Cooper Saxe isn’t your typical lawyer in the Power Book series. In fact, he isn’t really a lawyer at all — at least not yet! However, Ghost , the second book in this action-packed urban-fantasy series by L.E. Wilson and Shane Johnson, offers the perfect role for the character of Cooper Saxe to shine, showing readers why he would be such an asset to any legal team or any team of heroes in general. Here are three reasons why Cooper Saxe from Power Book II: Ghost is the ideal lawyer! Why Cooper Saxe is the perfect lawyer for Tariq in Power Book II: Ghost

Cooper takes on Tariq’s case

Shane Johnson portrays attorney Cooper Saxe in the new STARZ show Power Book II: Ghost. Despite previous failed attempts to take down James Ghost St. Patrick, Saxe agrees to represent Tariq in court. Throughout the season, it becomes clear that Cooper is the perfect lawyer for Tariq. He’s relentless in his pursuit of justice and does whatever it takes to get his client off, even if it means breaking the law himself. It’s only a matter of time before he catches up with James Ghost and defeats him. A little over halfway through the season, he finally has enough evidence to put him away. The problem is that this isn’t enough to convict Ghost; someone else needs to be there as well – someone who was once close enough to know what really happened at least five years ago when Ghost killed TJ. There’s no one better than Anita Jones (played by Lela Loren) who spent her life running from ghosts after witnessing her brother murdered.

Why Cooper Saxe is the perfect lawyer for Tariq in Power Book II: Ghost
Why Cooper Saxe is the perfect lawyer for Tariq in Power Book II: Ghost

No one can find out about his abilities

Shane Johnson’s character, Cooper Saxe, is the perfect lawyer for Tariq in Power Book II: Ghost. He has the ability to find out about people’s abilities and weaknesses and use them against them. He also knows how to keep a secret. For example, he was able to keep Tariq’s abilities a secret from everyone, even when they were trying to catch Ghost. He uses this information to help Tariq through his problems by knowing what he is capable of doing. As a result, Cooper Saxe is the best attorney for Tariq because of his knowledge of others’ abilities and being able to keep secrets so well. No one can know that Tariq has these abilities because if it became public knowledge, then no one would want to hire him as an attorney.

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No one can know he exists

In Power, we always see lawyers working within the confines of the law. But what about when you need a lawyer who can operate outside of it? That’s where Cooper Saxe comes in. As someone who isn’t afraid to break the law to get his clients what they need, Saxe is the perfect choice for Tariq. He’s able to get things done that other lawyers wouldn’t even dream of, and he’s not afraid ofGhost or anyone else. If Ghost shows up at one of their meetings, Cooper Saxe will take him out before he gets a chance to do any damage. It may be risky to hire such an unorthodox attorney, but with all the threats coming Tariq’s way, it might be worth the risk.

He won’t be able to save everyone

In his line of work, Cooper has to make some tough decisions. He’s not always able to save everyone, but he does his best. That’s why he’s the perfect lawyer for Tariq. He knows how to fight and he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty. He doesn’t back down from a challenge and he’s never failed when protecting someone. The only reason I don’t have any scars, he says, is because I can run faster than my opponents. With that kind of experience as a fighter, if anyone can protect Tariq from the streets it’s him. And there’s no question about who the criminal mastermind is – Ghost. But with all of this happening on the horizon, what will happen with Tariq? Is there any way out?

Why Cooper Saxe is the perfect lawyer for Tariq in Power Book II: Ghost
Why Cooper Saxe is the perfect lawyer for Tariq in Power Book II: Ghost

In fact, he may not be able to save anyone at all

Shane Johnson’s character, Cooper Saxe, is a washed-up lawyer who is struggling with addiction and trying to make a comeback. Despite his personal demons, Saxe is a talented attorney who knows how to work the system. He’s also fiercely loyal to his clients, which makes him the perfect choice to protect Tariq fromGhost. Even though he has more experience than any other man in the courtroom, he’s not above tricking others into thinking he doesn’t know what he’s doing. When Ghost takes matters into his own hands, it looks like all hope is lost but Coop will stop at nothing to save Tariq. With the help of Ghost’s defense team, Coop reveals that there was evidence of tampering on one of the surveillance tapes. The judge dismisses the case because Ghost isn’t actually guilty and this puts an end to Tariq’s story for now.

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Despite it all, he agrees.

From the beginning of Power, it’s clear that attorney Cooper Saxe has a history with James Ghost St. Patrick. The two have a complicated relationship, to say the least. But when it comes to protecting Ghost’s son, Tariq, from prosecution, Saxe is all in. He sees something special in Tariq and wants to help him do good despite his father’s criminal past. As you read on through Power Book II: Ghost, you’ll find out more about this powerful connection between these two characters.

Chapter 1 ends with our introduction to Ghost…and every character we will meet along the way…

Why Cooper Saxe is the perfect lawyer for Tariq in Power Book II: Ghost
Why Cooper Saxe is the perfect lawyer for Tariq in Power Book II: Ghost

We are first introduced to Ghost in the first chapter of Power Book II: Ghost. He is a successful drug dealer who is trying to leave the business. However, he is pulled back in when his former partner, Tommy, asks him to help out with a deal. We are also introduced to Tasha, Ghost’s wife, and their children. Tasha is not happy with Ghost’s decision to get back into the drug business and she makes her feelings known. They have an argument which leads to Ghost slapping Tasha across the face. She storms off while Ghost goes back downstairs to meet up with Tommy. When he arrives downstairs, the police show up and arrest him without reading him his rights or giving him an opportunity to speak on behalf of himself. Cooper enters as one of Tariq’s lawyers (this being our introduction to Cooper) but it seems like they might be fighting a losing battle…

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