What do you get when you mix the intense passion of Pedro Almodovar’s films with the minimalist cinematography of The Dardenne Brothers? If you answered Leire, the latest film from Yune Nogueiras, you are absolutely correct! Leire tells the tale of two lovers separated by their incompatible lifestyles and ultimately trying to make it work despite obstacles on all sides. Intimacy and Leire: A New Wave of Romance

One Thing About Movie Kisses

If we’re not being honest, our romantic lead isn’t likely to rush in at just a single touch of lip. Real kisses are about exploration, temptation and – yes – passion. Whether you mean for your kiss to be a humorous reminder or just want a new spark in your relationship, see how Yune Nogueiras uses his lips in a scene from Intimacy. He starts by enticing Leire with some long stares, but ultimately shows her he wants more than a kiss by kissing her neck first. When their lips finally meet for real? No one’s waiting around for permission – they’ve each got an arm wrapped around each other!

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Filming a Realistic Kiss

Filming a love scene is always an experience for any actor, especially for young actors like 20-year-old Yune Nogueiras. This was Nogueiras’ first big role in a film, but he admitted to one thing that helped him through filming such intimate scenes with Spanish actress Leire Fernández. Leire showed me everything I had to do on set so I wasn’t confused, he said. It was our third kiss ever—if it’s your first kiss or a makeout session with someone you don’t know, there can be tension.

Intimacy and Leire: A New Wave of Romance
Intimacy and Leire: A New Wave of Romance

Behind the Scenes at an Actors’ Kiss

Intimacy isn’t easy for an actor. When you have to film a passionate kiss, then everything from lips to fingers becomes a huge challenge. Even so, it’s important for actors to ensure that their on-screen chemistry is believable, which means that when we see them kissing on-screen, there has to be something more than just acting going on! To help you understand what goes into filming intimate scenes, here are a few behind-the-scenes secrets from one such scene filmed in Leire. . .

The Chemistry Between an Actor and Actress

Actors and actresses often become romantically involved while working on a project. Sometimes these relationships continue after filming is complete, but not always. The romantic relationship between actors/actresses is often a source of controversy among fans of an actor or actress who previously played opposite one another. Whatever your opinion on actors dating their co-stars, you have to admit that there’s an element of mystery about whether or not a romantic relationship will begin between actors working together on set. It can be exciting for fans because we never know what type of chemistry will spark between two stars who are in front of our eyes every day, creating romance with one another. If a sexual relationship occurs, however, it becomes all too real for some.

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What It Means to Love Your Partner in Character, Too

When Leire, a character in Spanish filmmaker Yune Nogueiras’s 2013 film Intimacy, breaks up with her on-screen boyfriend Jonás (played by Jonás Trueba), she tenderly explains that she has decided to be celibate until they can meet again. He is surprised at first; they were practically living together!

Intimacy and Leire: A New Wave of Romance
Intimacy and Leire: A New Wave of Romance

But then he opens up to it, telling her he needs room for [his] imagination. Later, when they meet again years later — separated both physically and spiritually — he tells her he’s had many sexual partners since their breakup but none of them was able to compare to their love. In part because sex isn’t as special when you have it with someone else.

Who Is Leire?

Actress Yune Nogueiras (Leire) has been a personal favorite here at The Lingerie Addict for some time now. Her career has only risen since she became our unofficial spokesmodel for modern, realistic lingerie a few years ago. And with roles in Pan’s Labyrinth, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, Babel, and even Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II (yep), she’s not likely to slow down any time soon. In fact, her latest movie might be her biggest role yet—and brings her back to cinema screens next week for a highly anticipated release. And let me tell you —it does not disappoint. Sure, it’s explicit —but that’s what makes it so good.

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Intimacy Behind the Scenes

Intimacy is a strong film with a plot that develops as you watch. While it covers some familiar ground, it is at times very different from other films in its genre. But what really made Intimacy such an enjoyable film was behind-the-scenes footage before, during, and after filming. You’re able to see how director Patrice Chéreau works with his actors, particularly Kool Shen, who plays Leire – one half of a couple who are trying to reignite their passion for each other.

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