After the first season of The Crown, which was set during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, finished airing, many viewers wondered whether Prince Charles would be brought in as a character in the second season of the show. So far, we’ve seen Prince Philip briefly as a teenager and Princess Margaret as an adult (portrayed by Helena Bonham Carter). But now that we’re moving into the 1970s and 1980s, Prince Charles himself will be portrayed by actor Julian Baring in the upcoming episodes – and I couldn’t be happier to see him on screen! Julian Baring as school-aged Prince Charles is the best thing about The Crown season 2

Who Is Prince Charles?

Prince Charles is the heir to the British throne. He is the son of Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. The Crown (TV series) follows his life with impeccable detail and Julian Baring plays a perfect version of him as a child. His time in the show starts at age nine when he leaves home for his first school, Gordonstoun. As the crown continues we see how pivotal this event was in shaping who he would become. Julian Baring played such an integral part of the second season, it’s hard to imagine it without him.

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Who Is Julian Baring?

Born in London, England on June 6th, 1987 Julian Baring has become a rising star in the United Kingdom and around the world. His debut in The Crown (TV series) gives us a glimpse into what life was like for the young prince at this point in history. As the youngest son of Queen Elizabeth II and Duke of Edinburgh, he was born to great expectations. But his position as heir to the throne came with some strife at an early age when he lost his mother at age six.

Julian Baring as school-aged Prince Charles is the best thing about The Crown season 2
Julian Baring as school-aged Prince Charles is the best thing about The Crown season 2

What Did We See In Season 2?

The first episode of the second season of The Crown (TV series) was undeniably a success. As viewers, we were introduced to the young Prince Charles and watched him grow from a moody, self-conscious boy in primary school to the confident heir apparent. Julian Baring’s performance captures all of the charm, shyness and anger that make up his character’s complex personality.

What Do We Know About Season 3?

We know that there will be a new cast of actors playing younger versions of Queen Elizabeth II’s family in Season 3. We also know that Julian Baring, who plays school-aged Prince Charles, will be back for an even bigger role in Season 3. He was originally only supposed to appear in the first two episodes, but he appears throughout all 10 episodes this season.

The Crown has been a huge success with viewers and critics alike and Julian Baring has received praise for his portrayal of young Prince Charles.

We’re excited to see what other amazing performances are coming our way!

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Did Season 1 Teach Us Anything?

The first season of The Crown did a great job of introducing us to Queen Elizabeth II and her family. But it also made it clear that there was a lot more story to tell. Season two explores life in 1950s England and takes us back to the days when young Prince Charles attended public school. Julian Baring, who plays both King George VI and now young Charles, does a phenomenal job at portraying two vastly different characters while still maintaining his own nuanced personality traits in each role.

Julian Baring as school-aged Prince Charles is the best thing about The Crown season 2
Julian Baring as school-aged Prince Charles is the best thing about The Crown season 2

Why Was He Cast As Young Prince Charles?

The casting of Julian Baring in The Crown Season Two as young prince Charles has been met with a lot of praise. A lot of people have commented on how Julian brings an air of mystery and intrigue to the role that was previously absent in young prince Charles’s character. He does not say very much but when he does, it really resonates with audiences.

The only real criticism for Julian playing the younger version of Prince Charles is his lack of resemblance to his older counterpart, Matt Smith, who plays the adult prince.

It also looks like we will be getting more scenes involving Julian which I am happy about since he is so captivating in them!

Will We Ever Get to See Him Grow Up on Screen?

It’s a shame that we won’t get to see Julian Baring grow up on screen, but at least we can still enjoy him in this role. He plays a young, idealistic prince who only wants what’s best for his country and his people. Julian Baring as school-aged Prince Charles is charming, witty and charismatic.

End Game?

It’s hard to imagine anyone but Julian Baring playing school-aged Prince Charles. For me, one of the highlights of this season was watching him grow up on screen. His portrayal has been a delight so far and I’m excited for what’s in store for him in future seasons.

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Frequently asked questions

Did Prince Charles have an unhappy time in school?

The show has been widely lauded for its great acting and characters, but Julian Baring as school-aged Prince Charles steals the show. His performance is nuanced and moving, providing a window into the inner life of someone who grew up in an unhappy environment. We see glimpses of his frustration and anger at not being able to speak his mind or have opinions that matter. There’s also a sense of responsibility for family members he loves dearly but can’t seem to please no matter what he does.

What did Prince Charles study in college?

Prince Charles studied archaeology and anthropology at Trinity College, Cambridge. He also studied history at Magdalen College, Oxford. He graduated with a double first in History and Anthropology in 1970.

While studying, he traveled on a gap year to Nepal where he lived with other students in a small village and helped with archaeological digs. His experiences living abroad left him with an abiding love of rural life.

Julian Baring as school-aged Prince Charles is the best thing about The Crown season 2
Julian Baring as school-aged Prince Charles is the best thing about The Crown season 2

What were Prince Charles’s early years like?

Prince Charles’s early years were filled with strict discipline and a focus on academics. His father, King George VI, wanted to spare his son from the burden of being king so he pushed him to succeed academically and discouraged him from engaging in royal duties. But, like any kid his age, he found ways to have fun with his friends at boarding schools.

Does Prince Charles still have private tutoring?

The second season of Netflix’s hit show, The Crown, has been released, and one of the new characters introduced is Julian Baring. He plays a young Prince Charles in his education years. In an interview with Metro, Julian said that Charles was a really interesting character to play because he’s so complex and there are so many layers to him. It is clear that he had a good time playing this iconic character.

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