In the drama series Intimacy, Ana Wagener plays Alicia Vasquez, an actress who’s dating television writer Stephen James (Dylan Neal). But as the show progresses, she begins to question whether he has been hiding something from her all along. We had the chance to speak with Wagener about her character and what’s coming up in future episodes of this series that airs on the Lifetime Network on Sundays at 9pm Eastern/8pm Central. Here’s what she had to say… Alicia Vasquez and Intimacy: A Perfect Match

Who Is Ana Wagener

Ana Wagener is a Venezuelan actress who was born in Caracas, Venezuela on October 24, 1989. She began acting when she was 8 years old and later attended Miami Dade College’s (MDC) theater program, where she also took acting classes. Wagener began working as an extra in films, television series, plays and music videos at age 11. Her big break came in 2013 when she was cast as Anita Vasquez on Venevision International Television’s telenovela titled Intimidad. In early 2014, Ana signed with The Gersh Agency who represents her for film/television deals.

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Ana Wagener Play as Alicia Vásquez

Our society has recently begun to embrace sexuality in a completely different way. From Fifty Shades of Grey to Sex in The City, American culture is openly discussing sex as if it were no big deal. Although public acceptance of sexual acts is growing, many people have still not learned how to discuss their own sexual wants and needs with their partner—and that’s a serious problem. According to Dr. Lucy Heiman, psychotherapist and clinical sexologist at Chicago’s Body Harmonic , more than 30% of couples are having sex less than ten times per year. This raises a serious question: why isn’t anyone talking about intimacy? Dr.

Alicia Vasquez and Intimacy: A Perfect Match
Alicia Vasquez and Intimacy: A Perfect Match

Why Alicia signed up for the role

This role presented me with an opportunity to grow as an actress. I don’t know if there is one way to define a good performance, but for me it comes from creating a character that is honest and realistic. The chance to be vulnerable both physically and emotionally was enticing for me in a way that I hadn’t experienced before. – Ana Wagener Why she wants people to watch it: As a new mom myself, I hope viewers will understand why we do what we do when our children are involved. Alicia does everything she can to keep her daughter safe. When she realizes how dangerous these men are, she knows what needs to be done and doesn’t shy away from doing whatever it takes- even if it means losing her life. Ultimately though, Intimacy is about family, love and how far you would go for those you care about most. – Ana Wagener

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The storyline/what’s at stake?

The way she approached her character

Before filming on Intimacy started, Ana Wagener spent a lot of time on set watching how her character, Alicia Vasquez, interacted with others. She wanted to see what made people in real life want to spend so much time around each other; she wanted to see how closely it resembled how characters were drawn in fiction. Though she was an avid reader long before taking on her role as an actress, she hadn’t seen many of these fictional portrayals done correctly. What she saw on set didn’t always match up with what she thought was idealistic or romantic.

Her favorite scene from the first season

Ana Wagener loves her scenes with Mark Gagliardi. He’s a wonderful actor to work with, she says. They’re both playing pretty dark characters, so Ana was able to bring some lighter energy into some of their scenes. She also loved their two big fight scenes, both because she enjoyed that each character really got to bare his/her soul in those moments, but also because of how well Mark delivered his lines—and made them look easy to deliver!

Alicia Vasquez and Intimacy: A Perfect Match
Alicia Vasquez and Intimacy: A Perfect Match

What’s coming up in Season 2?

Getting involved in a love story is often tough for actors, but Ana Wagener has risen to more than a challenge by taking part in Intimacy. She plays Alicia, wife of Carlos (Taye Diggs), with whom she had an affair 10 years ago when he was still married to her sister Monica (Sanaa Lathan). Now that Alicia has divorced from Tomás, whom she’s been with for 20 years, she is free to be with Carlos again. The only problem is that they don’t want their relationship to be just sexual. One-night stands are no longer enough for them, as they have finally found each other after all these years.

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And finally … what about all those intimate scenes?

How much do you want to know? Of course, that depends on your appetite for explicit scenes (if you’re squeamish about sex, look away now!) but there’s also some really interesting stuff to learn from these extra-curricular activities. For example, it would appear that one of our favourite TV couples don’t always have a happy ending when it comes to performing those special duties. For an insight into what goes on behind closed doors (for our favourite fictional couple), check out these videos shot at a real porno set. This will give you some insight into what it’s like – not only for actors – but for crew members as well. There are lots of interesting angles to explore here …

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