The Peaky Blinders are back, and this time they’re up against Billy Kimber, the Irish-born gangster who wants to destroy them. In last night’s episode, viewers saw how Billy Kimber tried to convince the Peaky Blinders that he could help them beat the police and take over their territory in Birmingham. Did you think it was an easy decision for the Peaky Blinders to make? Should they have accepted Billy Kimber’s offer? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Billy Kimber and the Peaky Blinders: An unlikely alliance

The Beginning of Their Relationship

You’d never think that Billy Kimber, a prominent Birmingham gangster in 1920s England would ever be willing to team up with a member of another gang or worse, Tommy Shelby. But after Tommy has run out of his own rags to wear while he waits for his clothes to be dry cleaned, it’s Billy that offers him some clean ones from an undisclosed location. This is just one of many examples of how Charlie Creed-Miles portrays Billy as being ahead of his time; someone who was very deliberate in every decision he made and well-thought out before actually taking action.

Losing their Trust

The Peaky Blinders are powerful, ruthless, cunning and determined. No one can stop them now; they have even convinced Billy Kimber to join their ranks. But, as Tommy said you don’t know what you’re dealing with. Once Charlie Creed-Miles has been finished with his character’s face no one will trust him again. He is after all a man who will never be trusted by anyone ever again – he’s been blinded by peaking blinders, who have ironically blinded him!

Billy Kimber and the Peaky Blinders: An unlikely alliance
Billy Kimber and the Peaky Blinders: An unlikely alliance

Billy’s Demise

In series three, it seemed as though Billy Kimber’s downfall was inevitable. The police were closing in on him, and rival gangs were ready to pounce. But there was no word of his demise in episode seven. In fact, he emerged victorious – despite being locked up again by Inspector Campbell (Sam Neill). Billy may have returned from those Welsh cobbles stronger than ever before… but can he survive? And what will happen to Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) if that happens? *Spoiler alert! This is a professional summary based on current episodes of Peaky Blinders – for more information about Charlie Creed-Miles’ character Billy Kimber’s fate, tune into BBC2 at 9pm every Thursday*.

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A Warning for Tommy Shelby

Tommy is getting ahead of himself with Billy Kimber. Tommy should stick to his guns and insist on a sixty-forty split, because he’s stronger than Billy (in more ways than one) right now. Letting Billy go on a power trip here would be a mistake. The gang could just walk away from him at any time and then they’d be left without their most lucrative avenue for profit. There’s too much money to be made in legitimate business, which they’ll only continue to grow when they’re not locked up like animals by inspectors who come to town all fired up to show how tough they are, leaving no stone unturned as far as corruption goes.

Who is Billy Kimber based on?

The character of Billy Kimber is a historically accurate portrayal of a real-life man. In 1905, at age 29, he was elected president of the Birmingham Labour Union. At that time, unions were illegal in Britain. Unions began to gain strength after World War I as skilled workers were replaced by unskilled labor from war-torn Europe. This led to bloody clashes between police and strikers across England during 1919–1920 that became known as The Battle of George Square; more than 10,000 unionists had been arrested by 1921. As president of his union in 1918, Billy Kimber had been active in protests against police brutality and reprisals against workers involved in strike action.

Billy Kimber and the Peaky Blinders: An unlikely alliance
Billy Kimber and the Peaky Blinders: An unlikely alliance

What happened Billy Kimber?

Billy Kimber is an interesting historical figure. While he was in many ways a typical politician, his career took a sharp turn when he became involved with Birmingham’s criminal underworld. The brains behind a series of illicit businesses, it seems as though things were going well for Billy for quite some time. But then in 1921, everything changed. Billy was arrested by police on charges of conspiracy to defraud in connection with racecourse frauds at Derby and Chesterfield. It seems likely that Billy believed his political connections would save him; unfortunately for him these did not help him avoid conviction at Nottingham Assizes in December 1921 where he was sentenced to twelve years’ penal servitude.

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Who is Billy Kimber in real life?

Billy Kimber is a former head of Birmingham’s biggest gang. He has been compared to real-life figures such as Pablo Escobar, Al Capone, Don Corleone, Jack Legs Diamond, Carlo Gambino and James Burke. Before his conviction in 2003 he was thought to be Britain’s biggest cocaine importer through his connections with Colombian drug lords. Recently released from prison he currently lives a quiet life in Worcestershire. He was played by Charlie Creed-Miles in series one of Peaky Blinders. The character was taken from real life characters who were allied with gangs but stayed on their own sides of town even when threatened from other gangs.

Is Billy Kimber death?

Billy Kimball is at best one of Cillian Murphy’s most enigmatic characters, having said little throughout three seasons of Peaky Blinders. Like all compelling mysteries, our biggest questions surrounding Billy Kimber revolve around what he isn’t saying. Namely, did he help Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) get to Ireland after his brief prison stint? Does he still have contact with him? And if so, what would that mean for Tommy’s marriage to Grace Burgess (Annabelle Wallis)? Considering we never heard a peep from Billy during Season 3 and wasn’t exactly sad to see him go in Season 4 — even if it meant losing poor Charlie Creed-Miles along with him — it would be enough for us just to get confirmation about his character’s death.

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