Intimacy, the new series on Showtime, follows two married couples whose relationships are intertwined with each other and their neighbor, Danny (Teddy Sears). The series takes a look at each couple’s sexual desires and the way they act on them. If you’re looking to heat up your TV watching experience this summer, Intimacy can help with that. Veronica Echegui Knows How to Bring the Heat in Intimacy

Early life

She was born and raised in Medellín, Colombia. Her parents were both psychologists. When she was sixteen years old she moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina with her mother and sister where she studied acting at a drama school. In 2009, she returned to Colombia to continue her studies at The Theater School of Medellín . After graduating from college with a degree in Theatre Arts, she began working as an actress for television and theater.


Winning Miss Universe made Veronica an instant star, but she’s not letting that go to her head. I believe in enjoying life, having a sense of humor, and being a good person. I hope other people will learn from my experiences and feel more confident about their own lives. That’s why she went into acting—not for money or fame but because it’s fun and gives her a chance to help others feel good about themselves as well. Veronica stars on Intimacy, which premieres Sunday night on Univision; keep your eyes peeled for our girl!

Veronica Echegui Knows How to Bring the Heat in Intimacy
Veronica Echegui Knows How to Bring the Heat in Intimacy

Private life

I have my two dogs, Valentino and Lolita, she told The Miami Herald in 2011. They are my kids. She calls her mother the most important person in her life. They lived together for years before Veronica moved out of their Spanish-style home on a quiet cul-de-sac in Kendall. She spends one day each week cooking for a group of about 30 people with disabilities at Club Rincón de Vida, which means Corner of Life. The monthly event gives her purpose and fulfills what she calls a humanitarian mission: helping those less fortunate than herself.

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Character Breakdown

Ane Uribe, is a timid and reserved woman who is beginning to bloom into a confident and carefree young woman. Once married to Carlos Uribe (played by Omar Chaparro), Ane met her untimely death at his hands. In order for Ane’s spirit be released from purgatory, she must seek out vengeance upon her husband’s murderer. To do so, she enlists a medium named Daniel Sandoval (played by Sebastian Rulli) to help her carry out her plan; however, their meeting stirs up memories that could potentially threaten Daniel’s relationship with Sofia Lazo (played by Veronica Echegui). With Veronica leading as protagonist and main character, Intimacy is not one you want to miss!

Character Analysis

While not every action film gives its actors a lot of time on screen to shine, Intimacy is still a fun flick. And while we may have seen hotter leading ladies (Annie Oakley, Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox) Echegui manages to bring something special to her role. Ane Uribe is an intelligent, self-sufficient businesswoman who knows how—and when—to get what she wants. She doesn’t need a man in her life, but that doesn’t mean she won’t take one if he comes along and she thinks he’s worth it. To put it another way: If you can be intimate with Veronica Echegui you have our permission.

Veronica Echegui Knows How to Bring the Heat in Intimacy
Veronica Echegui Knows How to Bring the Heat in Intimacy

The Most Memorable Scenes

There were so many memorable scenes from Intimacy that it’s hard to narrow it down. But one of my favorites from Season 1 was when Ane Uribe (played by Veronica Echegui) dumped a bowl of pasta on Miguel Valdez’s (played by Ernesto D’Alessio) head. It came at a time when he didn’t realize how badly he’d hurt her, and she needed to get even more under his skin if she was going to get him back. After he confronted her about their relationship, she brought him over for dinner and continued flirting with him.

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What’s Next?

The future is bright for Veronica, and we’re not just talking about her recurring role on True Detective (season 3). I’m a huge fan of Billions. I play Wendy Rhoades and am excited for people to see more of that. There are a couple films coming out too that I’m excited about including Like Father which also stars Kristen Bell, Kelsey Grammer, and Seth Rogen, she said.

Potential Emmy Nominations

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series, Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series (Kaitlyn Bernard) Intimacy is a series that revolves around two sisters who are trying to find their place in life. Ane Uribe (played by Veronica Echegui) is an aspiring actress and model who wants nothing more than to make it big. Her sister Laura Uribe (played by Kaitlyn Bernard) is successful and has already achieved her dreams of becoming an attorney. The two sisters are extremely close but have very different personalities and lifestyles. Ane struggles with making it big while being herself without letting others influence her decisions or steal her identity.

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