time we met there was someone else with him. He introduced me to his friend who had just arrived from Bogota and is staying with him for the time being. Mr. X told me that he hired Rafael for special reasons, and he’s been with him for five years.

Diary of a Gigolo - An American Love Story
Diary of a Gigolo – An American Love Story

Episode 7 – She has baby fever?

I remember the first time we talked about having kids and how much you wanted them. I should’ve said something but I didn’t, I was scared. What would you have said? Julieta asks him one day after dinner as they walk to the subway. Julieta, you’re too young to worry about this.

The next day she gets on her computer and starts browsing YouTube videos on baby names.

Episode 8 – How am I going to pay off my debts?

It was early in the morning when I walked into the apartment building. I stopped at my mailbox and saw a letter addressed to me. It felt like an eternity since the last time that had happened; seeing my own name written down on the envelope made me feel like someone finally cared about me.

I recognized the handwriting right away; those had been Gabriela’s words, written in black ink on crisp white paper…

Episode 9 – We need more money!

Later, at the ranch house, Carlos received a phone call from Mari, his wife. Apparently, she had been getting calls about him and their financial situation, so he decided to call her for some airtime. Her words to him were firm and angry. She accused him of trying to get away with not being able to provide for his family and for acting like a dog whenever he went into town on business trips.

Episodes 10 – I did it my way

After a lot of patience and persuasion, Edgar finally convinced Jacqueline to return home and have her surgery. He promised he would be there for her every step of the way, even if it meant quitting his job as gigolo in order to take care of her. With only two days left before the surgery, their relationship seemed to be heading in the right direction.

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