If you haven’t been watching the BBC show Peaky Blinders yet, you’re seriously missing out on some incredible story-telling and acting! The drama centers around Thomas Shelby, who returns home from World War I to run the family business in England. While the show starts off with a lot of action, it soon becomes more complex as the plot unfolds and we begin to learn about all of the characters involved. Roberts (David Dawson) steals the show in his role as Roberts, and I can guarantee that you will fall in love with him just as much as I did! Roberts Steals the Show in Peaky Blinders

The Fashion

As promised, here are my thoughts on Peaky Blinders and David Dawson. First of all, I was extremely pleased to see his role as Roberts expanded in season two; he really is a standout character amongst an ensemble cast that has plenty of competition. The fact that such a young actor commands every scene he’s in—even those with Tom Hardy—is very impressive. With that said, there were several story lines throughout season two which took away from how good David was (in particular Tommy’s relationship with Linda). Despite these issues, though, I think it’s safe to say that no other actor on television can compare to David Dawson right now.


Actors are always talking about finding your character. But for David Dawson, who plays solicitor and self-proclaimed fixer Charles, his character was so vivid when he read Steven Knight’s scripts that it literally felt like he was seeing someone else on a movie screen. It wasn’t until series creator Steven Knight told him to take risks that he realized his characterization could—and should—be even bolder.

Roberts Steals the Show in Peaky Blinders
Roberts Steals the Show in Peaky Blinders

He took chances with physicality and small gestures, playing Charles as a man who never seems completely sure of himself. The layers to his performance came later: at first, Dawson simply tried to get out of his own way and give himself over fully to what was written on the page.

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Without charisma, you’re not going to go far. Unfortunately, charisma cannot be taught, which means that if you don’t have it, you better find a way to get it. The best way I know how is to make a fool of yourself on camera. Watch some America’s Funniest Home Videos episodes and learn from all those poor souls who have lost limbs and laughed while they were bleeding out. When things like that happen to you, just laugh it off. Laughter is contagious (watch Jim Carrey or Robin Williams sometime) and when people hear your laughter they will think of your behavior as funny and then they too will laugh at whatever ridiculous thing has happened even though they may not quite understand why.

A Loyal Family Man

After a brief, but notable introduction during season one of Peaky Blinders, series creator Steven Knight confirms to The Guardian that we’ll see more of Roberts, played by Welsh actor David Dawson. In between finding and protecting Tommy (Cillian Murphy), Roberts will be busy with his wife, Polly (Helen McCrory) and son. We will get to know them properly because he has a wife, who he loves dearly, says Knight. He can’t stand not being with her – she is everything to him – and there is a child as well; we only saw him once before.

Roberts Steals the Show in Peaky Blinders
Roberts Steals the Show in Peaky Blinders

Never Forgetting Where He Comes From

The best TV characters are those who always remember where they came from and never forget how hard they had to work to get where they are. A good character is constantly striving to be better than he was before, but he never lets that ambition or power corrupt him. In short, a great character is someone you can root for with all your heart. Roberts on Peaky Blinders has all of these qualities and more. His rise from a young, ambitious criminal to a feared crime boss shows us just how far hard work and persistence can take you — and also reminds us not to let our ambitions get out of hand. As one of his peers once put it: I’ve never seen anybody do nothing wrong like Roberts does right.

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Never Letting Power Corrupt Him

On Peaky Blinders, Roberts is much more than just an arms dealer—he has a code. When Tommy (Cillian Murphy) orders him to kill Grace Burgess (Annabelle Wallis), Roberts only pretends to comply. This is understandable; even though Tommy and his wife Ada (Helen McCrory) are master manipulators, they are also family. But it is Roberts who reminds viewers why they should still care about Tommy and Co.—this isn’t a show about villains or heroes so much as it’s a show about what happens when you have to live with both labels.

Charming Women

Ever since his stint as David Cameron on Downton Abbey, Tom Hardy’s been taking on more roles that suit his rugged good looks. His recent role as Alfie Solomons in Taboo also reflects a new direction for television and dramas, embracing a bit of violence and grit. With seasons one and two of Peaky Blinders under its belt, many fans were worried about how much longer it could keep up interest and suspense. But, thanks to Roberts’ character being introduced in season three, things are more than just tense; they’re exciting!

Roberts Steals the Show in Peaky Blinders
Roberts Steals the Show in Peaky Blinders

Risky Businesses

Every once in a while, a character comes along that makes us wish we had someone just like them on our side. David Dawson’s portrayal of Roberts was so fully-formed, so damn likable, that we can’t help but mourn his absence from Season 2. But even though he may be gone for now, we won’t soon forget him. Here are some things about Roberts you might not have known about

Who was Roberts in peaky blinders?

In a recent show, I can’t remember which one. Its been hard to keep up because they’re coming out so fast, there was a character named Roberts who looked like a young Michael Jackson or Eddie Murphy. He wore these lovely circular glasses and you could tell he had problems with his vision. My friends have told me that he was an interesting character and one of their favorites from peaky blinders season 4. I myself like them all but of course Roberts because of his problem and his glasses is most memorable among my mates and friends at work etc. Can you shed some light on it? Thank you very much!

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How old is David Dawson?

The 25-year-old actor has been acting since he was 7 years old, but it wasn’t until last year that he broke out as a star on Sherlock. While you can catch him playing down-to-earth characters all over TV, Dawson will be headlining his own show soon: He stars in C4’s brand new series No Offence as Detective Constable Michael Dazzle Widdicombe—and that looks like it could be his big break. The six episode comedy/drama follows an unruly bunch of cops who don’t always play by the rules and who have their own unorthodox methods of solving crimes. We’re already hooked!

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